ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 115, 1

Date: 23-May-2006


General Section
Correlation of catalytic activity and sensor response in TiO2 high temperature gas sensors
Pages 1-3
Prabir K. Dutta and Marla Frank De Lucia
Preparation and characterization of gallium (oxy)nitride powders: Preliminary investigation as new gas sensor materials
Pages 4-11
M. Kerlau, O. Merdrignac-Conanec, P. Reichel, N. Bârsan and U. Weimar
Optochemical vapour detection using spin coated thin film of ZnTPP
Pages 12-16
J. Spadavecchia, R. Rella, P. Siciliano, M.G. Manera, A. Alimelli, R. Paolesse, C. Di Natale and A. D’Amico
Stochastic resonance-based electronic nose: A novel way to classify bacteria
Pages 17-27
Ritaban Dutta, Aruneema Das, Nigel G. Stocks and David Morgan
A non-invasive ultrasonic gas sensor for binary gas mixtures
Pages 28-32
J.C. Vyas, V.R. Katti, S.K. Gupta and J.V. Yakhmi
WO3 films modified with functionalised multi-wall carbon nanotubes: Morphological, compositional and gas response studies
Pages 33-41
C. Bittencourt, A. Felten, E.H. Espinosa, R. Ionescu, E. Llobet, X. Correig and J.-J. Pireaux
Hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on myoglobin/colloidal gold nanoparticles immobilized on glassy carbon electrode by a Nafion film
Pages 42-48
Weiwei Yang, Yancai Li, Yu Bai and Changqing Sun
Preparation of a novel optical sensor for low pH values using agarose membranes as support
Pages 49-53
Payman Hashemi and Mir Mehdi Abolghasemi
E-tongue based on a hybrid array of voltammetric sensors based on phthalocyanines, perylene derivatives and conducting polymers: Discrimination capability towards red wines elaborated with different varieties of grapes
Pages 54-61
Vicente Parra, Álvaro A. Arrieta, José A. Fernández-Escudero, Hugo García, Constantin Apetrei, María L. Rodríguez-Méndez and José A. de Saja
New selective gas sensor based on piezoelectric quartz crystal modified by electropolymerization of a molecular receptor functionalised with 2,2′-bithiophene
Pages 62-68
Marco Giannetto, Valentina Mastria, Giovanni Mori, Arturo Arduini and Andrea Secchi
Dielectric response of interdigital chemocapacitors: The role of the sensitive layer thickness
Pages 69-78
Rui Igreja and C.J. Dias
Simple optical sensor for amine vapors based on dyed silica microspheres
Pages 79-85
Karin I. Oberg, Robert Hodyss and J.L. Beauchamp
Effects of a polyimide coating on the hydrogen selectivity of MIS sensors
Pages 86-92
Dongmei Li, A.H. McDaniel, R. Bastasz and J.W. Medlin
Application of humidity sensors and an interactive device
Pages 93-101
Yiheng Wang, Robert W. Besant, Carey J. Simonson and Wei Shang
Amperometric ammonium ion sensor based on polyaniline-poly(styrene sulfonate-co-maleic acid) composite conducting polymeric electrode
Pages 102-108
Yung-Chien Luo and Jing-Shan Do
Direct electrochemistry of horseradish peroxidase immobilized on gold colloid/cysteine/nafion-modified platinum disk electrode
Pages 109-115
Yan Liu, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Dianping Tang, Jianyuan Dai and Xia Zhong
The applications of affinity biosensors: IAsys biosensor and quartz crystal microbalance to the study on interaction between Paeoniae radix 801 and endothelin-1
Pages 116-122
Qiang Chen, Jiadong Huang, Huijun Yin, Keji Chen and Tetsuo Osa
Orientation dependence of gas sensing properties of TiO2 films
Pages 123-127
Won-Taek Moon, Kyu-Sung Lee, Youn-Ki Jun, Hyun-Su Kim and Seong-Hyeon Hong
Modified zinc oxide thick film resistors as NH3 gas sensor
Pages 128-133
M.S. Wagh, G.H. Jain, D.R. Patil, S.A. Patil and L.A. Patil
Simultaneous electroanalysis of dopamine, ascorbic acid and uric acid by poly (vinyl alcohol) covalently modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 134-139
Yongxin Li and Xiangqin Lin
Synthesis and humidity sensing properties of conducting poly(N-methyl aniline) doped with different acids
Pages 140-149
