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Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 1, January 2003


1. Yurish S.Y., Sensors Web Portal has Opened the First Sensors e-Shop in the Net

2. Andrea Mohn, Thin-Film Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

3. Piezoresistive Accelerometer Designed for Crash and Flutter Testing Applications

4. Bill Andrews, In-Line Charge Converters for Conditioning High-Temperature, Charge Mode, Piezoelectric Sensors

5. IEEE1394-EVB for FillFactory CMOS Sensors

6. Transducer Signal Conditioner Designed for Multi-Channel Applications

7. Gail Massari, CoventorWareTM 2003 MEMS Design Software



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 2, February 2003


1. Sofia Heidecker, Compact Highly Accurate Filling Level Sensor

2. Eric G. Yax, 100 mV/g Triaxial Industrial Accelerometer

3. Peter Munschauer, Compact Torque Transducer Transmits Signals via Digital Telemetry

4. Digital Readout Wood Moisture Meter

5. New Kit Reads and Writes TEDS Information to Sensors

6. Cliff Wyatt, Fast Response Digital Motor Load Controls

7. Modeling MEMS and NEMS



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 3, March 2003


1. Yurish S.Y., The Number of IFSA Members has Exceeded Three Hundreds

2. Rostyslav Sklyar, Universal Induction Magnetic Field Sensor/Transducer of High Sensitivity

3. Christian Herve, Time-to-Digital Converters Based on the AMS110 ASIC

4. Christian Boulin, Scalers and Data Acquisition Modules

5. Andrea Mohn, Industrial Grade Dynamic Pressure Sensors

6. Eric G. Yax, Family of 4 to 20 mA Vibration Monitoring Equipment

7. John Rehard, Measure 32 Accelerometers Using One Cable with DSIT Technology

8. Smart Sensors Networks Need Smart Net Tools

9. Barbara Carter, Environmentally-Friendly Melt Pressure Transducers

10.LabVIEW for Data Acquisition



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 4, April 2003


1. Dan Cummiskey, New Dynamic Pressure Sensors Withstand Temperatures of 750° F

2. Variable Capacitance Accelerometer Offers Special for EMI/RFI Shield and Filtering

3. Peter Munschauer, Dynamic Strain Sensor Monitors Machinery Forces

4. Craig S. Aszkler, High-Temperature Accelerometer For 900° F (482° C) Operation

5. Peter Munschauer, ICP® 3-Component Force Sensor

6. Ultrasonic Analysers

7. Guido Becker, 3D Hybrid Camera “Sees” Car Occupants

8. Simon Pitkin, Hamlin Expands into Hall Sensor Market with Micronas Agreement



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 5, May 2003


1. Yurish S.Y., 'Smart Sensors and MEMS' - new NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) will Promote Strong International Scientific Cooperation

2. Eric G. Yax, Miniature, General-Purpose, Industrial Accelerometer

3. Small-Size Transducer Offers Maximum Sensitivity for Static  and Dynamic Pressure Measurements

4. Craig S. Aszkler, Miniature Accelerometer Weighs Only 0.006 Ounces

5. Craig S. Aszkler, Mounting Clips For Accelerometers

6. Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-05 TERRA - Small-Size Measuring Device with Big Capabilities

