ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 114, 1

Date: 30-March-2006


General Section
Inhibitive determination of mercury ion using a renewable urea biosensor based on self-assembled gold nanoparticles  
Pages 1-8
Yunhui Yang, Zhijie Wang, Minhui Yang, Mengmeng Guo, Zhaoyang Wu, Guoli Shen and Ruqin Yu
A microstructured silicon membrane with entrapped hydrogels for environmentally sensitive fluid gating
Pages 9-18
Antonio Baldi, Ming Lei, Yuandong Gu, Ronald A. Siegel and Babak Ziaie
A novel ultra-sensing composed Langmuir–Blodgett membrane for selective calcium determination in aqueous solutions
Pages 19-27
M.A. Kalinina, N.V. Golubev, O.A. Raitman, S.L. Selector and V.V. Arslanov
An efficient D–A dyad for solvent polarity sensor
Pages 28-31
Yajun Xing, Haiyao Lin, Fang Wang and Ping Lu
Micromachined nanocrystalline silver doped SnO2 H2S sensor
Pages 32-39
Jianwei Gong, Quanfang Chen, Ming-Ren Lian, Nen-Chin Liu, Roberts G. Stevenson and Fatos Adami
Direct electron transfer of hemoglobin on PSS/SWNTs film modified Au electrode and its interaction with ribavirin
Pages 40-46
Wangxing Cheng, Guiying Jin and Yuzhong Zhang
Monitoring of the avidin–biotylinated dextran interaction on Au- and Ti/TiO2-electrode surfaces using a charge integrating device
Pages 47-57
Spiros D. Bolis, Panagiota C. Charalambous, Constantinos E. Efstathiou, Aikaterini G. Mantzila, Constantina A. Malamou and Mamas I. Prodromidis
DNA hybridization detection by label free versus impedance amplifying label with impedance spectroscopy
Pages 58-64
Kuo-Sheng Ma, Hong Zhou, Jim Zoval and Marc Madou
Fluorescence responses of 1-methyl-1,2,3,4,5-pentaphenylsilole thin layer to vapors of common solvents
Pages 65-70
Junwu Chen and Yong Cao
Development and comparison of two immunoassays for the detection of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) based on surface plasmon resonance
Pages 71-79
Dhesingh Ravi Shankaran, Kiyoshi Matsumoto, Kiyoshi Toko and Norio Miura
Phase-sensitive surface plasmon resonance biosensor using the photoelastic modulation technique
Pages 80-84
H.P. Ho, W.C. Law, S.Y. Wu, X.H. Liu, S.P. Wong, Chinlon Lin and S.K. Kong
The analysis of sensor array data with various pattern recognition techniques
Pages 85-93
Patrycja Ciosek and Wojciech Wróblewski
β-Cyclodextrin incorporated carbon nanotube-modified electrode as an electrochemical sensor for rutin
Pages 94-100
Jing-Lin He, Yu Yang, Xin Yang, Yan-Li Liu, Zhi-Hang Liu, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Novel high-selectivity NO2 sensor incorporating mixed-oxide electrode
Pages 101-108
Weizhen Xiong and Girish M. Kale
Preparation of room temperature NO2 gas sensors based on W- and V-modified mesoporous MCM-41 thin films employing surface photovoltage technique
Pages 109-119
Brian Yuliarto, Itaru Honma, Yosuke Katsumura and Haoshen Zhou
Numerical simulation of a D-type optical fiber sensor based on the Kretchmann's configuration and heterodyne interferometry
Pages 120-126
Shinn-Fwu Wang, Ming-Hung Chiu and Rong-Seng Chang
Enhancing mass sensitivity of SAW delay line sensors by chirping transducers
Pages 127-131
R.D.S. Yadava
Electro-magnetic biosensor for binding force measurements on ligand–receptor complexes
Pages 132-140
L.H. Mak, M. Knoll, N. Dankbar, C. Sundermeier and A. Gorschlüter
IEEE1451.4: A way to standardize gas sensor