Milind V. Kulkarni, Annamraju Kasi Viswanath and P.K. Khanna
A fluorescence-based biosensor for the detection of organophosphate pesticides and chemical warfare agents
Pages 150-157
L. Viveros, S. Paliwal, D. McCrae, J. Wild and A. Simonian
Optical fiber ammonia sensing probes using reagent immobilized porous silica coating as transducers
Pages 158-163
Shiquan Tao, Lina Xu and Joseph C. Fanguy
Effective factors on Pd growth on porous silicon by electroless-plating: Response to hydrogen
Pages 164-169
F. Rahimi and A. Iraji zad
Utilisation of first principal component extracted from gas sensor measurements as a process control variable in wine fermentation
Pages 170-177
M. Maciejewska, A. Szczurek and Z. Kerényi
Development of stripped-cladding optical fiber sensors for continuous monitoring: I. Theoretical study of a referencing method for measuring refractive indices of fluids
Pages 178-188
Andres M. Cardenas-Valencia, Robert H. Byrne and Eric T. Steimle
Characterization of vaccinia virus particles using microscale silicon cantilever resonators and atomic force microscopy
Pages 189-197
Luke Johnson, Amit K. Gupta, Azam Ghafoor, Demir Akin and Rashid Bashir
Composite of TiO2 nanowires and Nafion as humidity sensor material
Pages 198-204
Ren-Jang Wu, Yi-Lu Sun, Chu-Chieh Lin, Hui-Wen Chen and Murthy Chavali
Glucose biosensors based on the immobilization of glucose oxidase and polytyramine on rodhinized glassy carbon and screen printed electrodes
Pages 205-211
Silvia A. Miscoria, Gustavo D. Barrera and Gustavo A. Rivas
A miniaturized electrochemical system with a novel polyelectrolyte reference electrode and its application to thin layer electroanalysis
Pages 212-219
Sang Kyung Kim, Hyojin Lim, Taek Dong Chung and Hee Chan Kim
Fabrication of microelectrode arrays for in situ sensing of oxidation reduction potentials
Pages 220-226
Jin-Hwan Lee, Am Jang, Prashant R. Bhadri, Rhonda R. Myers, William Timmons, Fred R. Beyette, Jr., Paul L. Bishop and Ian Papautsky
High-resolution refractive index sensing by means of a multiple-peak surface plasmon resonance optical fiber sensor
Pages 227-231
David Monzón-Hernández and Joel Villatoro
Study of preconcentration of non-polar compounds in microchannels with constrictions
Pages 232-239
Eliphas Wagner Simões, Silvana Gasparotto de Souza, Maria Lúcia Pereira da Silva, Rogerio Furlan and Henrique Estanislau Maldonado Peres
Voltammetric behavior and determination of rutin at a single-walled carbon nanotubes modified gold electrode
Pages 240-246
Baizhao Zeng, Shuhong Wei, Fei Xiao and Faqiong Zhao
Nano-crystalline Cu-doped ZnO thin film gas sensor for CO
Pages 247-251
H. Gong, J.Q. Hu, J.H. Wang, C.H. Ong and F.R. Zhu
A study on quantitative classification of binary gas mixture using neural networks and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems
Pages 252-262
Ali Gulbag and Fevzullah Temurtas
Time correlated pixel-by-pixel calibration for quantification and signal quality control during solute imaging
Pages 263-269
Niklas Strömberg and Stefan Hulth
Highly sensitive hydrogen sulphide sensors operable at room temperature
Pages 270-275
Shashwati Sen, Vinit Bhandarkar, K.P. Muthe, M. Roy, S.K. Deshpande, R.C. Aiyer, S.K. Gupta, J.V. Yakhmi and V.C. Sahni
Intramolecular excimer formation and sensing behavior of new fluorimetric probes and their interactions with metal cations and barbituric acids
Pages 276-286
C. Lodeiro, J.C. Lima, A.J. Parola, J.S. Seixas de Melo, J.L. Capelo, B. Covelo, A. Tamayo and B. Pedras
Synthesis of new ketocyanine dyes for the development of optical sensors: Optical characterisation and solvatochromic behaviour
Pages 287-296
Mar Puyol, Cristina Encinas, Laia Rivera, Serguei Miltsov and Julian Alonso
Structural and gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline TiO2:WO3-based hydrogen sensors
Pages 297-302
G.N. Chaudhari, A.M. Bende, A.B. Bodade, S.S. Patil and V.S. Sapkal
