ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 145, 1



Date: 19 March 2010


1. Editorial Board
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General Section
2. Biosensing improvement of horseradish peroxidase towards hydrogen peroxide upon modifying the accessible lysines
Pages 607-612
Mostafa Shourian, Hedayatollah Ghourchian
3. Detection of low levels of Escherichia coli in fresh spinach by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy with a TMB-based enzymatic signal enhancement method
Pages 613-619
Matthew J. Linman, Kenneth Sugerman, Quan Cheng
4. Theory of solids/gas mixtures multi-interfaces: Application to the steady state interactions between a sensor array based on metal oxide semiconductor detectors and a mixture of vapours
Pages 620-627
Abdelaziz Abbas, Ahcène Bouabdellah
5. Two-dimensional correlation analysis of the effect of temperature on the fingerprint of wines analysed by mass spectrometry electronic nose
Pages 628-634
Daniel Cozzolino, Wies Cynkar, Robert Dambergs, Paul Smith
6. Electro-active artificial muscle based on irradiation-crosslinked sulfonated poly(styrene-ran-ethylene)
Pages 635-642
Xuan-Lun Wang, Il-Kwon Oh, Liang Xu
7. Simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid using polystyrene sulfonate wrapped multiwalled carbon nanotubes bound to graphite electrode through layer-by-layer technique
Pages 643-650
Revanasiddappa Manjunatha, Gurukar Shivappa Suresh, Jose Savio Melo, Stanislaus F. D'Souza, Thimmappa Venkatarangaiah Venkatesha
8. Nearly monodisperse hollow Fe2O3 nanoovals: Synthesis, magnetic property and applications in photocatalysis and gas sensors
Pages 651-656
Junyu Zhong, Chuanbao Cao
9. Influences of cooling rate on gas sensitive tin oxide thin films and a model of gradient distributed oxygen vacancies in SnO2 crystallites
Pages 657-666
Jianqiao Liu, Shuping Gong, Lin Quan, Zhaojie Deng, Huan Liu, Dongxiang Zhou
10. Highly sensitive and selective butanone sensors based on cerium-doped SnO2 thin films
Pages 667-673
Zhongwei Jiang, Zheng Guo, Bai Sun, Yong Jia, Minqiang Li, Jinhuai Liu
11. Electrospun PVP fibers and gas sensing properties of PVP/36° YX LiTaO3 SAW device
Pages 674-679
Xiuli He, R. Arsat, A.Z. Sadek, W. Wlodarski, K. Kalantar-zadeh, Jianping Li
12. Stability and water-resistance of humidity sensors using crosslinked and quaternized polyelectrolytes films
Pages 680-684
Aihua Sun, Yongye Wang, Yong Li
13. α-Iron oxide: An intrinsically semiconducting oxide material for direct thermoelectric oxygen sensors
Pages 685-690
Frank Rettig, Ralf Moos
14. Preparation and characterization of gasochromic Pt/WO3 hydrogen sensor by using the Taguchi design method
Pages 691-697
Chih-Chieh Chan, Wen-Chia Hsu, Chung-Chieh Chang, Chao-Sheng Hsu
15. Improved anti-stiction coating of SU-8 molds
Pages 698-701
Jacob Moresco, Casper H. Clausen, Winnie Svendsen
16. Hg(II) sensing based on functionalized carbon dots obtained by direct laser ablation
Pages 702-707
Helena Gonçalves, Pedro A.S. Jorge, J.R.A. Fernandes, Joaquim C.G. Esteves da Silva
17. Alumina substrate-supported electrochemical device for potential application as a diesel particulate matter sensor
Pages 708-712
Yanbai Shen, Takashi Takeuchi, Shinya Teranishi, Takashi Hibino
18. Simple and highly sensitive detection of hepatotoxin microcystin-LR via colorimetric variation based on polydiacetylene vesicles
Pages 713-719
Yuetong Xia, Jieli Deng, Long Jiang
19. Evaluation of potentiometric oxygen sensors based on stabilized zirconia for molten 44.5% lead–55.5% bismuth alloy
Pages 720-725
S. Colominas, J. Abellà
20. Chelating electrodes as taste sensor for the trace assessment of metal ions
Pages 726-733
Jorge Yánez Heras, Silvio D. Rodriguez, R. Martín Negri, Fernando Battaglini
21. Characterization and application of a chlorine microelectrode for measuring monochloramine within a biofilm
Pages 734-742
Woo Hyoung Lee, Jonathan G. Pressman, David G. Wahman, Paul L. Bishop
22. Electrochemical investigations of diclofenac at edge plane pyrolytic graphite electrode and its determination in human urine
