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Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 1, October 2000


1. European Temperature Sensors Market.

2. Microcontroller's Enhance for Sensing Application.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 2, November 2000

Zotov V.D., Z-Sensors.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 3, December 2000


1. One-Electrode Semiconductor (OESS) Sensing Element and Sensors on its Basis.

2. Yu.N. Lychkovsky and G.F. Karkotsky, Oxygen In2 03-based Gas Sensor.

3. Hugh J. Flye, Gregg M. Daly, Practical Applications for Low-Cost Data Loggers.

4. Huaiyu Wu, Zhaoying Zhou, Shenshu Xiong, Xiaohao Wang, Analysis of Multi-Channel Control Signals for Micro Air Vehicles (MAV's) Using MVAR Model.

5. A new book in constrained global optimization and multiple criteria decision making.

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Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 1, January 2001

1. Broadband Acoustic Transmission System (BATS).

2. Kirianaki N.V., Yurish S.Y., Shpak N.O., Methods of Dependent Count (MDC)  for Frequency Measurements.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 2, February 2001

1. Yurish S.Y., Smart Sensors Needs Novel Measurements in the 21-Century.

2. Deynega V.P., Rotation Speed Sensors (Part I).


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 3, March 2001

1. Electronic Acoustical Sniffer zNose.

2. SoftNoze Announces the Largest Offering of Sensor  Accessories.

3. Deynega V.P., Rotation Speed Sensors (Part II).

4. A new book: Integrated Converters.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 4, April 2001

1. Single or Double ?

2. Level measurement – simple and compact.

3. Clamp-style Universal Brackets.

4. Portable Accelerometer Calibrator Ideal for In-Situ End-to-End Calibration.

5. Piezoelectric Accelerometers Uniquely Designed for Cryogenic Applications.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 5, May 2001

1.  Yurish S.Y., Sensor '2001: Pictures from Exhibition or Show Must Go On.

2.  Neumann S., High Temperature Pressure Sensor Based On Thin Film Strain Gauges on Stainless Steel for Continuous

     Cylinder Pressure Control.

3.  Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor with Reduced Cross Sensitivity to Methanol.

4.  IEE reveals Intelligent Tagging System (I-Tag).

5.  Low-Cost, High-Performance Piezoelectric Accelerometer Packaged as Surface Mount Chip Component.

6.  Killeen J., Liquid Level Sensors for All Applications.

7.  Trace Moisture - Analyser QTM 800 from cmc Instruments GmbH.

8.  DX-Series Handheld Precision IR Thermometers from Exegen Corp.

9.  LS 1500 F Laser Range Finder Module.

10.ODS 2000 Laser Distance Meter.

11.OEM Rotary Torque Transducers.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 6, June 2001

1. Mayers G.E., New Technique for Assessing Fastener Efficacy.

2. New Piezoelectric Accelerometer Designed to Measure Vibration at Temperature Extremes.

3. New Adjustable-Field Sensors Enable Users to Set a Precise Sensing Cutoff Point.

4. 16-bit Family of ADCs Operating Down to 2.7 V.

5. AMSY4 DAQ System.

6. BoltFAST.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 7, July 2001

1. Lubgin B., Quantizing Field Emission Transducer Infra 2.

2. Mayers G.E., Dot- and Microdot-Sized Pressure Films Offer Useful Machine and Component Calibration/Inspection Applications.

3. New Ruggedized Lased Beam Sensors Deliver Precision Performance in Harsh Environments.

4. How do Assemblers Know Which Part to Pick Next ?

5. Compact Photoelectric Sensors Provide Affordable Background Suppression in Tight Locations.

6. New Temperature Transmitter Delivers Economical Temperature Monitoring to Hazardous Areas.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 8, August 2001

1. Katsan I.I. and Lupina B.I., Multifunctional Microelectronic Resistance Temperature Sensors.

2. Drumm M., Wayne C. Haase, High Performance Rotor Health Monitoring.

3. Tin Technology Step Forward for Pressure Sensors.

4. Smart Pressure Transmitter for Abrasive Media.

5. A Junction Box is Only Useful When it Fits.

6. The World's Toughest Cordset has Just Arrived.

7.New Fully Molded Cordsets


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 9, September 2001

1. Yurish S.Y., IFSA Celebrates 2-year Anniversary

2. Liu Qinyan, Li Yong, Zhou Zhaoying, Zheng Yunfei, A Small Flight Simulator with Double Functions.

3. Miniature and Subminiature Piezoresistive Pressure Transducers.

4. New Piezoelectric Accelerometers for Vibration Measurement of Industrial Machinery.

5. New Test System Employs "Back-to-Back" Comparison Method for Calibrating Most Types of Accelerometers.

6. Mayers G.E. PDA Software for Nip Calculations.

7. DCH H2SCAN™ Hydrogen-Specific Sensing Instrument.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 10, October 2001

