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During 2006 we published information about many new products from different manufacturers. Here's our selection of those that we found the most interesting from innovation point of view. You'll find a brief description of the product. If your interesting in more detailed description please check out the online version of this article (click a product photo), which provides links to the vendors mentioned.



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Top Sensors Related Products of 2006

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Fiber optic temperature sensor


Opsens, Canada. Opsens’ fiber optic temperature sensor is designed to perform in stringent medical environments, offering high accuracy and resolution 0.01°C in the fiber optic temperature sensing industry. Using the temperature-dependant birefringence of selected monocrystalline material, the sensor can now accommodate easily to different sizes and accuracy levels. Furthermore, the sensor shows no thermal creeping or aging ...


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Magnetic rotary encoder IC


Austriamicrosystems is providing its AS5040 small size 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC to encoder specialist Megatron Elektronik AG & Co. The AS5040 will be included in a broad range of the Megatron’s next-generation contactless rotary encoder products. The innovative AS5040 magnetic rotary encoder IC is a true system-on-chip (SoC) integrating field sensing Hall elements, analog front-end and digital signal processing. The rotary position is contactlessly sensed by a small rotating magnet that is placed above the device. The AS5040 can detect 1,024 absolute positions in a full turn, which corresponds to a resolution of 0.35 degrees ...


MLX16305 interlock-switch sensor interface IC


Melexis presented its MLX16305 interlock-switch sensor interface IC. The MLX16305 allows fail safe monitoring of current modulated sensors, typically remote interlock switches with diagnostics requirements. Interlock switches currently are in use at high volume both in Europe and in the US with resistive as well as 2-wire Hall effect switches for seat belt buckle presence detection ...


Position sensor


MTS. Building on its next-generation Temposonics® design platform, MTS Sensors introduces the new R-Series Synchronous Serial encoder (SSI) Interface position sensor. The latest development in magnetostrictive position sensing combines design and manufacturing enhancements resulting in the world’s fastest and most accurate magnetostrictive position sensor. The R-Series SSI output sensor includes options for synchronized 7500 kHz update rates and position accuracy as low as +/-20 microns (+/-0.0008 inch.) ...


Fiber Optic Rotary Encoder


Micronor’s new MR314 ZapFree High Resolution Fiber Optic Rotary Encoder is optimized for large drive applications requiring EMI immunity, high resolution (1024ppr), and convenience of a hollow shaft package. The ZapFREE encoder’s totally passive design outperforms conventional optical or magnetic rotary encoders: wider temperature operation (-60°C/+150°C), outdistances copper encoder links (up to 1000 meters), immune to lightning/high-voltage static/plasma fields, radiation resistant plus intrinsically safe and ATEX compliant. Used with the MR310 Remote Encoder Interface Module, features include quadrature outputs, quadrature multiplier/divider, 24-bit absolute multiturn encoder emulation mode, two programmable analog outputs (4-20mA and +/-10V) plus RS232/RS422 serial interface ...




Microbridge Technologies Corp. announced the availability of standard-product Rejustors in SOIC8 packages. The Microbridge Requestor is the world's first electrically-programmable resistor used to solve analog compensation problems in the analog domain. Rejustors are analog resistors, user-programmed to a fixed resistance with high precision and stability. These units can be adjusted hundreds of times and always maintain the last adjusted state even when placed in storage for extended periods. After trimming, these passive devices require no power to hold their value ...


7264D Accelerometer


Endevco Corporation, announced the introduction of its new 7264D High Resonance Crash Accelerometer, building on the company's reputation as the industry standard in piezoresistive accelerometers for automotive safety testing applications including vehicle barrier and sled testing and anthropomorphic test dummies. The 7264D is based on the highly regarded 7264B and C series of transducers and provides an extended "flat" frequency range and resonant frequency of over 40,000Hz. This enhanced performance is proving invaluable to the increasing challenges faced by crash test engineers ...


Encoder device iC-MG


The new encoder device iC-MG from iC-Haus GmbH is a fast sine-to-digital converter which translates optical or magnetic sine/cosine sensor signals into encoder quadrature signals. Programmable up to a factor of 50, this real-time interpolator supplements signal conditioning at both the input and output ends of the component, making it a world premiere in this respect. A sensor regulator stabilizes the input signals to be interpolated; integrated, differential RS422 output drivers make the chip line compatible and error tolerant. Short circuits or a falsely connected supply voltage do not destroy the device ...


TEDS kit


The Modal Shop introduced the new Model 400B76 TEDS Sensor Interface Kit. The 400B76 offers the capability to communicate with TEDS sensors over a USB port of a Windows PC. With an intuitive graphical interface to the data in a TEDS sensor, the 400B76 reads TEDS from, and writes TEDS to, sensors with a single mouse click. Model 400B76 supports more TEDS templates than any other available TEDS sensor interface kit ...


Radar sensing device

Cambridge Consultants launches prism 200, a compact 'through-wall' radar sensing device which gives security forces a means of reducing the enormous risks involved in tactical entry, and siege or hostage situations. The product, which is the size of a briefcase and can be carried and used with one hand, employs sophisticated software to evaluate the position and movement of people in rooms and buildings. The product is highly valuable in a number of situations where it would be otherwise impossible to gain such intelligence. Capable of working to distances of up to 20 metres, it provides users such as police and special forces with answers to two key questions which guide their choice of tactics: "Is anyone behind this wall?", and, "What is the pattern of activity inside this building?" ...




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