ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 127, 2



Date: 15 November 2007


A novel detection method for DNA point mutation using QCM based on Fe3O4/Au core/shell nanoparticle and DNA ligase reaction
Pages 311-316
Lan-Lan Pang, Ji-Shan Li, Jian-Hui Jiang, Yuan Le, Guo Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu


Electrochemical thiocholine inhibition sensor based on biocatalytic growth of Au nanoparticles using chitosan as template
Pages 317-322
Dan Du, Jiawang Ding, Jie Cai and Aidong Zhang


Humidity sensitive property of Li-doped mesoporous silica SBA-15
Pages 323-329
Wangchang Geng, Rui Wang, Xiaotian Li, Yongcun Zou, Tong Zhang, Jinchun Tu, Yuan He and Nan Li


In vitro binding of C-reactive protein on to chemically modified polymethyl methacrylate surfaces
Pages 330-334
K. Sreenivasan, Vidya Raj and P.R. Hari


Gold nanoparticle-based immunochromatographic assay for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus
Pages 335-340
Su-Hua Huang


A novel optical method providing for high-sensitivity and high-throughput biomolecular interaction analysis
Pages 341-349
Gregory D. VanWiggeren, Maggie A. Bynum, John P. Ertel, Stanley Jefferson, Karla M. Robotti, Evan P. Thrush, Douglas M. Baney and Kevin P. Killeen

High-sensitivity, large dynamic range, auto-calibration methane optical sensor using a short confocal Fabry–Perot cavity
Pages 350-357
Lei Dong, Wangbao Yin, Weiguang Ma, Lei Zhang and Suotang Jia


Development of an l-glutamate biosensor using the coimmobilization of l-glutamate dehydrogenase and p-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase on a Clark-type electrode
Pages 358-361
Yue Cui, John P. Barford and Reinhard Renneberg


Determination of paracetamol based on electropolymerized-molecularly imprinted polypyrrole modified pencil graphite electrode
Pages 362-369
Levent Özcan and Yücel Şahin


Physical behaviour of BaTiO3–CuO thin-film under carbon dioxide atmospheres
Pages 370-375
Jaime Herrán, Gemma García Mandayo and Enrique Castaño


Detection of airborne Bacillus anthracis spores by an integrated system of an air sampler and a cantilever immunosensor
Pages 376-382
Gossett A. Campbell, David deLesdernier and Raj Mutharasan


Use of an artificial neural network to model the quenching of a Ru.dpp:ormosil-based optrode to gaseous and dissolved oxygen
Pages 383-391
Raed Al-Jowder, Philip J.R. Roche and R. Narayanaswamy


Study of odor recorder based on preconcentrator with variable temperature
Pages 392-398
Pakpum Somboon, Bartosz Wyszynski and Takamichi Nakamoto


An alternate method of hierarchical classification for E-nose: Combined Fisher discriminant analysis and modified Sammon mapping
Pages 399-405
Shunping Zhang, Changsheng Xie, Chaoqun Fan, Qinyi Zhang and Qiong Zhan


Liquid-crystal based optical sensors for simultaneous detection of multiple glycine oligomers with micromolar concentrations
Pages 406-413
Xinyan Bi, Shisheng Huang, Deny Hartono and Kun-Lin Yang


Predicting spectral characteristics and reactivity of receptor molecules that perform reversible chemical reactions with analyte molecules
Pages 414-419
Gerhard J. Mohr, Beate Bussemer and Ulrich-W. Grummt


Simultaneous determination of dihydroxybenzene isomers at single-wall carbon nanotube electrode
Pages 420-425
Zhenhui Wang, Sujuan Li and Qianzhang Lv


Acetone and ethanol solid-state gas sensors based on TiO2 nanoparticles thin film deposited by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Pages 426-431
R. Rella, J. Spadavecchia, M.G. Manera, S. Capone, A. Taurino, M. Martino, A.P. Caricato and T. Tunno


SPCE-based sensors: Ultrafast oxygen sensing using surface plasmon-coupled emission from ruthenium probes
Pages 432-440
Derek S. Smith, Yordan Kostov and Govind Rao


Development of micro hydrogen gas sensor with SnO2–Ag2O–PtOx composite using MEMS process
Pages 441-446
Il Jin Kim, Sang Do Han, Chi Hwan Han, Jihye Gwak, Dae Ung Hong, Devender Jakhar, K.C. Singh and Jin Suk Wang


An ammonia gas sensor based on non-catalytically synthesized carbon nanotubes on an anodic aluminum oxide template
Pages 447-454
Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Quy, Yousuk Cho and Dojin Kim


In2O3 and Pt-In2O3 nanopowders for low temperature oxygen sensors
Pages 455-462
G. Neri, A. Bonavita, G. Micali, G. Rizzo, N. Pinna and M. Niederberger


Water-resistant humidity sensors based on sulfonated polyimides
Pages 463-470
Masahiro Ueda, Kazumasa Nakamura, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Hidetoshi Kita and Ken-ichi Okamoto


An active core fiber optic sensor for detecting trace H2S at high temperature using a cadmium oxide doped porous silica optical fiber as a transducer
Pages 471-479
T.V.S. Sarma and Shiquan Tao


