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S&T Magazine, Vol.51, No. 1, January 2005



1. Sensors Survey 2004: Quick Poll Results

   Yurish S.Y. 


2. Industrial Pressure Sensors Detect Pulsations, Surges, and Leaks

    Dan Cummiske


3. Anti-Corrosion Temperature Probes

   Jerry Moran


4. Dynamic Force Sensors Measure Fast-Rising, Short-Duration Events

   Peter Munschauer


5. Programmable Bargraphs Provides Versatility in Most Applications


6. Modular-Style Signal Conditioners for Modal Analysis

    Bill Andrews


7. Resolver Sensors Sales Increasing

   Robert Alesio


8. Ultra-Low-Power Radio Architecture Provides Scaleable Platform for Medical Implant Applications

    Barrie Nicholson


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.52, No. 2, February 2005



1. The Study of a Disposable Mercury Film Electrode for Determining the Blood Sugar

    Tu Yi-Feng, Xu Jian, pp.296-299


2. Potentiometric Fingerprint Profiling of Eurycoma longifolia Extracts (Tongkat Ali) Using Multichannel Artificial Lipid-Polymer

    Membrane Sensor, Ismail ZHARI, Ahmad MOHD NOOR, Oon – Sim CHEW, Shafiqual Islam A.K.M., pp.300-309