Pages 141-151
Nicola Ulivieri, Cosimo Distante, Tondi Luca, Santina Rocchi and Pietro Siciliano
Amperometric dimetridazole sensor using glycosylated metalloporphyrin as a recognition element
Pages 152-157
Dao-Wu Yang, Fu-Chun Gong and Zhong Cao
A study of fast response characteristics for hydrogen sensing with platinum FET sensor
Pages 158-163
K. Tsukada, T. Kiwa, T. Yamaguchi, S. Migitaka, Y. Goto and K. Yokosawa
Glucose oxidase, lactate oxidase, and galactose oxidase enzyme electrode based on polypyrrole with polyanion/PEG/enzyme conjugate dopant
Pages 164-169
Won Jun Sung and You Han Bae
Thermal aging and reduced hydrophobic recovery of polydimethylsiloxane
Pages 170-172
David T. Eddington, John P. Puccinelli and David J. Beebe
Dynamic automated DNA hybridization on a CD (compact disc) fluidic platform
Pages 173-181
Guangyao Jia, Kuo-Sheng Ma, Jitae Kim, Jim V. Zoval, Régis Peytavi, Michel G. Bergeron and Marc J. Madou
A focused ultrasonic sensor for in situ detection of protein fouling on tubular ultrafiltration membranes 
Pages 182-191
Jian-Xin Li, R.D. Sanderson and G.Y. Chai
Mono and dithiol surfaces on surface plasmon resonance biosensors for detection of Staphylococcus aureus 
Pages 192-198
Anand Subramanian, Joseph Irudayaraj and Thomas Ryan
Novel PVC membrane uranyl ion-selective sensor
Pages 199-205
Mohamed B. Saleh, Ezzat M. Soliman, Ahmed A. Abdel Gaber and Salwa A. Ahmed
Photothermal spectroscopy of Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus cereus with microcantilevers
Pages 206-211
A. Wig, E.T. Arakawa, A. Passian, T.L. Ferrell and T. Thundat
Solid-state optical coupling for surface plasmon resonance sensors
Pages 212-217
Sandy Owega, Daniel Poitras and Karim Faid
Humidity sensor based on ultrathin polyaniline film deposited using layer-by-layer nano-assembly
Pages 218-222
Razat Nohria, Rajneek K. Khillan, Yi Su, Rohit Dikshit, Yuri Lvov and Kody Varahramyan
Adsorption of functionalised thiols on gold surfaces: How to build a sensitive and selective sensor for a nitroaromatic compound?
Pages 223-228
F. Thery-Merland, C. Méthivier, E. Pasquinet, L. Hairault and C.M. Pradier
Chemo-sensitivity and reliability of flagellar rotary motor in a MEMS microfluidic actuation system
Pages 229-238
Mohamed Al-Fandi, Jin-Woo Kim, Ajay P. Malshe, Steve Tung, Jerry Jenkins and Ryan Pooran
Ag/AgCl microelectrodes with improved stability for microfluidics
Pages 239-247
Brian J. Polk, Anna Stelzenmuller, Geraldine Mijares, William MacCrehan and Michael Gaitan
Water transport in a non-aqueous, polypyrrole electrochemical cell
Pages 248-253
Han Xu, Valery V. Konovalov, Cristian I. Contescu, Stephen M. Jaffe and Marc Madou
Compliant and low-cost humidity nanosensors using nanoporous polymer membranes
Pages 254-262
Bozhi Yang, Burak Aksak, Qiao Lin and Metin Sitti
Nanocomposite of Pd–polyaniline as a selective methanol sensor
Pages 263-267
Anjali A. Athawale, S.V. Bhagwat and Prachi P. Katre
Hydrogen sensor based on a palladium-coated fibre-taper with improved time-response
Pages 268-274
D. Zalvidea, A. Díez, J.L. Cruz and M.V. Andrés
Effect of Pt concentration on the physicochemical properties and CO sensing activity of mesostructured SnO2
Pages 275-282
Niranjan S. Ramgir, Young Kyu Hwang, Sung Hwa Jhung, Imtiaz S. Mulla and Jong-San Chang