Structural properties and sensing characteristics of Y2O3 sensing membrane for pH-ISFET
Pages 480-485
Tung-Ming Pan and Kao-Ming Liao


A composite ISFET readout circuit employing current feedback
Pages 486-490
Bhusana Premanode, Nawat Silawan, Wai Pan Chan and Chris Toumazou


Improvement of capability for classifying odors in dynamically changing concentration using QCM sensor array and short-time Fourier transform
Pages 491-496
N. Nimsuk and T. Nakamoto

Construction of an anion-selective electrode: Dichromate-selective electrode
Pages 497-504
H. Elif Kormalı Ertürün, Mustafa Yılmaz and Esma Kılıç


Fabrication of interfaces between carbon nanotubes and catalytic palladium using dielectrophoresis and its application to hydrogen gas sensor
Pages 505-511
Junya Suehiro, Shin-Ichiro Hidaka, Shinji Yamane and Kiminobu Imasaka


Influence of solvents on chiral discriminative gate effect of molecularly imprinted poly(ethylene glycol dimethacrylate-co-methacrylic acid)
Pages 512-517
Shinichi Sekine, Yuta Watanabe, Yasuo Yoshimi, Koji Hattori and Kiyotaka Sakai


Low-cost relative humidity sensor based on thermoplastic polyimide-coated fiber Bragg grating
Pages 518-524
X.F. Huang, D.R. Sheng, K.F. Cen and H. Zhou


Sensitive detection of antibody against antigen F1 of Yersinia pestis by an antigen sandwich method using a portable fiber optic biosensor
Pages 525-530
Hua Wei, Zhaobiao Guo, Ziwen Zhu, Yafang Tan, Zongmin Du and Ruifu Yang


Amperometric detection of triazophos pesticide using acetylcholinesterase biosensor based on multiwall carbon nanotube–chitosan matrix
Pages 531-535
Dan Du, Xi Huang, Jie Cai and Aidong Zhang


Effect of short chain alkane diluents on the label free electrochemical DNA hybridization discrimination at the HS-ssDNA/diluent binary mixed monolayer in presence of cationic intercalators
Pages 536-544

V. Dharuman and Jong Hoon Hahn


All-solid-state chloride sensors based on electronically conducting, semiconducting and insulating polymer membranes
Pages 545-553
Pia Sjöberg-Eerola, Johan Bobacka, Andrzej Lewenstam and Ari Ivaska


Improvement of recovery time of nanostructured tin dioxide-based thick film gas sensors through surface modification
Pages 554-558
S. Chakraborty, I. Mandal, I. Ray, S. Majumdar, A. Sen and H.S. Maiti


Detection of Bacillus anthracis spores in liquid using phage-based magnetoelastic micro-resonators
Pages 559-566
Jiehui Wan, Michael L. Johnson, Rajesh Guntupalli, Valery A. Petrenko and Bryan A. Chin


Thick film titania sensors for detecting traces of oxygen
Pages 567-579
E. Sotter, X. Vilanova, E. Llobet, A. Vasiliev and X. Correig


Humidity sensing; using polyaniline/Mn3O4 composite doped with organic/inorganic acids
Pages 580-585
M.L. Singla, Sajeela Awasthi and Alok Srivastava


Potassium disposable optical sensor based on transflectance and cromaticity measurements
Pages 586-592
I. de Orbe-Payá, M.M. Erenas and L.F. Capitán-Vallvey


l-Carnitine capped quantum dots as luminescent probes for cadmium ions
Pages 593-597
Haibing Li, Yan Zhang and Xiaoqiong Wang


Efficient, specific, compact hepatitis B diagnostic device: Optical detection of the hepatitis B virus by isothermal amplification
Pages 598-605
Szu-Yuan Lee, Chun-Nan Lee, Holl Mark, Deirdre R. Meldrum and Chii-Wann Lin


Development of a potentiometric biosensor based on nanostructured surface for lactate determination
Pages 606-612
A. Lupu, A. Valsesia, F. Bretagnol, P. Colpo and F. Rossi


Simultaneous estimation of soot and diesel contamination in engine oil using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Pages 613-618
Christian Ulrich, Henrik Petersson, Hans Sundgren, Fredrik Björefors and Christina Krantz-Rülcker


Humidity sensing characteristics of sol–gel derived Sr(II)-added ZnAl2O4 composites
Pages 619-624
J. Judith Vijaya, L. John Kennedy, A. Meenakshisundaram, G. Sekaran and K.S. Nagaraja


Fluctuations of the number of particles and mass adsorbed on the sensor surface surrounded by a mixture of an arbitrary number of gases
Pages 625-631
Zoran Djurić, Ivana Jokić, Miloš Frantlović and Olga Jakšić


Potentialities of pH-electrode modified with alkaline phosphatase
Pages 632-636
Beata Rozum, Robert Koncki and Łukasz Tymecki


MEMS-based microelectrode system incorporating carbon nanotubes for ionization gas sensing
Pages 637-648
Zhongyu Hou, Hai Liu, Xing Wei, Jiahao Wu, Weimin Zhou, Yafei Zhang, Dong Xu and Bingchu Cai


Optimization of a bacterial bioluminescent biosensor through experimental design
Pages 649-657
Habib Horry, Armand Maul and Gérald Thouand






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