1. Hoerr D., Solid-State Pressure Switch.

2. Low Cost, Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometer.

3. New Industrial Piezoelectric Accelerometers.

4. Fillfactory IBIS4 CMOS Image Sensor.

5. FUGA 1000 CMOS Image Sensor with Interface to Microprocessors.

6. Sonys new 10Mpixel CCD sensor - the ICX263AL.

7. 4MPIxel Sensor from Sony -the ICX406AQ/AQF.

8. Special Issue on OPTICAL FIBER SENSORS of the new IEEE Sensors Journal.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 11, November 2001

1. Churenkov A., Investigation of Mechanical Resonators with the Help of Fiber Optic Fabry-Perot Interferometer.

2. Hideshi Nakano, The Ball 3-axis Accelerometer.

3. Antonio Beasain Aranda, Customiseable Endless Rotary Sensor/Potentiometer

4. Small Shock Detector.

5. Quadrature Laser Accelerometer Calibration System.

6. Geiger Mueller (GM) Detectors.

7. Industry's First 24-Bit Data Converter with On-Chip Flash Memory.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 12, December 2001

1. PiezoPAK Series Accelerometers.

2. High-Temperature, Annular Ring Shear Accelerometer.

3. New Accelerometer Thermal Isolator.

4. High-Speed Colour CMOS Image Sensors.

5. New Flipper Solenoid Valves.

6. Davis S., New Carbon Monoxide Sensor





Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 1, January 2002

1. Clark B., AR4000 Laser Distance Measurement Sensor.

2. Mayers G.E., Stress Distribution and Magnitude Measured by New System.

3. New Range of non Contact Rotary Torque Transducers.

4. Glaser G., 2048 x 1 Linear Image Sensor.

5. Baer M., First Oxygen Sensor for Aggressive Chemical Media.

6. Terrence K. McMahon, Process  Analyzer Sample System Technology.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 2, February 2002

1. Sub-Angstrom Resolution Converter for Micro Displacements.

2. Malcolm Read, New Low Cost Non-Contact Position Sensor.

3. Portable Computing and Instrumentation Solutions Guide.

4. Gannon J.C., Kistler Instrument Corporation to Market Applied MEMS Si-Flex Accelerometers.

5. Industrial Pressure Sensors.

6. New Protective Coating for Dynamic Pressure Transducers.



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 3, March 2002

1. Kirianaki N.V.,Yurish S.Y., Shpak N.O., Deynega V.P., Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Smart Sensors (New Book).

2. Lent B., High Temperature Dynamic Pressure Transducers.

3. MSP430 Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers for Intelligent Sensing.

4. Three-Channel Signal Conditioner with Smart Capability.

5. VibraCal Lite Automatic Accelerometer Calibration System Provides NIST Traceability.

6. About Metrology -- Series 1.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 4, April 2002

1. Ramon Pallas-Areny, John G. Webster, Sensors and Signal Conditioning, Second Edition, Book review.

2. Ebner B., New Real-Time Electronic Tactile Sensor Unveiled.

3. Precision Locknuts.

4. CMOS Line Scan Sensor PDI-CIS120DA.

5. Precision Load Cells.

6. Op Amps for Everyone, Design Reference.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 5, May 2002

1. Ivanov R., Kerezov A., Lesichkov I., Embedded Web Sensor.

2. Ultra Low Noise and Low Cost Dual Axis Accelerometer.

3. Isfet pH Sensors.

4. Lent B., Capacitance Accelerometer Measures Low-Level Accelerations in Aerospace and Automotive Environments.

5. STAR250 - Radiation Hard CMOS Image Sensor.

6. New Silicon Digital-Output Temperature Sensors from Texas Instruments.

7. Glaser G., Owl Ultra Sensitive Line Scan Camera.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 6, June 2002

1. Igor L. Myshkin, Specialized Vertical Web Portal - Primary Source for Sensors Related Information.

2. Yurish S.Y., The Quality Labeled Smart Sensor Systems EUROPRACTICE Coursehas Taken Place in Delft (Photo-report).

3. Rapid Field Screening for Soil Pollution.

4. Mohn A., Miniature, Lightweight, High Sensitivity, Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer.

5. Lent B., Broad Frequency Response Piezoresistive Accelerometer.

6. Lent B., 4 to 20 mA Sensor to Signal Conditioner.

7. Industry’s Precision Data Acquisition System-On-A-Chip.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 7, July 2002

