ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 114, 2

Date: 26-April-2006


General Section
A label-free biosensor-based cell attachment assay for characterization of cell surface molecules
Pages 559-564
Bo Lin, Peter Li and Brian T. Cunningham
A reversible fluorescence sensor based on insoluble β-cyclodextrin polymer for direct determination of bisphenol A (BPA)
Pages 565-572
Xu Wang, Hulie Zeng, Yanlin Wei and Jin-Ming Lin
Identification of botanical origins of starches using a glucose biosensor and amyloglucosidase
Pages 573-577
Sung Hyo Chough, Keun Seoung Kim, Ki Woo Hyung, Hyu Ick Cho, Hye Ryoung Park, Ok Ja Choi, Sang Ho Song and Kim R. Rogers
Cobalt(II)-selective electrode based on a newly synthesized macrocyclic compound
Pages 578-583
Ashok Kumar Singh, R.P. Singh and Puja Saxena
A polyelectrolyte as humidity sensing material: Influence of the preparation parameters on its sensing property
Pages 584-590
G. Casalbore-Miceli, M.J. Yang, Y. Li, A. Zanelli, A. Martelli, S. Chen, Y. She and N. Camaioni
Genomagnetic assay based on label-free electrochemical detection using magneto-composite electrodes
Pages 591-598
Arzum Erdem, M. Isabel Pividori, Anabel Lermo, Alessandra Bonanni, Manel del Valle and Salvador Alegret
Electrical and humidity sensing properties of polyaniline/WO3 composites
Pages 599-603
Narsimha Parvatikar, Shilpa Jain, Syed Khasim, M. Revansiddappa, S.V. Bhoraskar and M.V.N. Ambika Prasad
Immobilization of tyrosinase in chitosan film for an optical detection of phenol
Pages 604-609
Jaafar Abdullah, Musa Ahmad, Nadarajah Karuppiah, Lee Yook Heng and Hamidah Sidek
Electrochemical evaluation of coumestan modified carbon paste electrode: Study on its application as a NADH biosensor in presence of uric acid
Pages 610-617
Hamid R. Zare, Navid Nasirizadeh, Seyed-Mahdi Golabi, Mansoor Namazian, Mohammad Mazloum-Ardakani and Davood Nematollahi
Research on staggered oriented ridges static micromixers
Pages 618-624
Xin Fu, Sufen Liu, Xiaodong Ruan and Huayong Yang
Integrated silicon-glass opto-chemical sensors for lab-on-chip applications
Pages 625-630
L. De Stefano, K. Malecki, A.M. Rossi, L. Rotiroti, F.G. Della Corte, L. Moretti and I. Rendina
Amperometric enzyme immunosensors based on layer-by-layer assembly of gold nanoparticles and thionine on Nafion modified electrode surface for α-1-fetoprotein determinations
Pages 631-639
Ying Zhuo, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Ying Zhang, Xuelian Li, Na Wang and Qiang Zhu
Influence of the electrodes configuration on a differential capacitive rain sensor performances
Pages 640-645
Isabelle Bord, Pascal Tardy and Francis Menil
Nanostructured In2O3–SnO2 sol–gel thin film as material for NO2 detection
Pages 646-655
Luca Francioso, Angiola Forleo, Simonetta Capone, Mauro Epifani, Antonella M. Taurino and Pietro Siciliano
Technological development of a micro-array of individually addressable ejectors
Pages 656-664
D. Jugieu, T. Phou and A.M. Gué
Electronic nose discrimination of aroma compounds in alcoholised solutions
Pages 665-673
Juan Arturo Ragazzo-Sanchez, Pascale Chalier, Dominique Chevalier and Charles Ghommidh
Analysis of single-cultivar extra virgin olive oils by means of an Electronic Nose and HS-SPME/GC/MS methods
Pages 674-680
A. Cimato, D. Dello Monaco, C. Distante, M. Epifani, P. Siciliano, A.M. Taurino, M. Zuppa and G. Sani
Bulk acoustic wave resonator operating at 8 GHz for gravimetric sensing of organic films
Pages 681-686
Samuel Rey-Mermet, Roman Lanz and Paul Muralt
Methanol gas-sensing properties of CeO2–Fe2O3 thin films
