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Title: Sensors & Transducers Journal

Description: The peer reviewed international journal devoted to research, development and application of sensors and transducers

Publisher: International Frequency Sensors Association (IFSA)

ISSN: 1726-5479

e-Impact Factor 2008: 205.767

Format:  pdf-format, CD-ROM

Language: English

Number of Issues on CD: 12 regular issues + 2 special issues:

  • Intelligent Data Acquisition and Smart Sensors Systems (selected paper from the 5th IEEE Workshop on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS), 21-23 September, 2009, Rende (Cosenza), Italy, Vol.8, February 2010

  • Modern Sensing Technologies III (selected paper from the 4th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST ´2010),
    3-5 June 2010, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy, Vol.9, December 2010

Volumes: 112-123

Year: 2010

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Vol. 112, Issue 1, January 2010



Research Articles


Design of an Acoustic Displacement Transducer

Tariq Al Mograbi, Mohammad A. K. Alia, Mohammad Abuzalata, pp.1-9


Vibration Analysis Based on Hammer Impact for Fouling Detection using Microphone and Accelerometer as Sensors

Jaidilson Silva, Antonio Marcus Lima, Helmut Neff and José Sérgio Rocha Neto, pp.10-23


Simulation of the Two-Phase Liquid – Gas Flow through Ultrasonic Transceivers Application in Ultrasonic Tomography

Zulkarnay Zakaria, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, pp.24-38


Image Reconstructions of a Portable Optical CT-Scan Using an NIR Light Source

Margi Sasono and Hariyadi Soetedjo, pp. 39-46


Statistical Feature Extraction and Recognition of Beverages Using Electronic Tongue

P. C. Panchariya and A. H. Kiranmayee, pp. 47-63


Modeling and Verification of Heat Fields by Virtual Instrumentation

Libor Hargaš, Dušan Koniar, Miroslav Hrianka, Anna Príkopová, pp. 64-72


PC Based Instrument for the Measurement of Dielectric Constant of Liquids

V. V. Ramana C. H. and Malakondaiah K., pp. 73-79


Development of Laser LEDs Based a Programmable Optical Sensor for Detection of Environmental Pollutants

Amit K. Sharma and R. K. Tiwari, pp. 80-94


Performance Evaluation and Robustness Testing of Advanced Oscilloscope Triggering Schemes

Shakeb A. Khan, Alka Nigam, A. K. Agarwala, Mini S.Thomas, pp.95-106


Design and Development of an Embedded System for Testing the Potentiometer Linearity

Raghavendra Rao Kanchi, Nagamani Gosala, pp. 107-117


Development of an FPGA Based Embedded System for High Speed Object Tracking

Chandrashekar Matham, Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, pp. 118-123


A New Algorithm of Compensation of the Time Interval Error GPS-Based Measurements

Jonny Paul Zavala de Paz, Yuriy S. Shmaliy, pp. 124-137


Colour Determination and Change of Sensory Properties of Mayonnaise with Different Contents of Oil depending on Length of Storage

Višnja M. Sikimić, Jovanka V. Popov-Raljić, Branislav P. Zlatković, Nada Lakić, pp.138-165


Dynamically Functioning Structure and Problem of Measurements of Rapidly Time-Varying Processes: Dream or Reality

George Abramchuk, Kristina Abramchuk, pp.166-174





Vol. 113, Issue 2, February 2010


Research Articles


Biosensors and Biochips for Nanomedical Applications: a Review
by Sarmishtha Ghoshal, Debasis Mitra, Sudip Roy, Dwijesh Dutta Majumder, pp.1-17

Crossed-Optical-Fiber Oxygen Sensors with Intensity and Temperature Referencing for Use in High-Spatial-Resolution Sensor Arrays
by Maria Veronica Rigo, Robert Olsson and Peter Geissinger, pp.18-32


Humidity Response of Polyaniline Based Sensor
by Mamta Pandey, Atul Srivastava, Anchal Srivastava, Rajesh Kumar Shukla, pp.33-40
Epoxy Resin Modified Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor for Chemical Warfare Agent Sulfur Mustard Vapor Detection
by Rajendra Bunkar, K. D. Vyas, V. K. Rao, Sunil Kumar, Beer Singh, M. P. Kaushik, pp.41-47