Determination of thallium and cadmium on a chemically modified electrode with Langmuir–Blodgett film of p-allylcalix[4]arene
Pages 303-308
Huimin Dong, Hao Zheng, Lin Lin and Baoxian Ye
Fabrication of a chemosensor array on a microfluidic device by a simple gel-based method
Pages 309-315
Jun Yang, Qiulan Chen and Xiaolin Zheng
Preparation, characterization and gas-sensing properties of SnO2–In2O3 nanocomposite oxides
Pages 316-321
Aifan Chen, Xiaodong Huang, Zhangfa Tong, Shouli Bai, Ruixian Luo and Chung Chiun Liu
Metal oxide sensor arrays for the detection, differentiation, and quantification of volatile organic compounds at sub-parts-per-million concentration levels
Pages 322-329
Edward J. Wolfrum, Robert M. Meglen, Darren Peterson and Justin Sluiter
Amplification of the potentiometric response to inorganic carbon by membrane mediated absorption into aqueous alkanolamine solutions: An equilibrium model
Pages 330-337
James E. Atwater and James R. Akse
A low humidity sensor made of quartz crystal microbalance coated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes/Nafion composite material films
Pages 338-343
Pi-Guey Su, Yi-Lu Sun and Chu-Chieh Lin
Fabrication and characterization of a surface plasmon resonance based fiber-optic sensor for bittering component—Naringin
Pages 344-348
Rajan, Subhash Chand and B.D. Gupta
Miniaturized portable surface plasmon resonance immunosensor applicable for on-site detection of low-molecular-weight analytes
Pages 349-356
Sook Jin Kim, K. Vengatajalabathy Gobi, Ryohei Harada, D. Ravi Shankaran and Norio Miura
Oscillating behaviour of hazardous gas on tin oxide gas sensor: Fourier and wavelet transform analysis
Pages 357-364
Xing-Jiu Huang, Yang-Kyu Choi, Kwang-Seok Yun and Euisik Yoon
Determination of optical parameters of colloidal TiO2 nanocrystals-based thin films by using surface plasmon resonance measurments for sensing applications
Pages 365-373
M.G. Manera, G. Leo, M.L. Curri, R. Comparelli, R. Rella, A. Agostiano and L. Vasanelli
Novel Pr(III)-selective membrane sensor based on a new hydrazide derivative
Pages 374-378
M.R. Ganjali, F.S. Mirnaghi, P. Norouzi and M. Adib
Voltage-switchable artificial muscles actuating at near neutral pH
Pages 379-383
Elizabeth A. Moschou, Marc J. Madou, Leonidas G. Bachas and Sylvia Daunert
Monitoring of yeast cell concentration using a micromachined impedance sensor
Pages 384-389
E.E. Krommenhoek, J.G.E. Gardeniers, J.G. Bomer, A. Van den Berg, X. Li, M. Ottens, L.A.M. van der Wielen, G.W.K. van Dedem, M. Van Leeuwen, W.M. van Gulik and J.J. Heijnen
A flow injection voltammetric electronic tongue applied to paper mill industrial waters
Pages 390-395
A. Gutés, F. Cespedes, M. del Valle, D. Louthander, C. Krantz-Rülcker and F. Winquist
Influence of electrodes ageing on the properties of the gas sensors based on SnO2
Pages 396-402
Simonetta Capone, Mauro Epifani, Luca Francioso, Saulius Kaciulis, Alessio Mezzi, Pietro Siciliano and Antonella M. Taurino
High sensitivity and fast response hydrogen sensors based on electrochemically etched porous titania thin films
Pages 403-411
S.K. Hazra and S. Basu
Featuring of bacterial contamination of wounds by dynamic response of SnO2 gas sensor array
Pages 412-420
Arūnas Šetkus, Algirdas-Jonas Galdikas, Žilvinas-Andrius Kancleris, Andrius Olekas, Daiva Senulienė, Viktorija Strazdienė, Rytis Rimdeika and Rokas Bagdonas
Humidity sensitive properties of ZnO nanotetrapods investigated by a quartz crystal microbalance
Pages 421-427
Xiao-Hua Wang, Yan-Fang Ding, Jian Zhang, Zi-Qiang Zhu, Shu-Zhen You, Shao-Qiang Chen and Jianzhong Zhu
Analysis of interactions of template/primer duplexes with T7 DNA polymerase by oligonucleotide microarray
Pages 428-433
Mengsu Yang, Pui Yan Tsoi, Cheuk Wing Li and Jianlong Zhao
Sensing properties of rare earth oxide doped In2O3 by a sol–gel method
Pages 434-438
Xinshu Niu, Haoxiang Zhong, Xinjun Wang and Kai Jiang