Pages 687-695
G. Neri, A. Bonavita, G. Rizzo, S. Galvagno, S. Capone and P. Siciliano
Quartz crystal microbalance immunoassay with dendritic amplification using colloidal gold immunocomplex
Pages 696-704
Xia Chu, Zi-Long Zhao, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
New ketocyanine-based fluorescent optodes for the development of integrated waveguide sensors
Pages 705-712
Laia Rivera, Mar Puyol,Serguei Miltsov, Francisco Villuendas and Julián Alonso
PPb level monitoring of lanthanium by a novel PCV-membrane sensor based on 4-methyl-2-hydrazinobenzothiazole
Pages 713-719
Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Parviz Norouzi, Leila Shamsolahrari and Abbas Ahmadi
Surface acoustic wave olefin/alkyne sensor based on Ag(I)/cryptand-22
Pages 720-727
Hui-Ping Hsu and Jeng-Shong Shih
Analysis of fluid flow and reaction kinetics in a flow injection analysis biosensor
Pages 728-736
Jeroen Lammertyn, Pieter Verboven, Els A. Veraverbeke, Steven Vermeir, Joseph Irudayaraj and Bart M. Nicolaï
Ion transport and conformational relaxation of a polypyrrole film in aqueous solutions
Pages 737-739
Jin Chengyou and Yang Fenglin
New diamino compound as neutral ionophore for highly selective and sensitive PVC membrane electrode for Be2+ ion
Pages 740-746
Ahmad Soleymanpour, Nima Ahmadi Rad and Khodabakhsh Niknam
Polyvinyl alcohol: A taste sensing material
Pages 747-755
Sarmishtha Majumdar and Basudam Adhikari
Deposition of polymer coatings onto SAW resonators using AC electrospray
Pages 756-761
Soumayajit Sarkar, Natalia Levit and Gary Tepper
Selectivity of Ti-doped In2O3 ceramics as an ammonia sensor
Pages 762-767
Pengfeng Guo and Haibo Pan
Gas and humidity response of iron oxide—Polypyrrole nanocomposites
Pages 768-773
R.P. Tandon, M.R. Tripathy, A.K. Arora and Surat Hotchandani
Horseradish peroxidase biosensor based on layer-by-layer technique for the determination of phenolic compounds
Pages 774-780
Shaoming Yang, Yangmei Li, Xiuming Jiang, Zhichun Chen and Xianfu Lin
Atomic structural change of silver-plating layers on the surfaces of Selemion, resulting in its excellent bending controllability  
Pages 781-787
Hirohisa Tamagawa and Fumio Nogata
Differentiation of oxidized low density lipoproteins by nanosensors
Pages 788-798
Mahsa Rouhanizadeh, Tao Tang, Chao Li, Juliana Hwang, Chongwu Zhou and Tzung K. Hsiai
Humidity effect on the dithiol-linked gold nanoparticles interfaced chemiresistor sensor for VOCs analysis
Pages 799-803
Pengfei Pang, Jianli Guo, Shihui Wu and Qingyun Cai
A zinc-selective electrode based on N,N′-bis(acetylacetone)ethylenediimine
Pages 812-818
V.K. Gupta, S. Agarwal, A. Jakob and H. Lang
Quantitative colorimetric analysis of dye mixtures using an optical photometer based on LED array
Pages 819-825
King-Tong Lau, William S. Yerazunis, Roderick L. Shepherd and Dermot Diamond
High-temperature low-power performing micromachined suspended micro-hotplate for gas sensing applications
Pages 826-835
J. Cerdà Belmonte, J. Puigcorbé, J. Arbiol, A. Vilà, J.R. Morante, N. Sabaté, I. Gràcia and C. Cané
Electrical properties and ethanol-sensing characteristics of perovskite La1 − xPbxFeO3
Pages 836-840
Ling Zhang, Jifan Hu, Peng Song, Hongwei Qin and Minhua Jiang
An atmospheric oxidation monitor based on in situ thin-film deposition
Pages 841-848
Richard C. Quinn, Aaron P. Zent, James R.C. Garry, Timothy J. Ringrose, Martin C. Towner and Frank J. Grunthaner
A new sodium ion selective electrode based on a novel silacrown ether
Pages 849-854
Sudeshna Chandra and Heinrich Lang
