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Date: 12 December 2007


Letter to the Editor

Magnetoresistive biosensors based on active guiding of magnetic particles towards the sensing zone
Pages 1-4
Roel Wirix-Speetjens, Gunter Reekmans, Randy De Palma, Chengxun Liu, Wim Laureyn and Gustaaf Borghs

 General Section

A porous membrane-based culture substrate for localized in situ electroporation of adherent mammalian cells
Pages 5-11
Takeshi Ishibashi, Kimiyasu Takoh, Hirokazu Kaji, Takashi Abe and Matsuhiko Nishizawa


Effect of oligomer length on the buckling of long and high aspect ratio microwalls UV embossed from oligomer/monomer mixtures
Pages 12-22
Wen Xiu Zhou and Mary B. Chan-Park


Screen-printed immunosensor for quantification of human serum IgG antibodies to Helicobacter pylori
Pages 23-30
Germán A. Messina, Irma E. De Vito and Julio Raba


Self-assembled monolayers of thio-substituted nucleobases on gold electrode for the electroanalysis of NADH, ethanol and uric acid
Pages 31-38
S. Behera and C. Retna Raj


Monitoring of choline level in diabetic rat's brain during post-opioids administration by multienzyme sensors
Pages 39-45
Farook Ahmad, Ahmad Pauzi Mohd Yusof, Martina Bainbridge, M.D. Hasan Zahir and Sulaiman Ab Ghani


Photonic bandgap fiber for refractive index measurement
Pages 46-50
J. Sun and C.C. Chan

The nature of processes controlling the kinetics of indium oxide-based thin film gas sensor response
Pages 51-63
Ghenadii Korotcenkov, Vladimir Brinzari, Joseph R. Stetter, Iuri Blinov and Valeriu Blaja


Spiral microchannels on a CD for DNA hybridizations
Pages 64-69
Xing Yue (Larry) Peng, Paul C.H. Li, Hua-Zhong Yu, M. Parameswaran (Ash) and Wa Lok (Jacky) Chou


High ionic conductivity and mechanical strength of solid polymer electrolytes based on NBR/ionic liquid and its application to an electrochemical actuator
Pages 70-74
Misuk Cho, Hyunjoo Seo, Jedo Nam, Hyoukryeol Choi, Jachoon Koo and Youngkwan Lee


Processing of kinetic microarray signals
Pages 75-82
Thomas Braun, François Huber, Murali Krishna Ghatkesar, Natalija Backmann, Hans Peter Lang, Christoph Gerber and Martin Hegner


Catalytic capability of poly(malachite green) films based electrochemical sensor for oxidation of dopamine
Pages 83-90
Xiaoxia Wang, Nianjun Yang, Qijin Wan and Xing Wang


Detection of organophosphorous nerve agents using liquid crystals supported on chemically functionalized surfaces
Pages 91-98
Katie D. Cadwell, Nathan A. Lockwood, Barbara A. Nellis, Mahriah E. Alf, Colin R. Willis and Nicholas L. Abbott


A label-free, microfluidics and interdigitated array microelectrode-based impedance biosensor in combination with nanoparticles immunoseparation for detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in food samples
Pages 99-107
Madhukar Varshney, Yanbin Li, Balaji Srinivasan and Steve Tung


Microfluidic biomechanical device for compressive cell stimulation and lysis
Pages 108-116
Yu Chang Kim, Joo H. Kang, Sang-Jin Park, Eui-Soo Yoon and Je-Kyun Park


Development of a potentiometric mefenamate ion sensor for the determination of mefenamic acid in pharmaceuticals and human blood serum
Pages 117-123
A.O. Santini, H.R. Pezza and L. Pezza


Characterisation and humidity-sensing properties of aluminium (oxy)-hydroxide films prepared by cathodically induced precipitation
Pages 124-132
Roger J. Mortimer and Russell J. Mayes


Optical pH sensing using spectral analysis
Pages 133-137
M. Fritzsche, C.G. Barreiro, B. Hitzmann and T. Scheper


Response time enhancement of pH sensing films by means of hydrophilic nanostructured coatings
Pages 138-144
C.R. Zamarreño, J. Bravo, J. Goicoechea, I.R. Matias and F.J. Arregui


Optical CO2-sensing layers for clinical application based on pH-sensitive indicators incorporated into nanoscopic metal-oxide supports
Pages 145-153
J.F. Fernández-Sánchez, R. Cannas, S. Spichiger, R. Steiger and U.E. Spichiger-Keller


Microanalysis of clouding process at the single droplet level
Pages 154-160
Paul Luchette, Nebiyu Abiy and Hanbin Mao


A wireless magnetoelastic biosensor for rapid detection of glucose concentrations in urine samples
Pages 161-167
Xianjuan Gao, Wenyue Yang, Pengfei Pang, Songtao Liao, Qingyun Cai, Kefeng Zeng and Craig A. Grimes


Direct patterning of quantum dots on structured PDMS surface
Pages 168-172
Dhananjay Bodas and Chantal Khan-Malek


Influence of annealing on microstructure and NO2-sensing properties of sputtered WO3 thin films
Pages 173-178
Zhifu Liu, Toshinai Yamazaki, Yanbai Shen, Toshio Kikuta and Noriyuki Nakatani


