ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 118, 1-2

Eurosensors XIX - The 19th European Conference on Solid-State Transducers

Edited by J.R. Morante and M. Koudelka-Hep


Date: 25-October-2006

A highly sensitive microsystem based on nanomechanical biosensors for genomics applications
Pages 2-10
L.M. Lechuga, J. Tamayo, M. Álvarez, L.G. Carrascosa, A. Yufera, R. Doldán, E. Peralías, A. Rueda, J.A. Plaza, K. Zinoviev et al.
A novel concept of the integrated fluorescence detection system and its application in a lab-on-a-chip microdevice
Pages 11-19
Radoslaw Mazurczyk, Julien Vieillard, Aude Bouchard, Benjamin Hannes and Stanislas Krawczyk
Micro-arheometer: High throughput system for measuring of viscoelastic properties of single biological cells
Pages 20-27
Joel Krayer, Svetlana Tatic-Lucic and Sudhakar Neti
Additive assay of cancer marker CA 19-9 by SPR biosensor
Pages 28-32
J.W. Chung, R. Bernhardt and J.C. Pyun
“LAPS Card”—A novel chip card-based light-addressable potentiometric sensor (LAPS)
Pages 33-40
T. Wagner, C. Rao, J.P. Kloock, T. Yoshinobu, R. Otto, M. Keusgen and M.J. Schöning
Fully electronic DNA hybridization detection by a standard CMOS biochip
Massimo Barbaro, Annalisa Bonfiglio, Luigi Raffo, Andrea Alessandrini, Paolo Facci and Imrich Barák
Modelling of EnFETs for the creatinine detection
Pages 47-52
P. Temple-Boyer, J. Le Gal, M.L. Pourciel-Gouzy, W. Sant and A. Martinez
DNA biosensor using fluorescence microscopy and impedance spectroscopy
Pages 53-59
Daniel Berdat, Annick Marin, Fernando Herrera and Martin A.M. Gijs
Properties of the planar ADH-dry-layer structures based on electrically controlled coupling between enzyme molecules and metal surfaces
A. Galdikas, V. Bukauskas, S. Kaciulis, V. Laurinavičius, R. Meškys, A. Mezzi, A. Mironas, J. Razumienė and A. Šetkus
LTCC meso-analytical system for chloride ion determination in drinking waters
Pages 67-72
N. Ibañez-Garcia, R.D. Machado Gonçalves, Z. Mendes da Rocha, M.R. Góngora-Rubio, A.C. Seabra and J. Alonso Chamarro
Thick-film impedance based hydrocarbon detection based on chromium(III) oxide/zeolite interfaces
Pages 73-77
G. Hagen, A. Dubbe, G. Fischerauer and R. Moos
Basics of oxygen and SnO2 interaction; work function change and conductivity measurements
Pages 78-83
T. Sahm, A. Gurlo, N. Bârsan and U. Weimar
Urea impedimetric biosensor based on polymer degradation onto interdigitated electrodes
Pages 84-89
M. Cortina, M.J. Esplandiu, S. Alegret, M. del Valle and Sensors & Biosensors Group
STM observation of SnO2 (1 1 0) thermal-treated under oxidative condition
Pages 90-93
Kengo Shimanoe, Kazumasa Ikari, Yasuyuki Shimizu and Noboru Yamazoe
Surface barrier modulation and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy of MoO3–WO3 thick films
Pages 94-97
C. Malagù, M.C. Carotta, S. Morandi, S. Gherardi, G. Ghiotti, A. Giberti and G. Martinelli
Spectroscopic insights into CO sensing of undoped and palladium doped tin dioxide sensors derived from hydrothermally treated tin oxide sol
Pages 98-104
D. Koziej, N. Bârsan, K. Shimanoe, N. Yamazoe, J. Szuber and U. Weimar
Oxide nanopowders from the low-temperature processing of metal oxide sols and their application as gas-sensing materials
Pages 105-109
Mauro Epifani, Elisabetta Comini, Raül Díaz, Jordi Arbiol, Pietro Siciliano, Giorgio Sberveglieri and Joan R. Morante
Gas sensing properties of SnO2 thin films grown by MBE
Pages 110-114
M. Kroneld, S. Novikov, S. Saukko, P. Kuivalainen, P. Kostamo and V. Lantto
A micro-electrode array biosensor for impedance spectroscopy of human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Pages 115-120
Abdur Rub Abdur Rahman, Chun-Min Lo and Shekhar Bhansali
Materials development for CO-detection with improved selectivity through catalytic activation
Pages 121-128
L. Malavasi, C. Tealdi, A. Montenero, J.M. Tulliani, P. Moggi, M. Guglielmi, G. Flor, A. Lorenzi, A. Martucci, L. Montanaro and G. Chiodelli
On-chip impedance measurements to monitor biofilm formation in the drinking water distribution network
Pages 129-134
X. Muñoz-Berbel, F.J. Muñoz, N. Vigués and J. Mas
Low temperature indium oxide gas sensors
Pages 135-141
M. Suchea, N. Katsarakis, S. Christoulakis, S. Nikolopoulou and G. Kiriakidis
Cr–Sn oxide thin films: Electrical and spectroscopic characterisation with CO, NO2, NH3 and ethanol
Pages 142-148
S. Morandi, E. Comini, G. Faglia and G. Ghiotti