Direct formation of highly porous gas-sensing films by in situ thermophoretic deposition of flame-made Pt/SnO2 nanoparticles
Pages 283-295
L. Mädler, A. Roessler, S.E. Pratsinis, T. Sahm, A. Gurlo, N. Barsan and U. Weimar
Construction of refreshable microfluidic channels and electrophoresis along them
Pages 296-300
Masashi Watanabe
A novel method for improving the performance of ZnO gas sensors
Pages 301-307
Hongyan Xu, Xiulin Liu, Deliang Cui, Mei Li and Minhua Jiang
A novel fluorescence ratiometric pH sensor based on covalently immobilized piperazinyl-1,8-napthalimide and benzothioxanthene
Pages 308-315
Zhi-Zhang Li, Cheng-Gang Niu, Guang-Ming Zeng, Yun-Guo Liu, Pan-Feng Gao, Guo-He Huang and You-An Mao
A comparative analysis of one-port Colpitt and two-port Pierce SAW oscillators for DMMP vapor sensing
Pages 316-325
A.T. Nimal, Mohan Singh, U. Mittal and R.D.S. Yadava
Precise measurement of the 13CH4/12CH4 ratio of diluted methane using a near-infrared laser absorption spectrometer
Pages 326-333
K. Tsuji, S. Fujikawa, K. Yamada, N. Yoshida, K. Yamamoto and T. Kikugawa
Hysteresis compensation of a porous silicon relative humidity sensor using ANN technique
Pages 334-343
Tariqul Islam and Hiranmay Saha
A chemical sensor for trace V(V) ion determination based on fatty hydroxamic acid immobilized in polymethylmethacrylate
Pages 344-349
Azizul Isha, Nor Azah Yusof, Musa Ahmad, Dedy Suhendra, Wan Md Zin Wan Yunus and Zulkarnain Zainal
Monodispersed microfluidic droplet generation by shear focusing microfluidic device
Pages 350-356
Yung-Chieh Tan, Vittorio Cristini and Abraham P. Lee
An electrochemical tyrosinase-immobilized biosensor for albumin—toward a potential total protein measurement
Pages 357-363
Min-Chieh Chuang, Chung-Chiun Liu and Ming-Chang Yang
Amperometric third-generation hydrogen peroxide biosensor incorporating multiwall carbon nanotubes and hemoglobin
Pages 364-370
Honglan Qi, Chengxiao Zhang and Xiaorong Li
Micro-cantilevers with end-grafted stimulus-responsive polymer brushes for actuation and sensing
Pages 371-378
Nehal I. Abu-Lail, Marian Kaholek, Bruce LaMattina, Robert L. Clark and Stefan Zauscher
Preparation of functionalized copper nanoparticles and fabrication of a glucose sensor
Pages 379-386
Qin Xu, Yu Zhao, Jin Zhong Xu and Jun-Jie Zhu
Preparation and gas-sensing property of a nanosized titania thin film towards alcohol gases
Pages 387-391
Liping Sun, Lihua Huo, Hui Zhao, Shan Gao and Jinggui Zhao
Rapid, low cost microfabrication technologies toward realization of devices for dielectrophoretic manipulation of particles and nanowires
Pages 392-401
Swaminathan Rajaraman, Hong-seok (Moses) Noh, Peter J. Hesketh and David S. Gottfried
MCo2O4 (M = Ni, Cu, Zn) nanotubes: Template synthesis and application in gas sensors
Pages 402-409
Guo-Ying Zhang, Bing Guo and Jun Chen
Microheater-integrated single gas sensor array chip fabricated on flexible polyimide substrate
Pages 410-417
Yong Shin Kim
Electronic nose for ham discrimination
Pages 418-422
M. García, M. Aleixandre, J. Gutiérrez and M.C. Horrillo
Sub-ppm trace moisture detection with a simple thermally carbonized porous silicon sensor
Pages 423-426
J. Salonen, J. Tuura, M. Björkqvist and V.-P. Lehto
Semiconducting gas sensor for acetone based on the fine grained nickel ferrite
Pages 427-432
N. Rezlescu, N. Iftimie, E. Rezlescu, C. Doroftei and P.D. Popa
