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Vol. 124, No. 1, January 2011





Table of Contents



Journal's CD 2010:


Journal's CD 2010





1. Demystifying Analog & Mixed-Signal ASICs

    by Bob Frostholm, pp.I-VIII

    [Full Page Article Download]





2. Investigation of Magnetic–field-induced Temperature Error of Pt- 500,

    by Rajinikumar Ramalingam and Michael Schwarz, pp. 1-10

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


3. Classification of Unknown Thermocouple Types Using Similarity Factor Measurement,

    by Seshu K. Damarla and Palash Kundu, pp.11-18

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4. The Design of a Novel Flexible Tactile Sensor Based on Pressure-conductive Rubber,

    by Fei Xu, Yunjian Ge, Yong Yu, Junxiang Ding, Tao Ju, Shanhong Li, pp.19-29

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5. Study on the Relative Difference of the Force Transducer Constants in Tensile and Compressive Modes Calibration Equations,

    by Ebtisam H. Hasan and Seif. M. Osman, pp.30-36

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6. Design of a Large-scale Three-dimensional Flexible Arrayed Tactile Sensor,

    by Junxiang Ding, Yunjian Ge, Shanhong Li, Fei Xu, Feng Shuang, pp.37-47

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


7. The Activity Airflow Detection of Vehicle Intake System Using Hot-film Anemometry Sensors Instrument,

    by Rong-Hua Ma and Chi-Kuen Sung, pp.48-55

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


8. Hardware Developments of an Ultrasonic Tomography Measurement System,

    by Hudabiyah Arshad Amari, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Herlina Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Jaysuman Pusppanathan, pp.56-63

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


9. Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Fluoride Meter,

    by Bhaskar Reddy S., V. V. Ramana C. H. and Malakondaiah K., pp.64-71

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


10. Effect of Magnetic Flux Density and Applied Current on Temperature, Velocity and Entropy Generation Distributions in MHD Pumps,

    by M. Kiyasatfar, N. Pourmahmoud, M. M. Golzan, M. Eskandarzade, pp.72-82

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11.Design of a DCS Based Model for Continuous Leakage Monitoring System of Rotary Air Preheater of a Thermal Power Plant,

     by Madan Bhowmick and Satish Chandra Bera, pp.83-100

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


12.The Design of a Wireless Monitoring System for Unattended Environmental Applications,

     by Ibrahim Al-Bahadly and Victor Mtetwa, pp.101-119

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


13.Performance Measures of Ultra-Wideband Communication System,

     by Mrutyunjaya Panda, Sarat Kumar Patra, pp.120-126

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


14.Unspecified Low-Frequency Noise in Chopper Op-Amps,

     by Charles Gilbert, pp.127-138

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]





A Start-up Company Has Won the Best Sensor Products Award 2010


18 January 2011, Barcelona, Spain – Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S. L., a start-up, spin-off small-medium enterprise, has won the Best Sensors Products Award 2010. Every year this award is given for the most interesting from innovation point of view sensor related products by the Sensors & Transducer Magazine published by International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA). All nominated products have passed a two-stage selection: fist – for a press release publication in the Sensors & Transducers Magazine as most interesting and relevant products; second - as most innovative products among all published in the Magazine during 2010 ...


Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S. L.

C/Riera de Tena local, nş9 local 4

08014 Barcelona, Spain

Tel.: +34 680 282 682



UFDC-1 and UFDC-1M-16 ICs



Smart Load Sensor


A smart load sensor developed in the UK by Sensor Technology provides all the information needed to optimize efficiency and increase profitability of a wide range of industrial operations. The new development allows weighing processes to be fully integrated with handling operations. All live data is captured in real time and can be transferred to a database, stored, totalized and analyzed. For instance, you may need to know how much material you have transported, or you could be handling two or more materials simultaneously which need to be accounted individually; or if working for multiple customers at the same time you can bill each appropriately ...