Humidity Sensing Properties of CuO, ZnO and NiO Composites
Vedhakkani Jeseentharani, Boniface Jeyaraj, John Pragasam, Arunachalam Dayalan, Karachalacheruvu Seetharamaiah Nagaraja, pp.48-55

Optical Behavior by Congo Red Doped in Polymer and Sol-Gel Film
A. Kazemzadeh, R. Kashanaki and M. R. Hassanzadeh, pp.56-62


Ammonia Gas Sensing Characteristics of Chemically Synthesized Polyaniline Matrix
by Ravindra G. Bavane, Mahendra D. Shirsat, and Ashok M. Mahajan, pp.63-70

The Use of Calixarene Thin Films in the Sensor Array for VOCs Detection and Olfactory Navigation
by Alan F. Holloway, Alexei Nabok, Abbass A. Hashim, Jacques Penders, pp.71-81


Synthesis of WO3-Polyaniline Composites and their Gas Sensing Properties
by L. A. Patil, J. P. Talegaonkar, pp.82-94
Effect of Firing Temperature on the Composition and Micro Structural Parameters of Screen Printed SnO2 Thick Films Resistors
by A. S. Garde and R. Y. Borse, pp.95-106

Influence of Firing Temperature on Compositional and Structural Characteristics of ZrO2 Thick Films Gas Sensor
by S. J. Patil, C. G. Dighavkar, A. V. Patil, R. Y. Borse, pp.107-114

Development of Piezoelectric DNA-Based Biosensor for Direct Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Clinical Specimens
by Thongchai Kaewphinit, Somchai Santiwatanakul, Chamras Promptmas and Kosum Chansiri, pp.115-126

An Electrochemical Oxalate Biosensor Based on CA Membrane Bound Sorghum Oxalate Oxidase
by R. Chaudhary and C. S. Pundir, pp.127-139

Detection of a BSA-Biotin-Conjugate by a Novel Immunosensor
 by Lok Hang Mak, Meinhard Knoll, Nico Dankbar, Tanja Fisbeck,Andreas Gorschlüter, pp.140-149

Heat Treatment of Nanocrystalline ZnO and AZO Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
by K. C. Dubey, Dharmendra Mishra, Anchal Srivastava and R. K. Shukla, pp.150-157

A Model Linked to E. Coli Related to Electrostrictive Energy in Cancer Cell
by T. K. Basak, T. Ramanujam, Suman Halder, Poonam Goyal, Prachi Mohan Kulshestha, Arpita Gupta, S. Jeybalan, V. Cyrilraj, Sudhir Patil, Narendra Mustare, pp.158-166

Electrical and Dielectric Properties of New Natural Cellulosic Fabric Grewia Tilifolia
by Jayaramudu J., V. V. Ramana C.H. and Varadarajulu A., pp.167-175





Vol. 8, Special Issue, February 2010


Research Articles

Fernando López Peña and Wieslaw Winiecki, pp.I-II


Multichannel Data Acquisition System for Smart Sensors and Transducers

Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.1-12


Public Transportation Based Dynamic Urban Pollution Monitoring System

Fernando Lopez-Peña, Gervasio Varela, Alejandro Paz-Lopez, Richard J. Duro and Francisco J. González-Castaño, pp.13-25


Capacitive Sensing for Contact-less Proximity Detection in Industrial Marble Machines

Sergio Saponara, Fabrizio Iacopetti, Luca Fanucci, Bruno Neri, pp.26-41


Monitoring of Acoustic Emissions in Civil Engineering Structures by Using Time Frequency Representation

Francesco Lamonaca, Antonio Carrozzini, pp.42-53


Testing of CAN Based Automotive Distributed Systems Using a Flexible Set of IP Functions

Jiří Novák, pp. 54-64


PVDF Based Sonar for a Remote Web System to Control Mobile Robots

A. S. Fiorillo, F. Lamonaca, S. A. Pullano, pp.65-73


AHB-Compliant Bridge with Programmable Frequency Downscaling for Efficient off Chip Digital Communication of Pin-limited Automotive Smart IC Sensors

Tommaso Cecchini, Francesco Sechi, Sergio Saponara, Luca Fanucci, pp.74-87


Electric Sensors for Express-Method Checking of Liquid Quality Level Monitoring

Petro Stolyarchuk, Vasyl Yatsuk, Yevhen Pokhodylo, Maryna Mikhalieva, Taras Boyko, Olena Basalkevych, pp. 88-98





