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No. 1, January 2001


Broadband Acoustic Transmission System (BATS)


They’re talking to whales thanks to Sensor Technology


Scientists are talking to whales thanks to a transmitter developed by a Collingwood high-tech company, Sensor Technology Limited.


The transmitter, known as the Broadband Acoustic Transmission System (BATS) is acclaimed as having many attractive features for experimental work at sea and scientists are writing about it as part of the world-wide attention that is being focused on Sensor Technology.


Writing about the BATS, researchers Dennis F. Jones and Luke E. Rendell, praised the BATS for its convenience of size, technical advantages and ease of use.


The BATS was developed through a collaboration between Sensor Technology Limited and the Defence Research Establishment Atlantic  (DREA), where Jones is a research scientist. Rendell is a researcher with the department of biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S.


First field trials had researchers sending signals to pilot whales offshore from Cape Breton, N.S. More recently, researchers have been using the Collingwood-made BATS offshore from northern Chile.


While it is too early to tell firm conclusions from data the BATS is providing, researchers have found behavioral reactions, as well as some vocal reactions from whales.


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Methods of Dependent Count (MDC)

 for Frequency Measurements




The methods of dependent count (MDC) for frequency (period) measurements of electrical signals are described in the article. The main formulas permitting to analyze the limiting metrological performances of some varieties of the method are adduced. The static and dynamic errors of measuring instruments based on the offered methods are  researched. The examples of possible implementation and simulation  results of  the methodical error are given.



Key Words: Frequency; Quantization error; Method of dependent count, Microcontroller


Authors: Kirianaki N.V., Yurish S.Y., Shpak N.O.



Bandera str.,12

Lviv, UA, 290013

E-mail: syurish@mail.icmp.lviv.ua


Full pages article is published in  Measurement, vol.29, issue 1, January 2001, pp.31-50.





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