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Eurosensors XXIV, 2010


Date: 31 July 2012




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Page CO2






Multiple-frequency impedance measurements in continuous flow for automated evaluation of yeast cell lysis

Pages 2-6
G. Mernier, W. Hasenkamp, N. Piacentini, P. Renaud



Evaluation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation using piezoelectric tuning fork mass sensors

Pages 7-12
K. Waszczuk, G. Gula, M. Swiatkowski, J. Olszewski, W. Herwich, Z. Drulis-Kawa, J. Gutowicz, T. Gotszalk



Finite-element analysis of a miniaturized ion mobility spectrometer for security applications

Pages 13-20
Raquel Cumeras, Isabel Grŕcia, Eduard Figueras, Luis Fonseca, Joaquin Santander, Marc Salleras, Carlos Calaza, Neus Sabaté, Carles Cané



Merging ethylene NDIR gas sensors with preconcentrator-devices for sensitivity enhancement

Pages 21-27
Adam Sklorz, Anika Schafer, Walter Lang



Using the micro-array electrode chip and AC signals to generate the electric field effect on cell migration

Pages 28-33
Chia-Hsien Yeh, Po-Yu To, Tai-Hsin Hsu, Yu-Cheng Lin



Development and characterisation of a compact light-addressable potentiometric sensor (LAPS) based on the digital light processing (DLP) technology for flexible chemical imaging

Pages 34-39
Torsten Wagner, Carl Frederik Werner, Ko-ichiro Miyamoto, Michael J. Schöning, Tatsuo Yoshinobu



Automotive suitability of air quality gas sensors

Pages 40-44
Thomas Tille



Microfluidic gas sensor with integrated pumping system

Pages 45-50
V. Martini, S. Bernardini, M. Bendahan, K. Aguir, P. Perrier, I. Graur



Selectivity problem of SnO2 based materials in the presence of water vapors

Pages 51-59
R.G. Pavelko, A.A. Vasiliev, E. Llobet, V.G. Sevastyanov, N.T. Kuznetsov



Realisation of a calorimetric gas sensor on polyimide foil for applications in aseptic food industry

Pages 60-66
Patrick Kirchner, Jan Oberländer, Peter Friedrich, Jörg Berger, Gunnar Rysstad, Michael Keusgen, Michael J. Schöning



Detection of O3 and NH3 using hybrid tin dioxide/carbon nanotubes sensors: Influence of materials and processing on sensor's sensitivity

Pages 67-74
B. Ghaddab, J.B. Sanchez, C. Mavon, M. Paillet, R. Parret, A.A. Zahab, J.-L. Bantignies, V. Flaud, E. Beche, F. Berger



Surface bound adsorption in a microfluidic T-sensor: Numerical comparison and optimization of 2D and 3D models and of sensor designs

Pages 75-81
R.M. Winz, W. Wiechert, E. von Lieres



Miniaturized chemical imaging sensor system using an OLED display panel

Pages 82-87
Ko-ichiro Miyamoto, Kazumi Kaneko, Akira Matsuo, Torsten Wagner, Shin’ichiro Kanoh, Michael J. Schöning, Tatsuo Yoshinobu



Effect of the cathode/anode ratio and the choice of cathode catalyst on the performance of microbial fuel cell transducers for the determination of microbial activity

Pages 88-94
Naroa Uría, David Sánchez, Roser Mas, Olga Sánchez, Francesc Xavier Muńoz, Jordi Mas



Optimization of the lateral field excited platform for liquid sensing applications

Pages 95-103
J. Fochtmann, C. Peters, R. Fernandez, R. Lucklum, D. McCann, J. Vetelino, A. Arnau



Real-time detection of formaldehyde by a sensor

Pages 104-108
M.N. Descamps, T. Bordy, J. Hue, S. Mariano, G. Nonglaton, E. Schultz, T.H. Tran-Thi, S. Vignoud-Despond



Sensor for detection of water presence in gaseous mixtures based on gold nanoparticles stabilized by sodium citrate

Pages 109-114
I. Kruglenko, Yu. Shirshov, J. Burlachenko, A. Savchenko, O. Kukla, O. Belyaev



Unconventional uses of microcantilevers as chemical sensors in gas and liquid media

Pages 115-121
I. Dufour, F. Josse, S.M. Heinrich, C. Lucat, C. Ayela, F. Ménil, O. Brand



Love wave biosensor for real-time detection of okadaic acid as DSP phycotoxin

Pages 122-128
F. Fournel, E. Baco, M. Mamani-Matsuda, M. Degueil, B. Bennetau, D. Moynet, D. Mossalayi, L. Vellutini, J.-P. Pillot, C. Dejous, D. Rebičre



PHEMA functionalization of gold nanoparticles for vapor sensing: Chemi-resistance, chemi-capacitance and chemi-impedance

Pages 129-136
Jun Tang, E. Skotadis, S. Stathopoulos, V. Roussi, V. Tsouti, D. Tsoukalas



Field effect transistor based on ions as charge carriers

Pages 137-142
J. Matovic, N. Adamovic, F. Radovanovic, Z. Jakšić, U. Schmid



Measuring CO2 concentration with a Fabry–Perot based bolometer using a glass plate as simple infrared filter

Pages 143-147
J. Mayrwöger, W. Reichl, C. Krutzler, B. Jakoby



On the origin of sensing properties of the nanostructured layers of semiconducting metal oxide materials

Pages 148-157
N.P. Zaretskiy, L.I. Menshikov, A.A. Vasiliev



Silicon nanowires based resistors as gas sensors

Pages 158-162
F. Demami, L. Ni, R. Rogel, A.C. Salaun, L. Pichon



Carbon nanotubes modified with porphyrin units for gaseous phase chemical sensing

Pages 163-171
L. Lvova, M. Mastroianni, G. Pomarico, M. Santonico, G. Pennazza, C. Di Natale, R. Paolesse, A. D’Amico



A novel method for simultaneous readout of static bending and multimode resonance-frequency of microcantilever-based biochemical sensors

Pages 172-175
Konrad Nieradka, Teodor Paweł Gotszalk, Grzegorz Schroeder



Low power hydrogen sensors using electrodeposited PdNi–Si Schottky diodes

Pages 176-181
A.R. Usgaocar, C.H. de Groot, Cédric Boulart, Alain Castillo, Valérie Chavagnac



An integrated platform for in vitro single-site cell electroporation: Controlled delivery and electrodes functionalization

Pages 182-188
L. Odorizzi, C. Ress, C. Collini, E. Morganti, L. Lorenzelli, N. Coppedč, A.B. Alabi, S. Iannotta, E. Cazzanelli, L. Vidalino, P. Macchi



Tunable mid-infrared lasers in physical chemosensors towards the detection of physiologically relevant parameters in biofluids

Pages 189-195
Markus Brandstetter, Bernhard Lendl



Artificial receptor layers for detecting chemical and biological agent mimics

Pages 196-200
Anna Findeisen, Judith Wackerlig, Renata Samardzic, Janne Pitkänen, Osmo Anttalainen, Franz L. Dickert, Peter A. Lieberzeit



The spring constant calibration of the piezoresistive cantilever based biosensor

Pages 201-206
G. Jóźwiak, D. Kopiec, P. Zawierucha, T. Gotszalk, P. Janus, P. Grabiec, I.W. Rangelow



Continuous cell from cell separation by traveling wave dielectrophoresis

Pages 207-214
Sander van den Driesche, Vivek Rao, Dietmar Puchberger-Enengl, Wojciech Witarski, Michael J. Vellekoop







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