3. Intrinically Safe Low-Cost Accelerometers

    Courtney Schlapo,


4. Maintenance Free Torque Sensors

    Peter Munschauer


5. Airflow Sensor Provides Digital Output and Wide Temperature Compensation

   Seta Davidian


6.Humidity/Temperature Transmitter with Interchangeable Probes

   Werner Hentscholek


7. New Russian DRGB-90 Radiation Dosimeter Gives Audible and Visible Measurement

   Pavel Yelkin


8. Digital Sensor System Interface to ME'scope

   John Carey


9. SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier

   Roy E Carter


10. Peak Pressure Monitoring System Combines Amplifier and Peak Meter

     Dan Cummiske


11. Montreal Based Semiconductor Technology Company Attracts Investment

     Michael S. Foster


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.53, No. 3, March 2005



1. Low-Cost OEM Pressure Transducer

    Karmjit S. Sidhu


2. New Portable TEDS PDA Reader/Writer

    Bill Andrews


3. Melt Pressure Transducers and Transmitters


4. Calibrated and Compensated Single-Supply Digital RH Sensor

    Jerry Moran


5. Low Profile, Surface Pressure Microphone

   Mark Valentino


6. Wiring Simplified With Molding Pressure Sensors

   Don Beehler


7. Portable Vibration Meter

   Courtney Schlapo


8. Melt Pressure Gauges


9. New Dual Channel Digital LVDT Readout and Setpoint Controllers

   Ed Herceg


10. Micronas’ New 8/16-bit Controller Platform Reduces System Costs and Offers Larger Memory Capacity in Automotive

     Electronics, Anja Maria Hastenrath


11. First APD Bias Controller and Current Monitor On Single-Chip Eases Optical Transciever Design

      Charlotte Betterley


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.54, No. 4, April 2005



1. Environmental Influences on SMO Sensors’ Performance

    Jian-Wei GONG, Quan-Fang CHEN, Ming-Ren LIAN and Nen-Chin LIU, pp.310-319


2. Accelerometers Measure Slow Moving Events

    Don Beehler


3. Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

   Murphy O'Neal


4. Laser Level & Positioning Transmitter, Measures Dry Bulk Solids Over Extended Distances

   Shari Worthington


5. Concentration Monitoring by an IR Detector Array


6. DC Motor-speed Sensor

   Emmet Raftery


7. H2S Analyser for High and Low Concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide


8. Modbus-IDA and CAN in Automation Announce CiA DSP 309: Interfacing CANopen with TCP/IP Part 2: Modbus/TCP Mapping

   Monika Mack


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol. 55, No. 5, May 2005



1. Miniature, Light Weight, Single Axis Accelerometers

   Mark Amatuzzo


2. Panel-Mountable Pressure Transducers Eliminate Threat of Leaks

   Karmjit S. Sidhu


3. Hall Angle Sensor Provides all Forms of Output Signals

   David Lin


4. Small Capacity Reaction Torque Sensors

   Peter Munschauer


5. New CO2 Transmitter Series EE85 for HVAC

   Werner Hentscholek


6. Explosion, Blast, and Shock Wave Pressure Sensors

   Dan Cummiskey


7. LVDT Valve Position Sensors for Steam Turbines

   Ed Herceg


8. 4-20 mA Loop  Powered Vibration  Sensors

    Courtney Schlapo


9. DC Powered Signal Conditioners

   Bill Andrews


10. New PTC Heater Assembly

     Jerry Moran


11. Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection System Gives Stand-alone Control

     Cliff Anderson


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.56, No. 6, June 2005



1. Intelligent Opto Sensors’ Interfacing Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter

    Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.326-334


2. Machine Control and Monitoring with Low-Cost Embedded Digital Signal Conditioners

   Raymond B. SEPE, Jr., pp.335-340


3. Network of Smart Sensors for Remote Electromagnetic Field Monitoring with a Fuzzy Alarm Reporting

    Claudio DE CAPUA, Annalisa LICCARDO and Rosario MORELLO, pp.319-325


4. Smallest, Lightest Triaxial Accelerometer

    Mark Amatuzzo


5. MEMSCAP Pressure Sensor Systems has Taken to the Sky Along with new Business Jet

    Jan Hallenstvedt


6. Dynamic Impact Force Sensors Measure Millions of Cycles for Automotive Durability Testing

   Peter Munschauer


7. Integrated Programmable Sensor Interface IC for Automotive Applications

    Tanguy Scorpati


8. Explosion-Proof Laser Transmitter Measures Level, Distance, & Position in Challenging Bulk Solids Applications

    Kevin Hambrice


9. CellMite Model 4325A Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner Hassle Free – Strain Gage Direct to PC

    Jeannette Gouin


10. MAGNETO 6.2 for 2D Magnetic Field Analysis

     Karen Medwid


11. ENDEVCO Debuts High Resonance Crash Sensor Provides Unparalleled Measurement Accuracy


12. ISA Offers Emerson's Latest Flow Measurement Software

     Jennifer Infantino


13. American Sensor Technologies Broadens Product Offering with Acquisition of Macro Sensors

     Karmjit S. Sidhu

Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.57,  No. 7, July 2005



1. Data Acquisition Systems for Quasi-Digital Temperature Sensors Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter

    Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.341-351


2. Standard Drop-Test and The Different Response of Very Same Object

    George Abramchuk and Kristina Abramchuk, pp.360-365


3. Miniature, Lightweight, Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer Family

    Mark Amatuzzo


4. New Barometric Pressure Sensors for OEM Applications


5. Fiber Optic Rotary Encoder

    Dennis Horwitz


6. Pressure Sensor Built For Hazardous Areas Offers Zero and Span Adjustability

    Karmjit S. Sidhu


7. Rugged Low Profile Accelerometer

    Tim Geiger


8. Submersible Level Sensor with Extremely Rugged Stainless Steel Housing


9. Colour Sensor ICs

    Diane Weidemann


10. Electronic Pressure Profiling Sensor System

     Carlos Ruiz


11. Preamplifier with High-Pass Filter

     Mark Valentino


12. Ethernet I/O Modules Now Have the Ability to Speak Directly to Each Other Without a PLC, PC or any Other Controller

     Robert Greenfield


13. ENDEVCO will Enter Into Partnership with FGP Sensors and Instrumentation in Europe

     Sinan Kanatsiz


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.58, No. 8, August 2005



1. Practical Circuits and Interface Techniques for MEMS Accelerometers with Quasi-Digital Output

    Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.352-359


2. Rugged Triaxial Seismic Accelerometer

   Bruce B.  Lent


3. ATEX / CSA Intrinsically Safe Vibration Transmitters

    Eric Yax


4. Inductive Proximity Sensors Get Into Game


5. Multipurpose, ICP® Industrial Force Monitoring Sensors

    Peter Munschauer


6. Photoelectric Sensor for Hopper Level Control Application


7. New 16-Bit Rotary Torque Sensor System for Automotive Powertrain Dynamometers

    Peter Munschauer


8. Micronas Expands 32-Bit MCU Line for Automotive Electronics Applications

    Anja Maria Hastenrath


9. IMI Sensors Receives Patent for Machinery Fault Detector

    Molly Bakewell


10. UltraPort USB to Serial Port Adapters

     Nicola Farmer


11. Wilcoxon Partners  with Two New European Representatives

     Courtney Schlapo


12. ENDEVCO Joins Forces with FGP Sensors & Instrumentation for Product Distribution in France

     Wendi Burke



Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.59, No. 9, September 2005



1. International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA): 2004-2005 Annual Report

    Nikolay V. Kirianaki, pp.406-411


2. IEEE 1451 Standard and Frequency Output Sensors: How to Obtain a Broad-Based Industry Adoption ?

    Sergey Y. YURISH, pp. 412-418


3. High Precision, Wide Speed Range Rotation Sensing with UFDC-1

    Nikolay V. KIRIANAKI, Sergey Y. YURISH, pp.426-431


4. Digital Humidity Sensors and Data Logger Design Based on Modern Frequency-to-Digital Converter

    Sergey Y. YURISH, pp.419-425


5. High Temperature, Radiation Hardened Accelerometers for Shock and Vibration Measurements

    Mark Amatuzzo


6. Dynamic Pressure Sensors Enhance Gas Turbine Performance

    Wendi R. Burke


7. Methanol Concentration Sensor for Fuel Cell Market

    Doug Sparks


8. Torque Transducers for Aerospace Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

   Peter Munschauer


9. Capacitance-to-Digital Converter Simplifies Instrumentation and Sensor Design

    Sue Martenson


10. RotaryPoint, Small Footprint, Rotary Paddle Bin Level Indicator for Bulk Solids Applications

     Kevin Hambrice


11. Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector Features Breakthrough IR5 Technology

     Alan Wall


12. Intelligent Digital LVDT Controllers & Indicators Simplify Set-Up in Diverse Application

     Ed Herceg


13. Sound Level and Octave Band Meter

     Rob Brauch


14. New Ethernet I/O Module with a Mix of Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs and Discrete I/O Channels

     Robert Greenfield


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.60, No. 10, October 2005



1. Intelligent Digital Pressure Sensors and Transducers Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1)

    Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.432-438


2. Employment of Fluorescence Quenching for the Determination of Oxygen and Glucose

    A. Balaji Ganesh and T.K. Radhakrishnan, pp.439-445


3. New Triaxial Ceramic Shear ICP® Accelerometer Family Measures Vibration in Three Orthogonal Directions

    Mark Amatuzzo


4. Sensor Notification Matrix - a Revolution in Monitoring

    Jim Jeffords


5. Simple Solution for Rotary Position Sensing

    Rik Moens


6. Analog Devices Introduces Highly Integrated Motion Sensor for Industrial Applications

    Sue Martenson


7. Modular Weigh Bridge Indicator

    Tony Thelning


8. Precon Announces National Instruments LabVIEW Driver for Humidity Sensor

    Jerry Moran


9. CANLab: A Universal Network Analysis Tool for Controller Area Networks

    Oanh Jordan


10. New Service Uses Temporary Wireless Sensor Networks to Identify Energy Waste and Predict Maintenance Problems

     John Voytko


11. ISSYS Awarded New Patent for a Method of Making Microtubes

     Doug Sparks


12. American Sensor Technologies Named Among New Jersey’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies

     Karmjit S. Sidhu


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Vol.61, No. 11, November 2005