Fiona Braithwaite

Sensor Technology Ltd.

Apollo Park, Ironstone Lane,

Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon OX15 6AY

Tel.: +44 (0)1869 238400

Fax: +44 (0)1869 238401



Smart Load Sensor



Magnetostrictive Sensor Provides Highly Accurate Long Stroke Position Measurement for Hydraulic Cylinder/Actuator Feedback and Tank Leveling


Pennsauken, NJ – January 17, 2011 -  Macro Sensors ( introduces the MLW Series of Long Stroke Linear Position Sensors for highly accurately absolute position measurement of displacements up to 1.2 meters.   Available in ranges of 300 mm (11.8”) to 1,200 mm (39.4”), these contactless linear position transducers are ideal for hydraulic cylinder and actuator feedback applications where the sensor can either be mounted externally or embedded into the cylinder or actuator body ...


Mike Puccio

U.S. Route 130 North, Bldg. 22

Pennsauken, NJ 08110-1541

Tel.: 856-662-8000

Fax: 856-317-1005


 MLW Series Linear Position Sensor



Miniature High-Frequency Piezoelectric Accelerometer as 2010 Industry Best Seller


January 5, 2010, San Juan Capistrano, California, USA – Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has announced that the Endevco® model 2222C was the company’s top-selling piezoelectric accelerometer of 2010. With a sensitivity of 1.4 pC/g and frequency range of 1 to 10k Hz (±1 dB), the high-impedance model 2222C is designed for general purpose vibration measurements of small structures or objects, such as those typically encountered with scale models, circuit boards and disk drives. The sensor’s overall weight of 0.14 gram (not including cable) effectively minimizes mass loading concerns, with a shock limit that is two times that of any other accelerometer of its size and type on the market. The model 2222C is a self-generating, adhesive mounted device that requires no external power source for operation. Units are ground isolated from the sensor mounting surface. A specially designed low-noise coaxial cable and sensor installation/removal tool are supplied for error-free operation ...


Mr. Gary Oria

Director of Product Marketing

Meggitt Sensing Systems – Measurement Group

Tel.: 949.276.0486


Model 2222C accelerometer



Spring-Loaded LVDT Position Sensors Ensure Accurate Floor Landing of Elevator Cars


Macro Sensors Spring Loaded LVDT position sensors (also known as gaging probes) are serving as integral components in control systems that ensure the accurate landing of elevator cars at building floors. As passengers travel on elevators at speeds upwards of 2,000 feet/minute, electromechanical control systems rely on sensors to provide the necessary feedback for proper alignment of elevator cars at building floors upon arrival ...


Mike Puccio

U.S. Route 130 North, Bldg. 22

Pennsauken, NJ 08110-1541

Tel.: 856-662-8000

Fax: 856-317-1005


Spring Loaded LVDT position sensors



High-Sensitivity Absolute Pressure Transducer Series


January 5, 2011, San Juan Capistrano, California, USA – Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has introduced the Endevco® model 8530C series, a family of high-sensitivity piezoresistive absolute pressure transducers, offering high output and a non-linearity of 1% at 3x over-range in a highly compact (3.86 mm face diameter) package. The unique design and performance characteristics of this series make them ideal for use in hydraulic and pneumatic pressure measurements, automotive airbag testing and transmission testing applications ...


Bruce Lent

Applications Engineer

Meggitt Sensing Systems – Measurement Group

30700 Rancho Viejo Road

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 USA

Tel.: 949.493.8181, ext. 175


Model 8530C Absolute Pressure Transducer



Innovative Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection Solution


Net Safety Monitoring has extended it's advanced flame and gas detection product portfolio with the release of our Banshee343 Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector. The product is designed to provide reliable, wide-area gas detection (toxic and/or combustible) coverage in any hazardous-area application where pressurized gas is present - regardless of the environmental conditions. Ultrasonic gas leak detection has been proven-in-use for over a decade, originally pioneered by Shell in North Sea oil platform applications. Today the technology is commonly utilized together with traditional fixed detection technologies as a 'first-line' of defense against dangerous gas leak situations in oil and gas installations. Acoustic gas leak detectors can be found world-wide in a variety of applications ...


