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Vol. 107, No. 8, August 2009





Table of Contents

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1) Precise Frequency and Period Measurements for Slow Slew Rate Signals Based on the Modified Method of the Dependent Count

    Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.1-16

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


2) Electronic Nose Technology and its Applications

    Esmaeil Mahmoudi, pp.17-25

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


3) Electronic Nose Study of Powdered Garlic

    Rosa E. Baby, María M. Sance, Mónica Bauzá, Valeria M. Messina, Alvaro R. Gómez, José L. Burba, Noemí E. Walsöe de Reca, pp.26-34

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4) Effects of Radiation on Silicon Pressure Sensor

    Jaspreet Singh, M. M. Nayak, K. Nagachenchaiah, K. Rajanna, pp.35-41

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5) Design of a PC Based Pressure Indicator Using Inductive Pick-up type Transducer and Bourdon Tube Sensor

    S. C. Bera, N. Mandal, R. Sarkar and S. Maity, pp.42-51

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6) Problem of Piezoelectric Sensitivity of 1–3-type Composites

    Vitaly Yu. Topolov and Anatoly E. Panich, pp.52-63

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


7) Development of a Surface Micromachined On-Chip Flat Disk Micropump

    M. I. Kilani, A. T. Al-Halhouli, P. C. Galambos, Y. S. Haik, A. Al-Salaymeh and S. Üttgenbach, pp.64-76

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


8) Humidity Sensing Behavior of Polyaniline / Strontium Arsenate Composites

    Machappa T., M. Sasikala, Koppalkar R. Anilkumar, M. V. N. Ambika Prasad, pp.77-85

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


9) Oxygen Sensing Properties of the WO3 Thick Films

    R. S. Khadayate, S. K. Disawal and P. P. Patil, pp.86-91

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


10)Optimization of Firing Temperature of PbO-doped SnO2 Sensor for Detection of Acetone, Methanol, Propanol

    J. K. Srivastava, Preeti Pandey, V. N. Mishra and R. Dwivedi, pp.92-98

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11)Sol gel Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide Thin Film in Presence of Surfactant for NO2 Detection

    Vibha Srivastava, A. K. Srivastava, K. N. Sood, Kiran Jain, pp.99-110

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


12)Epinephrine Biosensor Using Tyrosinase Immobilized Eggshell Membrane

    Sanket Tembe, Sudha Kulkarni, Meena Karve, S. F. D’Souza, pp.111-118

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


13)Finite Element Analyses of a Flat Spring for use in an Electromagnetic Microgenerator

    Nibras Awaja, Dinesh Sood, Thurai Vinay, pp.119-132

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


14)Design and Development of a Step Climbing Wheeled Robot

    Srijan Bhattacharya, Sagarika Pal, Subrata Chattopadhyay, pp.133-143

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


15)Enhancement of Heat Exchanger Control using Improved PID Controller

    Gopalakrishna G., Sivakumaran N. and *Sivashanmugam P., pp.144-156

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


16)Speech Disability Threshold Determination by Graphical and DSP Techniques

    Anandthirtha. B. Gudi and H. C. Nagaraj, pp.157-164

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


17)Smart Wireless Sensors Integrated in Clothing: an Electrocardiography System in a Shirt Powered Using Human Body Heat

    Vladimir Leonov, Tom Torfs, Chris Van Hoof and Ruud J. M. Vullers, pp.165-176

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]





Humidity Transmitter in Probe Design with 4 – 20 mA Output


The new transmitter of the series EE061, in the form of a slim probe, allows for the precise measurement of the relative humidity in air from 0…100 % RH. The main challenge in the development was to deal with the heat generated by the current output. The latest microprocessor technology in combination with excellent temperature compensation and a special design of the electronics have solved this problem. The EE061 unifies outstanding measurement accuracy with a compact design and a 4 – 20 mA current output ...


Oliver Greil

E+E Elektronik GmbH

Langwiesen 7

A-4209 Engerwitzdorf, Österreich

T: +43 – 7235-605-0, fax: +43 – 7235-605-8

E-mail: info@epluse.com

Humidity Transmitter EE061



Damped, Low Mass DC Response Accelerometer for High Reliability Impact Testing Applications


August 7, 2009, San Juan Capistrano, California, USA – Endevco Corporation has introduced Model 7264G, a patented, damped MEMS accelerometer for crash sled, rough road and other critical shock testing applications.


Model 7264G features a full bridge, with two fixed resistors to facilitate shunt calibration. Sensing elements are housed within a rugged, lightweight aluminum, for a total weight of just 1.4 grams. The light damping of Model 7264G enables the unit to attenuate resonance and minimize phase shift over the useful frequency range. Full scale output is 400 mV with 10 Vdc excitation. Units are available with less than 1 % transverse sensitivity (“T” option) and less than ±25 mV zero measurand output (“Z” option).A uniquely advanced micromachined monolithic sensor design offers improved ruggedness, stability and reliability, with added damping capability ...