1. Digital Magnetic Sensors Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1)

    Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.446-450


2. Testing of Sensors and Measurement Transducers for Real Measurements

   George A. Abramchuk, pp.451-455


3. New Range of High Accuracy Load Cells Offers Self-calibrating According to IEEE 1451 Standard

    David Brooks


4. Implantable Wireless Pressure Sensors for Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure

    Nader Najafi


5. 15 to 30 V DC Spring-Loaded DC-LVDT Position Sensors Prove Highly Accurate and Compatible with PLCs

    Ed Herceg


6. Fast Oxygen Sensor for Gas Analysis


7. Methanol Concentration Sensor

    Doug Sparks


8. Updated Color Sensor Evaluation Board

   Diane Weidemann


9. New Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters Feature All-Digital Design

    Kevin Hambrice


10. Tri-Colour Multi-Function Indicator Suitable for Wide Range of Control and Measurement Applications


11. ENDEVCO Partners with Cambridge Vibration Maintenance Service to Provide Calibration and Repair Services in UK

      Wendi R. Burke


Sensors & Transducers Magazine


S&T Magazine, Vol.62, No. 12, December 2005



1. World Sensors and MEMS Markets: Analysis and Trends

    Sergey Y. YURISH, Nikolay V. KIRIANAKI, Igor L. Myshkin


2. Using a Dual-Channel FDC Device and ANN Techniques to Improve Measurements Accuracy

    M. Dias Pereira, O. Postolache, P. Silva Girăo


3. Controller Selection for Flow Process with Dead Time

    Arputha Vijaya Selvi J, Radhakrishnan T.K. and Sundaram S.


4. New 788A Low Cost Accelerometer

    Courtney Schlapo


5. Series MLY Miniature Torque Transducers is Enabled by the Use of Magnetoelastic Sensing Technology

    Ivan Garshelis


6. Microprocessor Based Smart Position Sensor with Programming Facility


7. Fire/Gas System and IR Detectors to Protect French Chemical Plant

    Emily Lowe


8. Multifunctional Handheld Instrument with Several Sensing Probes for 8 Physical Quantities

    Werner Hentscholek


9. PDA-based Vibration Spectrum Analyzer Uses Standard ICP-type Piezoelectric Accelerometers

    Michael Scandling


10. Motorized Potentiometers with 4-20 mA Control Option

   Dennis Horwitz


11. World's First Tool for Low-Temperature Carbon Nanotube Growth Starts Trials

   Ravi P. Silva


12. ISSYS Receives Grant for Development of Wafer-Scale, Hermetic Packaging of Intelligent MEMS-Based Systems

    Sonbol Massoud-Ansari


13. Vibro-Meter Inc Announces Service Agreement with RoMaDyn

     Ed Duckless


Sensors & Transducers Magazine's cover


S&T Magazine, Special Issue, August 2005

(Multisensor Data and Information Processing)



1. Multisensor Data and Information Processing

    Eric Lefebvre, Kiril Alexiev, pp.I-II


2. Formal Presentation of Fuzzy Systems with Multiple Sensor Inputs

   Alexander GEGOV, Dimitrios MAKETAS, pp.366-373


3. Track-Before Detect Methods in Tracking Low-Observable Targets: A Survey

Melita HADZAGIC, Hannah MICHALSKA, Eric LEFEBVRE, pp.374-380


4. Hough Radar Detectors in Conditions of Intensive Pulse Jamming

Christo A. KABAKCHIEV, Lyubka A. DOUKOVSKA, Ivan G. GARVANOV, pp.381-389


5. Error Estimation in Target Height Finding Using VHF Radars and a Three-Antenna System Positioned one Above the Other in 

    a Radar Network, Chr. Kabakchiev, I. Garvanov, V. Kyovtorov, P. Daskalov, pp.390-398


6. Estimation of Snowcover Extent in Carpathian Mountains Using Fusioned GIS and Remote Sensing Information

    Cristian FLUERARU, pp.399-405








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