Label-free protein recognition using an aptamer-based impedance measurement assay
Pages 433-437
Hong Cai, Thomas Ming-Hung Lee and I-Ming Hsing
Modular fibre optic sensor for the detection of hydrocarbons in water
Pages 438-444
R.P. McCue, J.E. Walsh, F. Walsh and F. Regan
FTIR-ATR detection of proteins and small molecules through DNA conjugation
Pages 445-450
Wei Liao, Fang Wei, Dan Liu, Min Xie Qian, Gu Yuan and Xin Sheng Zhao
Adsorption–desorption noise in gas sensors: Modelling using Langmuir and Wolkenstein models for adsorption
Pages 451-459
Sami Gomri, Jean-Luc Seguin, Jacques Guerin and Khalifa Aguir
Gold-based screen-printed sensor for detection of trace lead
Pages 460-465
Serena Laschi, Ilaria Palchetti and Marco Mascini
Potassium selective quartz crystal microbalance chemical sensors using functionalized copolymer coatings
Pages 466-472
Gareth J. Price and Philip L. Drake
Aurothiomalate as an electroactive label for the determination of immunoglobulin M using glassy carbon electrodes as immunoassay transducers
Pages 473-481
Alfredo de la Escosura-Muñiz, María Begoña González-García and Agustín Costa-García
A novel electronic nose based on miniaturized SAW sensor arrays coupled with SPME enhanced headspace-analysis and its use for rapid determination of volatile organic compounds in food quality monitoring
Pages 482-488
Nicole Barié, Mark Bücking and Michael Rapp
Solid-State valproate ion selective sensor based on conducting polypyrrole films for determination of valproate in pharmaceutical preparations
Pages 489-496
Simin Sabah, Mohammad Aghamohammadi and Naader Alizadeh
Application of Langmuir–Blodgett films as modifiers of piezoresonance sensors
Pages 497-499
Sergey N. Shtykov, Tatyana Yu. Rusanova, Andrew V. Kalach and Kirill E. Pankin
Amperometric enzyme electrode for urea determination using immobilized urease in poly(vinylferrocenium) film
Pages 500-506
Filiz Kuralay, Haluk Özyörük and Attila Yıldız
An ozone monitoring instrument based on the tungsten trioxide (WO3) semiconductor
Pages 507-512
S.R. Utembe, G.M. Hansford, M.G. Sanderson, R.A. Freshwater, K.F.E. Pratt, D.E. Williams, R.A. Cox and R.L. Jones
Model validation of a mercury sensor, based on the resistivity variation of a thin gold film
Pages 513-521
V. Raffa, B. Mazzolai, V. Mattoli, A. Mondini and P. Dario
Coupling fast variable selection methods to neural network-based classifiers: Application to multisensor systems
Pages 522-529
O. Gualdrón, E. Llobet, J. Brezmes, X. Vilanova and X. Correig
 MicroTas Section
A microelectrode array (MEA) integrated with clustering structures for investigating in vitro neurodynamics in confined interconnected sub-populations of neurons
Pages 530-541
L. Berdondini, M. Chiappalone, P.D. van der Wal, K. Imfeld, N.F. de Rooij, M. Koudelka-Hep, M. Tedesco, S. Martinoia, J. van Pelt, G. Le Masson and A. Garenne
A new SU-8 process to integrate buried waveguides and sealed microchannels for a Lab-on-a-Chip
Pages 542-551
J.M. Ruano-López, M. Aguirregabiria, M. Tijero, M.T. Arroyo, J. Elizalde, J. Berganzo, I. Aranburu, F.J. Blanco and K. Mayora
Re-usable multi-inlet PDMS fluidic connector
Pages 552-557
Ville Saarela, Sami Franssila, Santeri Tuomikoski, Seppo Marttila, Pekka Östman, Tiina Sikanen, Tapio Kotiaho and Risto Kostiainen






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