Nano-level monitoring of ytterbium(III) by a novel ytterbium(III) membrane sensor based on 3-hydroxy-N′-[(2-hydroxyphenyl) methylene]-2-naphthohydrazide
Pages 855-860
Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Parviz Norouzi, Atefeh Tamaddon and Mehdi Adib
HC-sensor for exhaust gases based on semiconducting doped SrTiO3 for On-Board Diagnosis
Pages 861-868
Kathy Sahner, Maximilian Fleischer, Erhard Magori, Hans Meixner, Jürgen Deerberg and Ralf Moos
The reversible binding of immunoglobulins G modified with adamantyl-end-capped poly(ethylene glycol)s to poly-β-cyclodextrin-coated gold surfaces and their interactions with specific target molecules: A surface plasmon resonance investigation
Pages 869-880
C. David, F. Hervé, B. Sébille, M. Canva and M.C. Millot
Micromachined twin gas sensor for CO and O2 quantification based on catalytically modified nano-SnO2
Pages 881-892
J. Cerdà Belmonte, J. Manzano, J. Arbiol, A. Cirera, J. Puigcorbé, A. Vilà, N. Sabaté, I. Gràcia, C. Cané and J.R. Morante
Self-regulating heater for microfluidic reactors
Pages 893-896
Iwona Wyzkiewicz, Ilona Grabowska, Michal Chudy, Zbigniew Brzozka, Malgorzata Jakubowska, Tomasz Wisniewski and Artur Dybko
Electrochemically arrayed and addressed DNA multi-sensor platforms
Pages 897-902
M. Campàs and I. Katakis
High-temperature operating characteristics of mixed-potential-type NO2 sensor based on stabilized-zirconia tube and NiO sensing electrode
Pages 903-909
Norio Miura, Jian Wang, Mitsunobu Nakatou, Perumal Elumalai, Serge Zhuiykov and Masaharu Hasei
A selective NH3 gas sensor based on Fe2O3–ZnO nanocomposites at room temperature
Pages 910-915
Huixiang Tang, Mi Yan, Hui Zhang, Shenzhong Li, Xingfa Ma, Mang Wang and Deren Yang
Disposable optochemical sensor chip for nitrogen dioxide detection based on oxidation of N,N′-diphenyl-1,4-phenylenediamine
Pages 916-927
Marcin Alexy, Michael Hanko, Sara Rentmeister and Jürgen Heinze
Novel triiodide ion-selective polymeric membrane electrodes based on some transition metal–Schiff base complexes
Pages 928-935
Susan Sadeghi, Fatemeh Fathi, Abbas Ali Esmaeili and Hossein Naeimi
A homocysteine biosensor with eggshell membrane as an enzyme immobilization platform
Pages 936-942
Guomei Zhang, Diansheng Liu, Shaomin Shuang and Martin M.F. Choi
Schottky-type response of carbon nanotube NO2 gas sensor fabricated onto aluminum electrodes by dielectrophoresis
Pages 943-949
Junya Suehiro, Hiroshi Imakiire, Shin-ichiro Hidaka, Weidong Ding, Guangbin Zhou, Kiminobu Imasaka and Masanori Hara
Novel zirconium optical sensor based on immobilization of Alizarin Red S on a triacetylcellulose membrane by using principle component analysis artificial neural network
Pages 950-956
A. Abbaspour and L. Baramakeh
Analytical solutions for the rate of DNA hybridization in a microchannel in the presence of pressure-driven and electroosmotic flows
Pages 957-963
Siddhartha Das, Tamal Das and Suman Chakraborty
Protons and single nucleotide polymorphism detection: A simple use for the Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor
Pages 964-968
Sunil Purushothaman, Chris Toumazou and Chung-Pei Ou
A microstructural model of semiconducting gas sensor response: The effects of sintering temperature on the response of chromium titanate (CTO) to carbon monoxide
Pages 969-977
S.C. Naisbitt, K.F.E. Pratt, D.E. Williams and I.P. Parkin
Using hydrogen bonding-specific interactions to detect water in aprotic solvents at concentrations below 50 ppm
Pages 978-983
Carlos Pinheiro, J. Carlos Lima and A. Jorge Parola
