ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 119, 2


Date: 7-December 2006

Infrared biosensors using hydrophobic chalcogenide fibers sensitized with live cells
Pages 355-362
Pierre Lucas, Michelle A. Solis, David Le Coq, Christophe Juncker, Mark R. Riley, Jayne Collier, Dianne E. Boesewetter, Catherine Boussard-Plédel and Bruno Bureau
Optical fiber evanescent wave sensor for oxygen deficiency detection
Pages 363-369
Wenqing Cao and Yixiang Duan
Study on TMA-sensing properties of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide materials
Pages 370-373
Bo Zou, Fengqing Wu, Cheng Chen, Hui Ren, Zhuyi Wang and Lehui Zou
dc and ac characterizations of WO3 sensors under ethanol vapors
Pages 374-379
A. Labidi, C. Lambert-Mauriat, C. Jacolin, M. Bendahan, M. Maaref and K. Aguir
Fast response thin film SnO2 gas sensors operating at room temperature
Pages 380-383
H.C. Wang, Y. Li and M.J. Yang
Fine-tuning of ceramic-based chemical sensors via novel microstructural modification: I: Low level CO sensing by tungsten oxide, WO3
Pages 384-391
Abdul-Majeed Azad and Majed Hammoud
On-line monitoring of formaldehyde in air by cataluminescence-based gas sensor
Pages 392-397
Kaowen Zhou, Xiaolin Ji, Nan Zhang and Xinrong Zhang
Mixed potential NOx sensors using thin film electrodes and electrolytes for stationary reciprocating engine type applications  
Pages 398-408
Eric L. Brosha, Rangachary Mukundan, Roger Lujan and Fernando H. Garzon
High-selectivity mixed-potential NO2 sensor incorporating Au and CuO + CuCr2O4 electrode couple
Pages 409-414
Weizhen Xiong and Girish M. Kale
Structure, electrical and CO-sensing properties of the La0.8Pb0.2Fe1−xCoxO3 system
Pages 415-418
Peng Song, Hongwei Qin, Xing Liu, Shanxing Huang, Rui Zhang, Jifan Hu and Minhua Jiang
An amperometric bienzyme biosensor for rapid measurement of alanine aminotransferase in whole blood
Pages 419-424
Huaqing Li, Zonghui Guo, Hui Wang, Dafu Cui and Xinxia Cai
Detection of fungal contamination of cereal grain samples by an electronic nose
Pages 425-430
Roberto Paolesse, Adriano Alimelli, Eugenio Martinelli, Corrado Di Natale, Arnaldo D’Amico, Maria Grazia D’Egidio, Gabriella Aureli, Alessandra Ricelli and Corrado Fanelli
Complex plane impedance plot as a figure of merit for tin dioxide-based methane sensors
Pages 431-434
S. Chakraborty, A. Sen and H.S. Maiti
Influence of aprotic solvent on a signal of an amperometric sensor with Nafion® membrane
Pages 435-440
B. Chachulski and J. Gębicki
Selective impedance based gas sensors for hydrocarbons using ZSM-5 zeolite films with chromium(III)oxide interface  
Pages 441-448
G. Hagen, A. Dubbe, F. Rettig, A. Jerger, Th. Birkhofer, R. Müller, C. Plog and R. Moos
Electronic nose and data analysis for detection of maize oil adulteration in sesame oil
Pages 449-455
Zheng Hai and Jun Wang
Mathematical modelling of YSZ-based potentiometric gas sensors with oxide sensing electrodes: Part I: Model of interactions of measuring gas with sensor
Pages 456-465
Serge Zhuiykov
Nano-chemo-mechanical sensor array platform for high-throughput chemical analysis
Pages 466-474
Si-Hyung ”Shawn” Lim, Digvijay Raorane, Srinath Satyanarayana and Arunava Majumdar
Two-dimensional alignment of differential mobility spectrometer data
Pages 475-482
Melissa D. Krebs, Joung-Mo Kang, Sarah J. Cohen, Jeffrey B. Lozow, Robert D. Tingley and Cristina E. Davis
Humidity sensing and electrical properties of hybrid films prepared from [3-(methacrylamino)propyl] trimethyl ammonium chloride, aqueous monodispersed colloidal silica and methyl methacrylate
Pages 483-489
Pi-Guey Su, Yi-Lu Sun, Chao-Shen Wang and Chu-Chieh Lin
Optimization and fabrication of planar interdigitated impedance sensors for highly resistive non-aqueous industrial fluids
Pages 490-496
Vadim F. Lvovich, C.C. Liu and Matthew F. Smiechowski
Influence of nano-scale dopants of Pt, CaO and SiO2, on the alcohol sensing of SnO2 thin films
Pages 497-503
Tzong-Rong Ling and Chih-Min Tsai
Hydrophobic monolayer coating on anodized aluminum pressure-sensitive paint
Pages 504-511
Hirotaka Sakaue, Takatoshi Tabei and Masaharu Kameda
Layer-by-Layer assembly and humidity sensitive behavior of poly(ethyleneimine)/multiwall carbon nanotube composite films  
Pages 512-515
Haihu Yu, Tong Cao, Lingde Zhou, Erdan Gu, Dingshan Yu and Desheng Jiang
Influence of plasma discharge on vapor sensitivity of polyethylene/carbon black conductive films
Pages 516-523
Yanling Luo, Yunxia Liu and Li Wang
Voltammetric determination of para-aminobenzoic acid using carbon paste electrode modified with macrocyclic compounds
Pages 524-530
Rahul M. Kotkar and Ashwini K. Srivastava
An optical copper(II)-selective sensor based on a newly synthesized thioxanthone derivative, 1-hydroxy-3,4-dimethylthioxanthone
