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No. 3, December 2000



One-Electrode Semiconductor (OESS) Sensing Element and Sensors 

on its Basis



The one-electrode semiconductor (OESS) and thermocatalityc sensors on its basis are described in the article. These sensors are used for detection and and control of flammable and noxious gases in the chemical, oil and gas industry. Due to small energy consumption these sensors can be used not only in stationary but also in portable equipment designed for detection and leakage localization of various gases, estimation of dangerous concentrations, early fire alarm systems etc.



38, Kuprevich str., Minsk, 220141, Republic of Belarus. Tel./fax: (375-17) 263 76 22. Тел.: (375-17) 207 62 87. E-mail: corwin@solo.by


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Oxygen In203-based gas sensor



The investigation results of In203 semiconductor sensor doped by iron oxide (III) for detection of oxygen concentration in gas atmosphere are presented in the report. It was proved that the investigated semiconductor sensor  has  high sensitivity  to the change of  O2  concentration in air, but at the same it is practically insensitive to the presence of methane in air.


Keywords: sensor, oxygen, In203



Yu.N. Lychkovsky and G.F. Karkotsky


Innovation enterprise «INNOVATSENSOR»,

38 Kuprevich str., Minsk, 220141,  Belarus

Tel./fax : (375-17)263-76-22


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Practical Applications for Low-Cost Data Loggers



Data loggers are  fast  becoming  the tools of choice among performance contractors, service  technicians   and engineers   responsible   for   diagnosing    and   evaluating  HVAC/R systems and monitoring energy efficiency and usage. These inexpensive  tools are  being used  in many industries from federal  and  state  energy  and  weatherization agencies and larger performance contracting companies to smaller service companies and independent technicians, in both  residential and commercial applications. Data loggers can be effectively utilized  to  collect information about  various  building  systems  including heating, ventilation and refrigeration performance, energy efficiency and usage, indoor air quality, power consumption, equipment and electric light usage. This paper will examine two case studies and demonstrate how low-cost data loggers can be used as powerful diagnostic tools to establish  a  baseline, determine  energy  saving  opportunities, recommend system changes and measure the results.



What is a Data Logger ?

Useful Applications for Data Loggers

Electric Light Usage Study

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring





Hugh J. Flye, Product Application Specialist

Gregg M. Daly, Sales Manager


Onset Computer Corporation

470 MacArthur Blvd.

Bourne,  MA    02532


Web Site:  www.onsetcomp.com


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Analysis of Multi-Channel Control Signals for Micro Air Vehicles (MAV's) Using MVAR Model



The paper considers the multi-channel remote control signals processing required for hovering flight required for the Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs). The multi-variable time series analysis approach is applied to modeling and simulation of the four-channel man-manipulated signals to control the MAV hovering flight. Different multi-variable autoregressive (MVAR) models are identified using the multi-channel remote control signals sampled from the MAV remote controller. The final prediction error (FPE) related to each MVAR model is detailed. The results demonstrate that two variables with the flap and the elevator play a critical role in controlling MAV hovering flight and the other two variables with the thruster and the rudder may be kept the line.


Key Words: MAV; flight control; modeling; simulation; AR model


Authors: Huaiyu Wu, Zhaoying Zhou, Shenshu Xiong, Xiaohao Wang


Department of Precision Instruments & Metrology, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P.R. China

E-mail: wuhy@post.pim.tsinghua.edu.cn


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A new book in constrained global optimization and multiple criteria decision making


Global Optimization with Non-Convex Constraints: Sequential and Parallel Algorithms 


Roman G. Strongin

Nizhni Novgorod State University, Russia Yaroslav, Yaroslav D. Sergeyev,

Institute of Systems Analysis and Information Technology of the CNR,c/o University of Calabria, Italy and Nizhni Novgorod State University, Russia


E-mail : yaro@si.deis.unical.it
Fax : (39)-0984-839054, (39)-0984-494713
Tel. : (39)-0984-839047



Volume 45


This book presents a new approach to global non-convex constrained optimization. Problem dimensionality is reduced via space-filling curves. To economize the search, constraint is accounted separately (penalties are not employed). The multicriteria case is also considered. All techniques are generalized for (non-redundant) execution on multiprocessor systems.


Audience: Researchers and students working in optimization, applied mathematics, and computer science.


Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-6490-2
October 2000, 728 pp.
NLG 560.00 / USD 275.00 / GBP 174.00

For a complete table of contents please access Kluwer Acadmic Publisher's web site http://www.wkap.nl


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