Planar optical sensors: A tool for screening enzyme activity in high density cell arrays
Pages 984-994
Jochen Gerlach, Brigitte Pohn, Wolfgang Karl, Marcel Scheideler, Martina Uray, Horst Bischof, Helmut Schwab and Ingo Klimant
A potential fluorescent sensor for Zn2+ based on a selective bis-9-anthryldiamine ligand operating in buffer
Pages 995-1000
Guo-Qi Zhang, Guo-Qiang Yang, Lin-Na Zhu, Qing-Qi Chen and Jin-Shi Ma
A novel hydrogen peroxide sensor based on horseradish peroxidase immobilized in DNA films on a gold electrode
Pages 1001-1006
Yonghai Song, Li Wang, Chunbo Ren, Guoyi Zhu and Zhuang Li
Additive assay for the repeated measurements of immunosensor without regeneration step
Pages 1007-1012
J.W. Chung, S.D. Kim, R. Bernhardt and J.C. Pyun
Sensitivity and selectivity of Pt electrodes for hydrocarbon sensing in an ultra high vacuum environment
Pages 1013-1018
Georgios Kyriakou, David J. Davis and Richard M. Lambert
Dissolved oxygen sensor based on cobalt tetrasulphonated phthalocyanine immobilized in poly-l-lysine film onto glassy carbon electrode
Pages 1019-1027
Rita de Cássia Silva Luz, Flavio Santos Damos, Auro Atsushi Tanaka and Lauro Tatsuo Kubota
Optimised film thickness for maximum evanescent field enhancement of a bimetallic film surface plasmon resonance biosensor
Pages 1028-1034
Biow Hiem Ong, Xiaocong Yuan, Swee Chuan Tjin, Jingwen Zhang and Hui Min Ng
Effects of fluorination in the ring of zinc tetraphenylporphyrin on its gas-response to volatiles at room temperature
Pages 1035-1042
Xingfa Ma, Jingzhi Sun, Mang Wang, Meng Hu, Guang Li, Hongzheng Chen and Ji Huang
Humidity sensing by composites of glass ceramics containing silver nanoparticles and their conduction mechanism
Pages 1043-1051
Bhola Nath Pal and Dipankar Chakravorty
Biocomposite of cobalt phthalocyanine and lactate oxidase for lactate biosensing with MnO2 nanoparticles as an eliminator of ascorbic acid interference
Pages 1052-1058
Kun Wang, Jing-Juan Xu and Hong-Yuan Chen
Temperature modulation and artificial neural network evaluation for improving the CO selectivity of SnO2 gas sensor
Pages 1059-1063
J.R. Huang, G.Y. Li, Z.Y. Huang, X.J. Huang and J.H. Liu
Development of capacitance based immunosensors on mixed self-assembled monolayers
Pages 1064-1070
Henry C.W. Hays, Paul A. Millner and Mamas I. Prodromidis
Preparation of ormosil and its applications in the immobilizing biomolecules
Pages 1071-1082
Vijay Shyam Tripathi, Vivek Babu Kandimalla and Huangxian Ju
Real-time bioprocess monitoring: Part I: In situ sensors
Pages 1083-1091
V. Vojinović, J.M.S. Cabral and L.P. Fonseca
Thermo-chromic materials based on polymer-embedded silver clusters
Pages 1092-1095
G. Carotenuto, G. La Peruta and L. Nicolais
Enhancement of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) signals using organic functionalized mesoporous silica on a gold film
Pages 1096-1099
Seogil Oh, Jungwoo Moon, Taewook Kang, Surin Hong and Jongheop Yi
 MicroTas Section
Determination of EOF of PMMA microfluidic chip by indirect laser-induced fluorescence detection
Pages 1100-1107
Rong Chen, Huaizhong Guo, Yuwan Shen, Yuzhu Hu and Yuqing Sun
Microchip for subcellular mechanics study in living cells
Pages 1108-1115
Yi Zhao, Chee Chew Lim, Douglas B. Sawyer, Ronglih Liao and Xin Zhang
Detection of DNA oligonucleotides on nanowire array electrodes using chronocoulometry
Pages 1116-1120
Aja Andreu, Jon W. Merkert, Luis A. Lecaros, Brandy L. Broglin, J. Tres Brazell and Mahnaz El-Kouedi






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