1. Yurish S.Y., Best of Toronto ISA' 2002 Awards.

2. Cummiskey D., High Sensitivity Pressure Sensors Detect High Intensity Acoustic Sound Pressure Levels.

3. Craig S. Aszkler, High Temperature Accelerometer Achieves 900 °F (482 °C).

4. Mathews J., Tri-Axial High Temperature Accelerometer Ideal for Structural and Component Evaluation in Environmental Test Chambers.

5. Mathews J., High Temperature Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometer Designed for Measuring Vibration on Most Structures.

6. Castle A., STAR1000 - a Radiation Hard CMOS Image Sensor.

7. Eric G. Yax, Vibration Meters.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 8, August 2002

1. Kirianaki, N.V., IFSA celebrates its 3rd Anniversary.

2. Ivanov R., Kerezov A., Lesichkov I., SMT-160 Evaluation Board for Temperature Sensors with Duty-Cycle Output.

3. Pressure Indicating Sensor Film.

4. Elske Meyer, Intelligent Image Processing Sensor.

5. Issam Marire, Load Cells, Pressure Transducers and Accelerometers with on Board Miniature Amplifiers.

6. Ebner B., Sensor for Measuring Interfacial Stresses in Real Time.

7. Naomi Kissel-Johns, Scanning-Laser Particle Detector for Multi-Point Monitoring of Sub-Micron Contaminants.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 9, September 2002

1. Kollar M., Flip-Flop Sensor - an Offer for Increased Function of the Smart Sensors.

2. Ivanov R., Kerezov A., Lesichkov I., The UTI Evaluation Board with In Circuit Debugger under MPLAB.

3. Slurry Pulsation Pressure Sensors.

4. Mohn A., Low Cost, Embeddable Accelerometers.

5. Mohn A., Load Cell Option Provides 4 to 20 mA Output Signal.

6. Glaser G., Fastest Dual Output Line Scan Camera with Unsurpassed Sensitivity.

7. Endevco Signs Cooperative R&D Agreement with Sandia National Laboratories.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 10, October 2002

1. Miniature, High Sensitivity Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer.

2. High Resonance Frequency and Zero Damping Piezoresistive Accelerometer.

3. Rack-Mountable Signal Conditioner for Centralized Control of Multiple Units.

4. Hopkinson Bar Shock Calibration Services Now Available from Endevco.

5. Connie Krauth, HMC1055 Chip Set with the Elements to Design a Three-Axis Magnetic Compass.

6. The World’s First Programmable Hall Sensor.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 11, November 2002

1. Yurish S.Y., Sensors Web Portal has been Awarded by Golden Web Award.

2. Yurish S.Y., Two Novel Methods for Duty Cycle and Phase Shift Conversion - a Lot of New Possibilities.

3. Engle G., Major Lead Selenide Sensors Technology Breakthrough.

4. Mohn A., Intrinsically Safe Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors.

5. Mohn A., Acoustic Measurement Microphones.

6. New CMOS Image Sensor with Integrated On-chip Timing and Control Circuitry.

7. Motion Detection Module with the Search Method Selection.

8. Mohn A., Portable, Battery-Powered, Three-Channel, Sensor Signal Conditioner.


Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 12, December 2002

1. New Way of Measuring Water Content in a Variety of Organic Solvents.

2. Malcolm Read, Novel Intrinsically Safe LVDT's Position Sensors.

3. Accelerometers Offer a Cost-Effective Solution for High Accuracy Measurements.

4. The CMOS Line Sensors PDI-LNL2048S and PDI-LNL2048R.

5. Mohn A., New Multichannel Signal Conditioners with TEDS Sensor Option.

6. Colette Cote, Analog Devices Extends its Microconverter Family to Include Large Memory and Higher Speed Core.

7. Endevco Working with National Instruments to Lead Development of Open Standards with “Plug and Play” Sensors Program.







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