7. The Possibilities are Limitless with 1 GHz DSP Technology from TI

8. Optical CO2- and CH4-Sensors are Available for Process Applications Now



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 6, June 2003


1. Rolf De Boer, Smartec SPD Series Pressure Sensors Suitable for PCB Mounting

2. Accelerometer Offers Superior Modal Analysis

3. Peter Munschauer, Pedal Effort Load Cells

4. Heinz Arnold, ARM-based Controllers Used for Applications in Car Interiors

5. Bill Andrews, Dual-Mode Signal Conditioner for Charge, ICP®, and TEDS Vibration Sensors

6. Claire Gale, 5.8 GHz Band Automobile Anti-Collision Rarad System  Accurate Sensing Provides at Lower Cost

7. Ben Wells, Flexible, Modular System for Building Optical Test Instruments



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 7, July 2003


1. Igor L. Myshkin, Smartec Expands its e-Commerce Possibilities with Sensors Web Portal

2. Field Detachable Cable Maximizes Adaptability of Miniature Pressure Transducer Family

3. Craig S. Aszkler, Small-Sized ICP Accelerometer

4. Heinz Arnold, Micronas Aligns Automotive and IC Life Cycles with New ActivePackage Concept

5. Eric G. Yax, Industrial Accelerometer Kits Survive Up To 900° F

6. Claire Gale, Through-Wall Vision Technology Promises a New Edge for Security and Emergency Personnel

7. Eric G. Yax, Vibration Indicator with Alarm Set Points

8. Marleen Roosen, Melexis Re-invents Programmable Linear Hall Sensor



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 8-9, Agust-September 2003


1. Martin Kollar, Measurement of Capacitances Based on a Flip-Flop Sensor

2. AKCP ties up with alarmTILT

3. Andrea Mohn, Dynamic Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

4. Bill Andrews, In-Line Charge Converters Enable Charge Mode Piezoelectric Sensors with TEDS Capabilities

5. Pressure Transducer Now Offers Protection Against High Intensity Light and Particle Impingement

6. Peter Munschauer, High Capacity Torque Transducer Transmits Signals via Digital Telemetry

7. Gerard E Mayers, Dynamic NIP Width Measurement: a New Breakthrough

8. Accurate Temperature and Resistance Measurement with new USB Device



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 10, October 2003


1. Yurish S.Y., Modern MEMS Technologies and Advanced Signal Processing: How to Obtain More Benefits in Smart Sensors Systems ?

2. Ihor TROTS, Andrzej NOWICKI and Jerzy LITNIEWSKI, Choosing an Ultrasonic Sensor for Ultrasonography

3. Peter IVANOV, Mariana STANKOVA, Eduard LLOBET, et.al.,  Microhotplate Sensor Arrays Based on Sputtered and  Screen-Printed Metal Oxide Films for Selective Detection of Volatile Compounds

4. James Mathews, Low g Accelerometer for Aerospace and Automotive Environments

5. Fransoize Puetz, Sensing Technology for Advanced Seat Belt Reminder Systems

6. Tanguy Scorpati, IR Sensor Modules in Air Conditioning and Climate Control

7. Kathleen Holmlund, Smart Valve® RF Tire Pressure Monitoring System



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 11, November 2003


1. Zheng Jiao, Minghong Wu, Zheng Qin, Jianzhong Gu, Minghua Lu, Nano Zinc Ferrite Acetic Acid Gas Sensors for Smuggled Drug Detection in Southern China

2. R. SUNDARAM and K. S. NAGARAJA, Humidity Sensing Properties of ZnWO4-ZnO Composite

3. Elena MARTIN and Carles FERRER, VHDL- AMS Behavioral Modeling of Smart Sensors

4. Sayanu PAMIDIGHANTAM, Robert PUERS, Robert MERTENS, and Harrie A. C. TILMANS, Optimum Electrode Design for Micro-Mechanical Beam Structures Operating in Voltage-Controlled Actuation Mechanism

5. Andrea Mohn, High Sensitivity Pressure Sensors

6. Darin Saskowski, Industrial Swivel-Mount Accelerometer

7. Gerard E. Mayers, Flow Control and Wind Flow Pressure Mapping

8. John Carey, Squeak & Rattle Measurement System from Larson Davis



Bullet S&T e-Digest, No. 12, December 2003


1. A. Cerman, P. Ripka, P. Kaspar, A. Tipek, A. Platil, Precise Magnetic Sensors and Magnetometers for Military and Space Applications

2. Jose L. SOLIS, Gary SEETON, Yingfeng LI, and Laszlo B. KISH, Fluctuation-Enhanced Sensing with Commercial Gas Sensors

3. C. D. Singh, H. Isobe, H. Katsumata and M. Ogita, Measurements of Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) Using U-shaped Optical Fiber Doped Porous Sol-Gel Cladding

4. Der-Ho Wu , Jeun-Wen Wu, Ming-Feng Wu, Chih-Jen Yang , Simulations of Piezoelectric Actuator by Finite Element Analysis

5. Pedro GIRAO, Octavian POSTOLACHE, Miguel PEREIRA, Helena RAMOS, Distributed Measurement Systems and Intelligent Processing for Water Quality Assessment

6. Peter Munschauer, Charge-Mode General Purpose Dynamic Force Sensors

7. Craig S. Aszkler, "Low-Pass" Filtering, Triaxial Accelerometers

8. Peter Munschauer, Strain Gage Bridge Signal Conditioner

9. Bill Andrews, Multi-Channel Capacitive Signal Conditioners







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