Jennifer MacDonell

Senior Product Manager

Endevco Corporation

Tel.: 949-276-0413

E-mail: Jennifer.macdonell@meggitt.com

Model 7264G accelerometer



Most Stable Silicon Pressure Sensors


MINNEAPOLIS, - Honeywell has introduced its TruStability™ Silicon Pressure Sensors comprised of the HSC (High Accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series and SSC (Standard Accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series that offer customers three key benefits not found in other silicon pressure sensors currently available. The HSC Series is designed to provide an industry-leading ± 1 % total error band specification, compensated across a 0 °C to 50 °C [32 °F to 122 °F] temperature range. The SSC Series is designed to provide a ± 2 % total error band specification, compensated across a wider -20 °C to 85 °C [-4 °F to 185 °F] temperature range ...


Robyn Seykora


1985 Douglas Drive Golden Valley,

MN 55432 USA

Tel.: (763) 954-5378

E-mail: Robyn.Seykora@Honeywell.com

Silicon Pressure Sensors



DC-Operated High Precision Servo Inclinometers for Space Constrained Application Environments


Sherborne Sensors has announced the North American launch of Series T435, a single axis, high-precision, closed loop gravity referenced servo inclinometer family, designed for down-hole logging applications, or for use in areas where space is at a premium. With a form factor measuring only 1.6 in. (40.6mm) high and less than 1.46 in. (37mm) in diameter, sensors can be stacked for simultaneous X & Y measurement of tilt angles. Models are available in ranges from ±3° to ±90°. Series T435 offer a high-level DC output signal, proportional to the sine of the available angle of tilt. Units are fully self-contained, and able to connect to a DC power source and readout or control device for a complete operating system ...


Jesse Bonfeld,

VP Business Development

Sherborne Sensors Limited

Tel.: 1-877-486-1766

E-mail: jesse.bonfeld@sherbornesensors.com

Series T435 servo inclinometers



Ultrasonic Gas Detection System Ensures Earlier Protection from Combustible Gas


LAKE FOREST, CA - August 4, 2009 - Combining its highly reliable Gassonic detectors with its modular six-channel MC600 Controller, General Monitors now offers a fully integrated ultrasonic gas leak detection system that is suitable for a wide range of process safety monitoring applications in oil and gas production, petrochemical, refining, storage facilities, gas pipeline metering and compressor stations, and distribution facilities. Ultrasonic gas leak detectors respond to the ultrasonic noise generated by escaping gas at pressures of minimum 145 psi for maximum coverage of 5-20 m in radius. A distinct advantage of ultrasonic technology is that it detects gas leaks regardless of ventilation rates, gas dilution, or the direction of the leak – and without the gas having to make physical contact with a sensor element. This makes ultrasonic gas leak detection the ideal choice for detection of pressurized gas leaks and for filling in gaps in the effectiveness of traditional gas detection systems ...


Angela Sauceda

General Monitors

26776 Simpatica Circle, Lake Forest,

CA 92630, USA

Tel.: 949-581-4464

Fax: 949-581-1151

E-mail: etech@generalmonitors.com

Ultrasonic Gas Detection System



World’s Flattest Magnetostrictive Sensor


Elmhurst, IL - ASM Sensors, Inc. introduces the PCFP25 series, the latest addition to the POSICHRON® family of magnetostrictive linear position sensors in the thinnest available industrial grade housing that is only 0.32 in. high and 1.10 in. wide. This non-contact position sensor is maintenance-free due to magnetostrictive sensing technology and was developed for use in limited space areas.


POSICHRON® represents a complete family of magnetostrictive linear position sensors. The flat profile PCFP25 series was designed for tight locations or for areas with limited access. These absolute position sensors offer analog outputs 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA. CAN-Bus versions are also available. The PCFP25 series is available with a measurement range up to 18 feet and achieves an IP64 enclosure protection rating ...


ASM Sensors, Inc.

650 W. Grand Ave., Unit 205

Elmhurst, IL 60126, USA

Tel.: 630-832-3202

Fax: 630-832-3204

E-mail: info@asmsensors.com

PCFP25 Series magnetostrictive sensor



Programmable Miniature Strain Gage Amplifiers


Ann Arbor, MI – RAETECH has introduced programmable instrumentation amplifiers for unlimited applications in the automotive, transportation, aerospace, robotic, and bio-med industries. RAETECH’s amplifiers meet the increasing need for a small, precision strain gage amplifier that provides temperature compensation while surviving heat, shock and vibration. Programming is done through the power and signal leads, no additional wiring is needed.


Proven reliable in harsh motorsports environments, the RAETECH amplifiers are ideally suited for high performance applications. RAETECH rates the amplifier from -40°C to +125 °C and has tested it from -55 °C to +165 °C with full functionality. The amplifiers provide precision 5 V bridge excitation, output 0.1-4.9 V, and accept 8-36 VDC power. The amplifier itself is smaller and lighter than a nickel; it measures 18 mm x 9.7 mm x 4.4 mm, weighs only 1.5 grams and is environmentally protected ...


Jim Hartung

Tel.: (734)665-2215

E-mail: jhartung@raetech.com



Strain Gage Amplifier





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