PLD-prepared cadmium sensors based on chalcogenide glasses—ISFET, LAPS and μISE

semiconductor structures
Pages 149-155
J.P. Kloock, L. Moreno, A. Bratov, S. Huachupoma, J. Xu, T. Wagner, T. Yoshinobu, Y. Ermolenko, Y.G. Vlasov and M.J. Schöning

SnO2/MoO3-nanostructure and alcohol detection
Pages 156-162
J. Arbiol, J.R. Morante, P. Bouvier, T. Pagnier, E.A. Makeeva, M.N. Rumyantseva and A.M. Gaskov
Field-effect sensors for monitoring the layer-by-layer adsorption of charged macromolecules
Pages 163-170
A. Poghossian, M.H. Abouzar, M. Sakkari, T. Kassab, Y. Han, S. Ingebrandt, A. Offenhäusser and M.J. Schöning
C2H4O sensing properties for thick film sensor using La2O3-modified SnO2
Pages 171-176
Masahiro Kugishima, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
QCM DNA-sensor for GMOs detection
Pages 177-181
Myriam Passamano and Monica Pighini
A microsystem for growth inhibition test of Enterococcus faecalis based on impedance measurement
Pages 182-191
E. Spiller, A. Schöll, R. Alexy, K. Kümmerer and G.A. Urban
Leaching of aluminium from cooking pans and food containers
Pages 192-197
Marta I.S. Veríssimo, João A.B.P. Oliveira and M. Teresa S.R. Gomes
Characterization of metal-oxide nanosensors fabricated with focused ion beam (FIB)
Pages 198-203
F. Hernández-Ramírez, J. Rodríguez, O. Casals, E. Russinyol, A. Vilà, A. Romano-Rodríguez, J.R. Morante and M. Abid
Indium oxide quasi-monodimensional low temperature gas sensor
Pages 204-207
S. Bianchi, E. Comini, M. Ferroni, G. Faglia, A. Vomiero and G. Sberveglieri
Nanocomposites SnO2/Fe2O3: Sensor and catalytic properties
Pages 208-214
M. Rumyantseva, V. Kovalenko, A. Gaskov, E. Makshina, V. Yuschenko, I. Ivanova, A. Ponzoni, G. Faglia and E. Comini
Synthesis and characterisation of gas sensor materials obtained from Pt/Zn/Al layered double hydroxides
Pages 215-220
S. Morandi, F. Prinetto, M. Di Martino, G. Ghiotti, O. Lorret, D. Tichit, C. Malagù, B. Vendemiati and M.C. Carotta
Iron-doped indium oxide by modified RGTO deposition for ozone sensing
Pages 221-225
Camilla Baratto, Matteo Ferroni, Guido Faglia and Giorgio Sberveglieri
Optimization of a NOx gas sensor based on single walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 226-231
M. Lucci, A. Reale, A. Di Carlo, S. Orlanducci, E. Tamburri, M.L. Terranova, I. Davoli, C. Di Natale, A. D’Amico and R. Paolesse
Carbon nanotubes thin films fiber optic and acoustic VOCs sensors: Performances analysis
Pages 232-242
Marco Consales, Stefania Campopiano, Antonello Cutolo, Michele Penza, Patrizia Aversa, Gennaro Cassano, Michele Giordano and Andrea Cusano
Sensing sensibility of surface micromachined suspended gate polysilicon thin film transistors
Pages 243-248
H. Mahfoz-Kotb, A.C. Salaün, F. Bendriaa, F. Le Bihan, T. Mohammed-Brahim and J.R. Morante
Copper phthalocyanine suspended gate field effect transistors for NO2 detection
Pages 249-254
A. Oprea, U. Weimar, E. Simon, M. Fleischer, H.-P. Frerichs, Ch. Wilbertz and M. Lehmann
Tungsten trioxide sensing layers on highly ordered nanoporous alumina template
Pages 255-262
Viacheslav Khatko, Gennadii Gorokh, Alexander Mozalev, Dmitry Solovei, Eduard Llobet, Xavier Vilanova and Xavier Correig