Sensitive, real-time monitoring of UV-induced stress in a single, live plant cell using an optical trap
Pages 439-443
Jayashree A. Dharmadhikari, Jacinta S. D'Souza, Mohanram Gudipati, Aditya K. Dharmadhikari, Basuthkar J. Rao and Deepak Mathur
Volatile alcoholic compounds fibre optic nanosensor
Pages 444-449
César Elosúa, Cándido Bariáin, Ignacio R. Matías, Francisco J. Arregui, Asunción Luquin and Mariano Laguna
Finding the composition of gas mixtures by a phthalocyanine-coated QCM sensor array and an artificial neural network
Pages 450-454
A. Özmen, F. Tekce, M.A. Ebeoğlu, C. Taşaltın and Z.Z. Öztürk
Preparation and characterization of Ln9.33+x/3Si6−xAlxO26 (Ln = La, Nd and Sm) with apatite-type structure and its application to a potentiometric O2 gas sensor
Pages 455-459
Naoki Takeda, Yoshiteru Itagaki, Hiromichi Aono and Yoshihiko Sadaoka
Alcohols and acetone sensing properties of SnO2 thin films deposited by dip-coating
Pages 460-464
Jie Zhao, Li-Hua Huo, Shan Gao, Hui Zhao and Jing-Gui Zhao
Electronic detection of DNA utilizing ferrocenyl peptide conjugates probe
Pages 465-472
Long B. Liao and Xian M. Xiao
An enzymeless electrochemical sensor for the selective determination of creatinine in human urine
Pages 473-480
J.-C. Chen, A.S. Kumar, H.-H. Chung, S.-H. Chien, M.-C. Kuo and J.-M. Zen
Preparation and gas sensing properties of vanadium oxide nanobelts coated with semiconductor oxides
Pages 481-487
Junfeng Liu, Xun Wang, Qing Peng and Yadong Li
Electrochemical actuator based on monolithic polypyrrole–TiO2 nanoparticle composite film
Pages 488-493
Ximin He and Gaoquan Shi
Parylene micro membrane capacitive sensor array for chemical and biological sensing
Pages 494-502
Srinath Satyanarayana, Daniel T. McCormick and Arun Majumdar
Nitric oxide sensitive fluorescent poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel microstructures
Pages 503-509
Jeanna Zguris and Michael V. Pishko
Simulation of three-dimensional transient performance in micro-pump
Pages 510-518
Haifa El-Sadi and Nabil Esmail
Measurements of CO2, lactic acid and sodium bicarbonate secreted by cultured cells using a flow-through type pH/CO2 sensor system based on ISFET
Pages 519-525
Satoshi Mohri, Juichiro Shimizu, Noriko Goda, Takehiro Miyasaka, Atsushi Fujita, Michihiro Nakamura and Fumihiko Kajiya
Physical and chemical characterization of enolase immobilized polydiacetylene Langmuir–Blodgett film
Pages 526-533
K. Sadagopan, Shilpa N. Sawant, S.K. Kulshreshtha and Gotam K. Jarori
Cholesterol biosensor based on cholesterol esterase, cholesterol oxidase and peroxidase immobilized onto conducting polyaniline films
Pages 534-541
Suman Singh, Pratima R. Solanki, M.K. Pandey and B.D. Malhotra
Sensors of volatile compounds based on the dielectric relaxation of organic molecules
Pages 542-546
G.C. do Nascimento, C.P. de Melo and R. Souto-Maior
Inkjet-printed polypyrrole thin films for vapour sensing
Pages 547-551
M.F. Mabrook, C. Pearson and M.C. Petty
All-solid-state miniaturised planar reference electrodes based on ionic liquids
Pages 552-557
Renata Mamińska, Artur Dybko and Wojciech Wróblewski
Erratum to “Monitoring the exhaust air of a compost pile as a process variable with an e-nose” [Sens. Actuators B: Chem., 2005, 106(1), 29–35]
Page 558
A.C. Romain, D. Godefroid, M. Kuske and J. Nicolas
Erratum to “Preparation of long-lifetime gas recognition films by plasma polymerization technique” [Sens. Actuators B 108 (1–2) (2005) 558–563]
Page 559
Shigeru Kurosawa, Hideyuki Miura, Hirokazu Takahashi, Jong-Won Park, Hidenobu Aizawa, Kazutoshi Noda, Kazunori Yamada and Mitsuo Hirata
Erratum to “Amperometric nitric oxide microsensor using two-dimensional cross-linked Langmuir–Blodgett films of polysiloxane copolymer” [Sens. Actuators B 108 (1–2) (2005) 384–388]
Page 560
Dai Kato, Masashi Kunitake, Matsuhiko Nishizawa, Tomokazu Matsue and Fumio Mizutani






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