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Vol. 136, No. 1, January 2012






Table of Contents


Journal's CD 2011:


    Sensors & Transduers journal's CD 2011





1) Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems: Practical Design,

    Book Review, IFSA, pp.I-II

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]





2) Fast and Simple Measurement of Position Changes,

    White Paper, iC-Haus GmbH, pp. IV-IX

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]





3) A Novel Method of Linearizing Thermistor Characteristic Using Voltage Controlled Oscillator,

    by Narayana K. V. L and Bhujanga Rao A., pp. 1-11

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4) A Data Acquisition System Based on DSP for Mechanical Nanoscale Displacement Sensor,

    by Yong Yu, Qian Wu, Hanyu Sun, Zhengwei Li and Yunjian Ge, pp.12-24

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5) Modified AC Wheatstone Bridge Network for Accurate Measurement of Pressure Using Strain Gauge Type Pressure Sensor,

    by Subrata Chattopadhyay, Mahuya Banerjee and Sagarika Pal, pp. 25-34

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6) Fingerprint Sensors: Liveness Detection Issue and Hardware based Solutions,

    by Shahzad Memon, Nadarajah Manivannan, Azad Noor, Wamadeva Balachadran, Nikolaos V. Boulgouris, pp.35-49

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


7) Fiber Optic Vibration Sensor Using PMMA Fiber for Real Time Monitoring,

    by P. Kishore, D. Dinakar , D. Sen Gupta, P. Saidi Reddy, M. Sai Shankar, K. Srimannarayana, pp.50-58

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


8) ARM Processor Based Multisensor System Design for the Measurement of Environmental Parameters,

    by Narasimha Murthy Yayavaram, Soundara Rajan, Vishnu Vardhan, pp.59-71

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


9) A Decoupling Algorithm Based on Homotopy Theory for 3-D Tactile Sensor Arrays,

    by Junxiang Ding, Yunjian Ge, Yuan Wang, Zhaohui Wang, pp.72-82

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


10) Digital Imaging and Piezo-dispenser Actuator in Automatic Flocculation Control,

     by Jani Tomperi, Markus Honkanen, Pasi Kallio, Kauko Leiviskä, Pentti Saarenrinne, Iiris Joensuu, Marjatta Piironen, pp.83-95

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11) An Embedded Web based Real Time Application for Remote Monitoring & Controlling of MST RADAR Transmitters,

     by Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, Lakshmi Narayana Roshanna, Rajendra Prasad Thommundru, Chandrasekhar Reddy Devanna, pp.96-104

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


12) Advanced Oscilloscope Triggering Based on Signal Frequency,

     by Shakeb A. Khan, Alka Nigam, A. K. Agarwala, Mini S. Thomas, T. Islam, pp. 105-117

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


13) Pyramidal Traceability Hierarchy for Pressure Measurements and Calibrations at NIS- Egypt,

     by A. A. Eltawil, pp.118-131

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


14) Fuzzy Logic Based Autonomous Traffic Control System,

     by Muhammad Abbas, M. Saleem Khan, Nasir Ali and Syed Fazil, pp.132-146

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


15) Potential of Piezoelectric Sensors in Bio-signal Acquisition,

      by Dipali Bansal, pp.147-157

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


16) Measurement and Analysis of Sodium in Vegetables Using ATmega16 Microcontroller Based Spectrophotometer,

      by K. Murugananthan and P. Neelamegam, pp. 158-165

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems



Sensors Web Portal






Inertial Combo Sensors Market to 2016





Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 has got the Best Sensor Products Award 2011


23 January 2012, Barcelona, Spain – Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S. L., a start-up, small-medium enterprise, has won the Best Sensors Products Award 2012. “We are happy, that our Series of Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface (USTI) integrated circuit has been selected by Sensors & Transducers’ editors among the 10 Top Sensors Products 2011. This IC is intended for any sensors and transducers with frequency, period, duty-cycle, time interval, PWM, phase-shift, pulse number output as well as resistive, capacitive and resistive bridge sensing elements. The IC has 29 measuring modes, high metrological performances and wide functionalities. The USTI lets easily to design digital, smart sensors and intelligent sensor systems,” – said Mr. Javier Cañete – a company CEO ...


Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S. L.

Parc UPC-PMT, Edificio RDIT-K2M,
C/ Esteve Terradas, 1, Room 113 B
08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Tel.: +34 93 413 7941

E-mail: info@techassist2010.com

Web: http://www.techassist2010.com

Series of Universal Sensors and Transducers (USTI)



Miniature TEDS Accelerometers for Multi-Channel Modal Testing


January 15, 2012, Novi, Michigan, USA – Kistler North America has introduced a new family of single axis and triaxial lightweight, miniature PiezoBeam® IEPE accelerometers with optional TEDS, designed for the multi-channel modal and structural analysis of small or thin-walled structures, components and subsystems, as well as full vehicle testing within automotive, aerospace, commercial aviation and general laboratory testing environments. The single axis Kistler Type 8640A is the company’s dimensionally smallest, lowest mass PiezoBeam® IEPE accelerometer model, weighing just 3.5 grams. Offered in ranges of ±5 g, ±10 g and ±50 g with sensitivities from 1000 mV/g to 100 mV/g, the sensor’s ceramic cantilever beam sensing element is thermally compensated using patented methods that allow it to emit an electrical charge proportional to vibration ...