Compatibility of screen-printing technology with micro-hotplate for gas sensor and solid oxide

micro fuel cell development
Pages 263-268
J.-P. Viricelle, C. Pijolat, B. Riviere, D. Rotureau, D. Briand and N.F. de Rooij

Integrated CMOS interfaces for wide-range resistive gas sensors
Pages 269-275
Giuseppe Ferri, Vincenzo Stornelli, Walter Cappucci and Carlo Cantalini
Improvement of micromachined SnO2 gas sensors selectivity by optimised dynamic temperature operating mode
Pages 276-282
F. Parret, Ph. Ménini, A. Martinez, K. Soulantica, A. Maisonnat and B. Chaudret
Integration of ceramic catalyst on micro-thermoelectric gas sensor
Pages 283-291
Woosuck Shin, Maiko Nishibori, Kazuki Tajima, Lionel F. Houlet, Yeongsoo Choi, Noriya Izu, Norimitsu Murayama and Ichiro Matsubara
A microcantilever chemical sensors optimization by taking into account losses
Pages 292-296
Frédéric Lochon, Isabelle Dufour and Dominique Rebière
Deposition of Pt-catalyst in a micro-channel of a silicon reactor: Application to gas micro-TAS working at high temperature
Pages 297-304
M. Roumanie, C. Pijolat, V. Meille, C. De Bellefon, P. Pouteau and C. Delattre
BaTiO3–CuO sputtered thin film for carbon dioxide detection
Pages 305-310
Gemma García Mandayo, Fernando González, Isabel Rivas, Isabel Ayerdi and Jaime Herrán
On the effects of the materials and the noble metal additives to NO2 detection
Pages 311-317
P. Ivanov, E. Llobet, F. Blanco, A. Vergara, X. Vilanova, I. Gracia, C. Cané and X. Correig
Analyses of the ammonia response of integrated gas sensors working in pulsed mode
Pages 318-322
Ana M. Ruiz, Xavi Illa, Raul Díaz, Albert Romano-Rodríguez and J.R. Morante
Calibration of a multivariate gas sensing device for atmospheric pollution measurement
Pages 323-327
M. Kamionka, P. Breuil and C. Pijolat
Development of pressure sensitive paints based on silicon nanostructured powders
Pages 328-332
A. Castaldo, E. Massera, L. Quercia and G. Di Francia
Design and implementation of an inertial measurement unit for control of artificial limbs: Application on leg orthoses
Pages 333-337
Juan C. Moreno, Eduardo Rocon de Lima, Andrés F. Ruíz, Fernando J. Brunetti and José L. Pons
Electrostatic shutter design for a miniaturized ion mobility spectrometer
Pages 338-342
M. Salleras, A. Kalms, A. Krenkow, M. Kessler, J. Goebel, G. Müller and S. Marco
A CMOS-compatible bulk technology for the fabrication of magnetically actuated microbalances for chemical sensing
Pages 343-348
A. Nannini, D. Paci, F. Pieri and P. Toscano
Taste sensors utilizing high-frequency SH-SAW devices
Pages 349-355
I.I. Leonte, G. Sehra, M. Cole, P. Hesketh and J.W. Gardner
Optimization of SAW sensors with a structure ZnO–SiO2–Si to detect volatile organic compounds
Pages 356-361
M.C. Horrillo, M.J. Fernández, J.L. Fontecha, I. Sayago, M. García, M. Aleixandre, J. Gutiérrez, I. Gràcia and C. Cané
SAW-based gas sensors with rf sputtered InOx and PECVD SiNx films: Response to H2 and O3 gases