Jonathan Saint

Marketing Manager

Net Safety Monitoring

Tel.: (403) 219-0688

Fax: (403) 219-0694


Banshee343 Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector



Variohm EuroSensor Expands Range of Pressure Switches


Towcester - UK - January 2011: Variohm EuroSensor has increased its range of pressure, vacuum and differential switches following its USA based distribution partner, World Magnetics Incorporated, recently acquiring two specialist pressure switch manufacturers to complement its existing DesignFlex range. The new product lines from Value Engineered Products Inc. and Henry G. Dietz Co, Inc. combine to make Variohm's range of standard and custom designed pressure switches one of the largest available from a UK source; with cost competitive solutions for applications as far reaching as medical equipment to agricultural machinery and from food industry to aerospace ...


Variohm EuroSensor Limited

Williams' Barn, Tiffield Road, Towcester

Northants, NN12 6HP, UK

Tel.: +44 (0) 1327 351004


Pressure Switches



Configurable 48-bit up/down Counter up to 40 MHz for Fast ABZ Encoders and Measuring Sensors


The configurable 48-bit up/down counter iC-MD is designed for the easy connection of fast incremental encoders, enabling count frequencies of up to 40 MHz. The integrated direction discriminator detects the direction of movement and moves the counter up or down with each edge at the A and B inputs. iC-MD has three input channels that can be used as differential RS422 or LVDS receivers for ABZ signals. Alternatively, three AB signal pairs with TTL levels can be processed at the six inputs. The 48-bit up/down counter can be configured as a 16, 24, 32, or 48-bit counter with differential RS422/LVDS input signals. With incremental AB encoders with TTL signal levels, up to three measuring instruments with a counter depth of 16 bits apiece can be evaluated. If only two measuring devices are connected up, either both AB encoders can be evaluated with 24 bits each or one with 16 bits and the other with 32 bits ...


Marko Hepp

iC-Haus GmbH,

Am Kuemmerling 18,

55294 Bodenheim, Germany

Tel.: +49 (6135) 9292-300, fax: +49 (6135) 9292-392


48-bit up/down Counter



ABS Certified Pressure Sensors Address Marine and Offshore Applications


Mt. Olive, NJ January 3, 2011 - American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) has obtained ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) approvals for several models of pressure sensors used in marine and offshore applications.  The ABS rating certifies that these AST sensors are approved for use on ABS classed vessels.  ABS approved pressure sensors from American Sensor Technologies offer distinct advantages and applications for ships, barges, offshore oil platforms and desalination ...

S. Sidhu,

AST Macro Sensors

450 Clark Drive, Mt. Olive, New Jersey 07828 USA

Tel.: (973) 448-1901

Fax (973) 448-1905


Pressure sensors



Modbus-Compatible Control Console for SmartBob Inventory Management System


Lincoln, Nebraska - The BinMaster Model C-100MB is a compact control console that allows control of a SmartBob sensor network via a Modbus interface, simplifying bin inventory management for organizations that utilize the Modbus communication protocol routinely in their operations. SmartBob2 and SmartBob-TS1 sensors are utilized to take automated measurements using cable-based technology and the C-100MB console then provides an interface for the Modbus master to initiate measurements, monitor measurement progress and retrieve data for any or all SmartBob sensors enabled in the C-100MB console. Remotely accessed via a Modbus interface, the C-100MB console makes it easy to control from 1 up to 120 SmartBob sensors with a few keystrokes or automatically through use of an interval timer or external start input signal ...


Jenny Christensen,

Director of Marketing


Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Tel.: 402-434-9102 / 800-278-4241


Model C-100MB control console






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