Needle-type dissolved oxygen microelectrode array sensors for in situ measurements
Pages 179-185
Jin-Hwan Lee, Tae-Sun Lim, Youngwoo Seo, Paul L. Bishop and Ian Papautsky


Studies on gas sensing performance of CuO-modified CdIn2O4 thick film resistors
Pages 186-192
M.D. Mahanubhav and L.A. Patil


A fuel-cell-type sensor for detection of formaldehyde in aqueous solution
Pages 193-198
Wei Sun, Gongquan Sun, Bing Qin and Qin Xin


Rapid analyte concentration estimation from slowly equilibrating sensors
Pages 199-207
Wang Lin and Gary L. Foutch


Advanced CMOS process for floating gate field-effect transistors in bioelectronic applications
Pages 208-217
Sven Meyburg, Regina Stockmann, Jürgen Moers, Andreas Offenhäusser and Sven Ingebrandt


Rapid multi-reagents exchange TIRFM microfluidic system for single biomolecular imaging
Pages 218-225
Takahiro Arakawa, Tomoya Sameshima, Yukiko Sato, Taro Ueno, Yoshitaka Shirasaki, Takashi Funatsu and Shuichi Shoji


Modeling and simulation of single nanobelt SnO2 gas sensors with FET structure
Pages 226-234
P. Andrei, L.L. Fields, J.P. Zheng, Y. Cheng and P. Xiong


Building of a metal oxide gas sensor-based electronic nose to assess the freshness of sardines under cold storage
Pages 235-244
N. El Barbri, A. Amari, M. Vinaixa, B. Bouchikhi, X. Correig and E. Llobet


Influence of oxygen content on the structural and sensing characteristics of Y2O3 sensing membrane for pH-ISFET
Pages 245-251
Tung-Ming Pan and Kao-Ming Liao


Topographical guidance of mouse neuronal cell on SiO2 microtracks
Pages 252-257
Jin Woo Lee, Kyong Soo Lee, Nana Cho, Byeong Kwon Ju, Kyu Back Lee and Sang Ho Lee


Preparation of glassy carbon electrode modified by hydrophobic gold nanoparticles and its application for the determination of ethamsylate in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
Pages 258-265
Gong-Jun Yang, Xi-Long Qu, Ming Shen, Cheng-Yin Wang, Qi-Shu Qu and Xiao-Ya Hu


Preparation and characteristics of Pt/ACC catalyst for thermoelectric thin film hydrogen sensor
Pages 266-272
Jiansong Zhang, Weiling Luan, Hu Huang, Yunshi Qi and Shan-Tung Tu


Development of biosorption-based algal biosensor for Cu(II) using Tetraselmis chuii
Pages 273-278
Sibel Kılınç Alpat, Şenol Alpat, Banu Kutlu, Özge Özbayrak and H. Baha Büyükışık


l-Cysteine determination in pharmaceutical formulations using a biosensor based on laccase from Aspergillus oryzae
Pages 279-285
Murilo Santhiago and Iolanda Cruz Vieira


Preparation of nanofibrous polyaniline films and their application as ammonia gas sensor
Pages 286-292
D.S. Sutar, N. Padma, D.K. Aswal, S.K. Deshpande, S.K. Gupta and J.V. Yakhmi


Gas-sensing properties of hollow and hierarchical copper oxide microspheres
Pages 293-298
Yang Zhang, Xiuli He, Jianping Li, Huigang Zhang and Xiaoguang Gao


Evaluation of hydrogenated physically small carbon electrodes in resisting fouling during voltammetric detection of dopamine
Pages 299-305
Subbiah Alwarappan, K. Scott A. Butcher and Danny K.Y. Wong


Microstructure-dependent humidity sensitivity of porous MgFe2O4–CeO2 ceramic
Pages 306-311
Jyoti Shah, R.K. Kotnala, Bhikham Singh and Hari Kishan


Cr-inserted TiO2 thin films for chemical gas sensors
Pages 312-319
Ivano Alessandri, Elisabetta Comini, Elza Bontempi, Guido Faglia, Laura E. Depero and Giorgio Sberveglieri


Synthesis of Pd or Pt/titanate nanotube and its application to catalytic type hydrogen gas sensor
Pages 320-325
Chi-Hwan Han, Dae-Woong Hong, Il-Jin Kim, Jihye Gwak, Sang-Do Han and Krishan C. Singh


The electrochemical detection of ammonia in drinking water based on multi-walled carbon nanotube/copper nanoparticle composite paste electrodes
Pages 326-333
Federica Valentini, Vanessa Biagiotti, Cecilia Lete, Giuseppe Palleschi and Joseph Wang

UTAS Section

Toward orientation-independent design for gas recombination in closed-loop electroosmotic pumps
Pages 334-339
Che-Wei Lin, Shuhuai Yao, Jonathan D. Posner, Alan M. Myers and Juan G. Santiago


Micromixing crowded biological agents by folding slugs through pillars
Pages 340-348
Kum Cheong Tang, Rachmat Multi Wibowo, Dhanjoo N. Ghista and Levent Yobas






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