Bill Zwolinski
Test & Measurement Business Unit Manager
Kistler North America
Tel.: +716.812.9933

E-mail: bill.zwolinski@kistler.com

Accelerometer 8688A



Optical Sensor Combines Ambient Light and Proximity Sensors for Optical Fusion


Sunnyvale, CA - January 3, 2012 - Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has introduced the MAX44000, a digital ambient-light and infrared proximity sensor that detects light like a human eye. Designed using the company’s proprietary BiCMOS technology, this IC integrates three optical sensors, two ADCs, and digital functionality into a tiny 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm package. This integration saves valuable board space while delivering optical fusion and unparalleled light-sensing performance ...


Ferda Millan

Public Relations

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

120 San Gabriel Drive,

Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA

Tel.: (408) 470-5581

Ambient-light and infrared proximity sensor MAX44000



High Capacity Load Cell for use in Washdown and Harsh Environments


Variohm EuroSensor has increased its range of high capacity load cells with the new low-profile BM24R series from its exclusive distribution partner ZEMIC. The range has C3, C4, and C5 OIML R60 approval categories for legal-for-trade accuracy covering loads from 60 kg to 60 t in seven sizes - spanning 63 mm to 140 mm nominal diameter. The hermetically sealed load cell is finished in stainless steel with laser welded diaphragms and a glass to metal cable entry ...


Graham Pattison

Variohm Eurosensor Limited

Williams' Barn

Tiffield Road, Towcester

Northants, NN12 6HP

Tel.: +44 (0) 1327 351004

E-mail: graham@variohm.com

Load cell BM24R



non contact torque sensor with angle and rotation speed measurement options


Towcester – UK – January 2012: Ixthus Instrumentation has launched a new non-contacting precision torque sensor with optional measurement of shaft angle and speed from its distribution partner Burster, the leading German sensor manufacturer. The new 8661 series provides precise and convenient measurement of static and bi-directional rotating torques from 0...0.05 Nm to 0...200 Nm with full-scale accuracy to 0.05 % for analysing breakaway, holding and tightening torques in mechanical power applications across manufacturing quality control, field service investigation and R&D ...


John Tyrrell

Ixthus Instrumentation Limited

The Stables

Williams’ Barns

Tiffield Road

Towcester, Northants NN12 6HP

Tel.: +44 (0)1327 353437

E-mail john@ixthus.co.uk

8661 series of non contact torque sensor



Handheld VSA-3300 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers


Datastick Systems, Inc. has announced four new rugged VSA-3300 models in its line of affordable, handheld VSA Vibration Spectrum Analyzers, which are used to detect and diagnose problems in rotating and reciprocating machinery before unpredicted breakdowns occur, thus saving money and downtime. New version 2.0 of Datastick Spectrum software for the handheld computer was also announced. The new models build on the proven track record of the VSA-1200 analyzers used by reliability, equipment maintenance and facilities managers in predictive maintenance, conditions-based monitoring, troubleshooting, and diagnosing the root causes of equipment failures. The new rugged VSA-3300s utilize the IP-67-rated Meazura MEZ-1500 handheld computer, so that an external rugged case is no longer required for environments where there is dust or moisture. With the new VSA-3300s, both the handheld computer and the VSA module are ruggedized ...


Penny F. Melrose,

Datastick Systems, Inc.

San Jose, California, USA

Tel.: (408) 987-3400

E-mail: PRoffice@datastick.com

VSA-3300 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers



TruTorque™ Torque Screwdrivers


An important development in torque tools has taken place with the launch of an innovative range of Norbar TruTorque™ torque screwdrivers. The selection includes adjustable tools providing exceptional flexibility of use and also fixed torque versions, ‘P’ Types, that have been designed for the production environment and pre-set for specific workplace demands. These new Norbar products are safe, easy-to-use and extraordinarily accurate, to better than the International Standard. They offer high performance capabilities for dealing with a wide range of precision tasks requiring sensitive and safe screw connection ...


Norbar Torque Tools Ltd,

Beaumont Road, Banbury,

Oxfordshire, UK OX16 1XJ

Tel.: +44 (0)1295 270333

E-mail: enquiry@norbar.com

Torque Screwdriver



Smart and Low Cost Chip for Motion-enabled Remote Controls


GreenPeak Technologies has announced the launch of the new GP570 chip that will allow the development of low cost motion-enabled remote controls, addressing the growing demand for smarter and intuitive navigation of interactive entertainment services offered by operators. Operators and consumer electronics manufacturers adopt motion sensing for their remote controls to enhance the consumer's user experience with intuitive browsing and navigation extending into new interactive entertainment services. GreenPeak's GP570, highly integrated single SoC solution, enables building cost-effective motion-enabled remote controls, which will allow mass market adoption of the new generation remote controls to become a reality ...


Elly Schietse,


Vinkenburgstraat 2A

3512AB Utrecht

The Netherlands

Tel.: +32 52 45 87 30

E-mail: elly.schietse@greenpeak.com

GP570 chip



Flue Gas Combustion Analyzers


A wide range of Flue Gas Analyzers are now offered from Wahl Instruments, Inc.  Included in our Test & Calibration equipment catalog, two different lines of analyzers are available; both G Line and U Line models  are offered to serve the industrial or professional HVAC technician, including those in compliance with EPA Protocols CTM-030 and CTM-034. The most commonly used fuels are pre-loaded at the factory, with other fuels available with included GasConfig software for PC on most models. By measuring the quantities and concentrations of gases present in exhaust, these combustion analysis tools allow the user to maintain the safest and most efficient conditions possible for their environment and equipment ...


Palmer Wahl

Tel.: (828)658-3131

Fax: (828)658-0728

E-mail: sales@palmerwahl.com



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Vol. 13, December 2011






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