Pages 743-748
Rajendra N. Goyal, Sanghamitra Chatterjee, Bharati Agrawal
23. Electroanalytical application of graphite nanofibers paste electrode
Pages 749-755
Yanhui Wu, Xuyan Mao, Xiujun Cui, Liande Zhu
24. Integrating nitrogen oxide sensor: A novel concept for measuring low concentrations in the exhaust gas
Pages 756-761
A. Geupel, D. Schönauer, U. Röder-Roith, D.J. Kubinski, S. Mulla, T.H. Ballinger, H.-Y. Chen, J.H. Visser, R. Moos
25. Fabrication of nano-copper/carbon nanotubes/chitosan film by one-step electrodeposition and its sensitive determination of nitrite
Pages 762-768
Shanli Yang, Xiaoying Liu, Xiandong Zeng, Binyuan Xia, Junping Gu, Shenglian Luo, Nannan Mai, Wanzhi Wei
26. Optical and physical characterization of a local evanescent array coupled biosensor: Use of evanescent field perturbations for multianalyte sensing
Pages 769-774
Matthew D. Stephens, Guangwei Yuan, Kevin L. Lear, David S. Dandy
27. Electrochemical property and actuation mechanism of an actuator using three different electrode and same electrolyte in air: Carbon nanotube/ionic liquid/polymer gel electrode, carbon nanotube/ionic liquid gel electrode and Au paste as an electrode
Pages 775-780
Naohiro Terasawa, Ichiroh Takeuchi
28. A fiber-optic hydrogen gas sensor with low propagation loss
Pages 781-787
T. Watanabe, S. Okazaki, H. Nakagawa, K. Murata, K. Fukuda
29. Tin oxide thin films prepared by aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition and the characteristics on gas detection
Pages 788-793
Jun Zhao, Shuxi Wu, Jianqiao Liu, Huan Liu, Shuping Gong, Dongxiang Zhou
30. Assembly of hybrid silver–titania thin films for gas sensors
Pages 794-799
A. Serra, M. Re, M. Palmisano, M. Vittori Antisari, E. Filippo, A. Buccolieri, D. Manno
31. Laccase–MWCNT–chitosan biosensor—A new tool for total polyphenolic content evaluation from in vitro cultivated plants
Pages 800-806
Mirela Diaconu, Simona Carmen Litescu, Gabriel Lucian Radu
32. Hydrogel based sensor arrays (2 × 2) with perforated piezoresistive diaphragms for metabolic monitoring (in vitro)
Pages 807-816
M.P. Orthner, G. Lin, M. Avula, S. Buetefisch, J. Magda, L.W. Rieth, F. Solzbacher
33. Dual amplification strategy for the fabrication of highly sensitive amperometric immunosensor based on nanocomposite functionalized interface
Pages 817-825
Zhongju Song, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Jinfen Wang, Xin Che
34. Binaphthyl-derived salicylidene Schiff base for dual-channel sensing of Cu, Zn cations and integrated molecular logic gates
Pages 826-831
Shichao Wang, Guangwen Men, Liyan Zhao, Qiufei Hou, Shimei Jiang
35. Surface Plasmon Resonance of SnO2/Au Bi-layer Films for Gas Sensing Applications
Pages 832-838
Dongfang Yang, Hui-Hsin Lu, Bo Chen, Chii-Wann Lin
36. Monolithic polyaniline/polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite actuators with tunable stimuli-responsive properties
Pages 839-846
Hainan Gao, Junhu Zhang, Weili Yu, Yunfeng Li, Shoujun Zhu, Yang Li, Tieqiang Wang, Bai Yang
37. Sensing characterization to NH3 of nanocrystalline Sb-doped SnO2 synthesized by a nonaqueous sol–gel route
Pages 847-853
Yude Wang, Qiuying Mu, Guofeng Wang, Zhenlai Zhou
Micro TAS Section
38. An integrated cell counting and continuous cell lysis device using an optically induced electric field
Pages 854-860
Yen-Heng Lin, Gwo-Bin Lee
39. Plasma extraction in a capillary-driven microfluidic device using surfactant-added poly(dimethylsiloxane)
Pages 861-868
Yu Chang Kim, Seung-Hoon Kim, Duckjong Kim, Sang-Jin Park, Je-Kyun Park
Short Communications
40. A fast and sensitive potentiometric glucose microsensor based on glucose oxidase coated ZnO nanowires grown on a thin silver wire
Pages 869-874
Syed M. Usman Ali, O. Nur, M. Willander, B. Danielsson
41. Facile synthesis of highly ethanol-sensitive SnO2 nanosheets using homogeneous precipitation method
Pages 875-878
Ming-Hui Xu, Feng-Shi Cai, Jing Yin, Zhi-Hao Yuan, Li-Jian Bie



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