Pages 362-367
A.C. Fechete, W. Wlodarski, K. Kalantar-Zadeh, A.S. Holland, J. Antoszewski, S. Kaciulis and L. Pandolfi
Determination of menthol kinetic constants with Love-wave device
Pages 368-373
Florence Razan, Dominique Rebière, Corinne Déjous, David Monin, Mathieu Joanicot and Véronique Conédéra
SU8 protective layers in liquid operating SAWs
Pages 374-379
N. Arana, D. Puente, I. Ayerdi, E. Castañoand J. Berganzo
Microfluidic device based on surface acoustic wave
Pages 380-385
D. Beyssen, L. Le Brizoual, O. Elmazria and P. Alnot
Development of an array of polymer/MnO2/Fe2O3 mixtures for use in gas sensing applications
Pages 386-392
K. Arshak and I. Gaidan
Optical response of 6FDA–DAD fluorinated polyimide to water and alcohols
Pages 393-398
S. Carturan, A. Quaranta, E. Negro, M. Tonezzer, M. Bonafini, G. Maggioni and G. Della Mea
Single and multi-analyte surface plasmon resonance assays for simultaneous detection of cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides
Pages 399-407
E. Mauriz, A. Calle, J.J. Manclús, A. Montoya, A.M. Escuela, J.R. Sendra and L.M. Lechuga
Novel routes for inter-matrix synthesis and characterization of polymer stabilized metal nanoparticles for molecular recognition devices
Pages 408-417
Dmitri N. Muraviev, Jorge Macanás, Marinella Farre, Maria Muñoz and Salvador Alegret
Optical sensing to organic vapors of fluorinated polyimide nanocomposites containing silver nanoclusters
Pages 418-424
A. Quaranta, S. Carturan, M. Bonafini, G. Maggioni, M. Tonezzer, G. Mattei, C. de Julián Fernandez, G. Della Mea and P. Mazzoldi
Study of indicators for the development of fluorescence based optical fiber temperature sensors
Pages 425-432
Francisco J. García Moreda, Francisco J. Arregui, Miguel Achaerandio and Ignacio R. Matias
Response evaluation of an E-nose towards contaminated wheat by Fusarium poae fungi
Pages 433-438
D.S. Presicce, A. Forleo, A.M. Taurino, M. Zuppa, P. Siciliano, B. Laddomada, A. Logrieco and A. Visconti
Detection of alcohols in beverages: An application of porphyrin-based Electronic tongue
Pages 439-447
Larisa Lvova, Roberto Paolesse, Corrado Di Natale and Arnaldo D’Amico
Electronic tongue based on chemically modified electrodes and voltammetry for the detection of adulterations in wines
Pages 448-453
Vicente Parra, Álvaro A. Arrieta, José-A. Fernández-Escudero, María Luz Rodríguez-Méndez and José Antonio De Saja
Electronic tongue for flow-through analysis of beverages
Pages 454-460
Patrycja Ciosek, Zbigniew Brzózka and Wojciech Wróblewski
A self polishing electronic tongue
Pages 461-465
John Olsson, Fredrik Winquist and Ingemar Lundström
Integrated high temperature gas sensor system based on bulk acoustic wave resonators  
Pages 466-471
D. Richter, H. Fritze, T. Schneider, P. Hauptmann, N. Bauersfeld, K.-D. Kramer, K. Wiesner, M. Fleischer, G. Karle and A. Schubert






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