Pages 531-537
Abdollah Yari and Nadereh Afshari
Characterization of Chinese vinegars by electronic nose
Pages 538-546
Qinyi Zhang, Shunping Zhang, Changsheng Xie, Dawen Zeng, Chaoqun Fan, Dengfeng Li and Zikui Bai
Contrast enhancement of gas sensor array patterns with a neurodynamics model of the olfactory bulb
Pages 547-555
B. Raman, T. Yamanaka and R. Gutierrez-Osuna
Distinction of gases with a semiconductor sensor under a cyclic temperature modulation with second-harmonic heating
Pages 556-561
Satoshi Nakata, Hirokazu Okunishi and Yusuke Nakashima
Gas sensing properties of a stabilized zirconia-based sensor with a porous MoO3 electrode prepared from a molybdenum polyoxometallate–alkylamine hybrid film
Pages 562-569
Tetsuya Kida, Kohsuke Kawasaki, Kaoru Iemura, Kazushi Teshima and Masamitsu Nagano
Performance characterization of recombinant l-glutamate oxidase in a micro GOT/GPT sensing system
Pages 570-576
Sanjay Upadhyay, Naoto Ohgami, Hitoshi Kusakabe, Hiroshi Mizuno, Jiro Arima, Takashi Tamura, Kenji Inagaki and Hiroaki Suzuki
Prompt responsive sensors for water detection in organic solvents
Pages 577-582
G. Casalbore-Miceli, Y.S. Chen, E.M. Girotto, Y. Li, A.W. Rinaldi, M.J. Yang and A. Zanelli
Surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRI) system and real-time monitoring of DNA biochip for human genetic mutation diagnosis of DNA amplified samples
Pages 583-591
I. Mannelli, V. Courtois, P. Lecaruyer, G. Roger, M.C. Millot, M. Goossens and M. Canva
Biosensors for label free detection based on RF and MEMS technology
Pages 592-599
Y.I Kim, T.S Park, J.H Kang, M.C Lee, J.T Kim, J.H Park and H.K Baik
Combination of a photoacoustic detector with a diffusion sampler for the measurement of water vapor concentration in ethylene glycols for the natural gas industry
Pages 600-607
Helga Huszár, Zoltán Bozóki, Árpád Mohácsi, Gábor Szabó, Sándor Puskás and János Tamás
Simultaneous determination of quercetin and rutin at a multi-wall carbon-nanotube paste electrodes by reversing differential pulse voltammetry
Pages 608-614
Xiang-Qin Lin, Jian-Bo He and Zheng-Gen Zha
A fiber optic temperature sensor with an epoxy-glue membrane as a temperature indicator
Pages 615-620
Shiquan Tao and Ashwini Jayaprakash
A solid state actuator based on the PEDOT/NBR system
Pages 621-624
M.S. Cho, H.J. Seo, J.D. Nam, H.R Choi, J.C. Koo, K.G. Song and Y. Lee
A new generation of CN sensing silver chalcogenide-selective membranes for FIA application: I. Flow-injection detector for CN based on thin Ag2+δSe1−xTex electroplated membrane
Pages 625-631
Milka T. Neshkova, Elka M. Pancheva and Veselina Pashova
Electrochemical, microgravimetric and AFM studies of polythionine films: Application as new support for the immobilisation of nucleotides
Pages 632-641
V. Ferreira, A. Tenreiro and L.M. Abrantes
Temperature sensitivity of long-period gratings inscribed with a CO2 laser in optical fiber with graded-index cladding
Pages 642-650
Miroslav Chomát, Jiří Čtyroký, Daniela Berková, Vlastimil Matějec, Jiří Kaňka, Jana Skokánková, Filip Todorov, Alexandr Jančárek and Petr Bittner
Phase sensitive array detection with polarisation modulated differential sensing
Pages 651-655
I.R. Hooper, J.R. Sambles, M.C. Pitter and M.G. Somekh
Rapid quantitative detection of Yersinia pestis by lateral-flow immunoassay and up-converting phosphor technology-based biosensor
Pages 656-663
Zhongqiang Yan, Lei Zhou, Yongkai Zhao, Jing Wang, Lihua Huang, Kongxin Hu, Haihong Liu, Hong Wang, Zhaobiao Guo, Yajun Song et al.
Electrochemical detection of biological reactions using a novel nano-bio-chip array
Pages 664-672
Rachela Popovtzer, Tova Neufeld, Eliora z. Ron, Judith Rishpon and Yosi Shacham-Diamand
Application of spectral SPR imaging for the surface analysis of C-reactive protein binding
Pages 673-675
Jong Seol Yuk, Duk-Geun Hong, Hyo-Il Jung and Kwon-Soo Ha
Hydrothermal synthesis of highly crystalline ZnO nanoparticles: A competitive sensor for LPG and EtOH
Pages 676-682
Babita Baruwati, D. Kishore Kumar and Sunkara V. Manorama
Sensing of organic vapors by flame-made TiO2 nanoparticles
Pages 683-690
A. Teleki, S.E. Pratsinis, K. Kalyanasundaram and P.I. Gouma
MoO3-based sensor for NO, NO2 and CH4 detection
Pages 691-694
S. Barazzouk, R.P. Tandon and S. Hotchandani
Glucose-responsive vesicular sensor based on boronic acid–glucose recognition in the ARS/PBA/DBBTAB covesicles
Pages 695-700
Qiusheng Wang, Guangquan Li, Wenyi Xiao, Haixia Qi and Guowen Li
Highly sensitive optical fiber oxygen sensor using Pt(II) complex embedded in sol–gel matrices
Pages 701-707
Tai-Sheng Yeh, Chen-Shane Chu and Yu-Lung Lo





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