Vol. 114, Issues 3, March 2010




Sensors: Smart vs. Intelligent

Sergey Y. Yurish, pp. I-VI




Research Articles


Novel Sensors for Food Inspections

by Mohd. Syaifudin Bin Abdul Rahman, Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay and Pak Lam Yu, pp. 1-40


A Neural Network Approach to Fluid Level Measurement in Dynamic Environments Using a Single Capacitive Sensor

by Edin Terzic, Romesh Nagarajah, Muhammad Alamgir, pp.41-55


Novel Orthogonal Signal Based Decomposition of Digital Signals: Application to Sensor Fusion

by Abdul Faheem Mohed, Garimella Rama Murthy and Ram Bilas Pachori, pp.56-65


A Multiobjective Fuzzy Inference System based Deployment Strategy for a Distributed Mobile Sensor Network

by Amol P. Bhondekar, Gagan Jindal, T. Ramakrishna Reddy, C. Ghanshyam, Ashavani Kumar, Pawan Kapur and M. L. Singla, pp.66-82


A Low Cost and High Speed Electrical Capacitance Tomography System Design

 by Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Zhen Cong Tee, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Jayasuman Pusppanathan, pp.83-101


Fiber Optic Long Period Grating Based Sensor for Coconut Oil Adulteration Detection

by T. M. Libish, J. Linesh, P. Biswas, S. Bandyopadhyay, K. Dasgupta and P. Radhakrishnan, pp.102-111


Type Identification of Unknown Thermocouple Using Principle Component Analysis

by Palash Kundu and Gautam Sarkar, pp.112-121


A Dynamic Micro Force Sensing Probe Based on PVDF

by Qiangxian Huang, Kang Ni, Nan Shi, Maosheng Hou, Xiaolong Wang, pp.122-131


LED-Based Colour Sensing System

by Ibrahim Al-Bahadly and Rashid Berndt, pp.132-150


Design and Development of Black Box for Analyzing Accidents in Indian Railways

by Alka Dubey and Ashish Verma, pp.151-160


Use of the Maximum Torque Sensor to Reduce the Starting Current in the Induction Motor

by Muchlas and Hariyadi Soetedjo, pp.161-169


Implementation of FPGA based PID Controller for DC Motor Speed Control System

by Savita Sonoli, Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, pp.170-183


ZigBee Radio with External Low-Noise Amplifier

by Allan Huynh, Jingcheng Zhang, Qin-Zhong Ye and Shaofang Gong, pp.184-191





Vol. 115, Issue 4, April 2010


Research Articles


Role of MEMS in Biomedical Application: A Review,

by Himani Sharma, P. A. Alvi, S. Dalela and J. Akhtar, pp.1-10


Novel Pressure Sensor for Aerospace Purposes,

by T. Beutel, M. Leester-Schädel, P. Wierach, M. Sinapius and S. Büttgenbach, pp.11-19


Design and Implementation of an Embedded Digital Throwing System Based on MEMS Multiaxial Accelerometer,

by Zhen Gao and Dan Zhang, pp.20-28


On the Modeling of a MEMS Based Capacitive Accelerometer for Measurement of Tractor Seat Vibration,

by M. Alidoost, G. Rezazadeh, M. Hadad-Derafshi, pp.29-42


Optimization of Contact Force and Pull-in Voltage for Series based MEMS Switch,

by Abhijeet Kshirsagar, S. P. Duttagupta, S. A. Gangal, pp.43-47


Fully on-chip High Q Inductors based on Microtechnologies,

by Kriyang Shah, Nazuhusna Khalid, Jugdutt Singh, Hai P. Le, John Devlin and Zaliman Sauli, pp.48-60


A Combined Thermo-Electrostatic MEMS-Based Switch with Low Actuation Voltage,

by Parisa Mahmoudi, Habib Badri Ghavifekr, Esmail Najafiaghdam, pp.61-70


Output Force Enhancement of Scratch Drive Actuator in Low-Voltage Region by Using Flexible Joint,

by Shawn Chen, Chiawei Chang and Wensyang Hsu, pp.71-82


Electroplated Nickel Micromirror Array,

by Mahmoud Almasri and Albert B. Frazier, pp. 83-91


Pull-In Phenomenon Investigation in Nonlinear Electromechanical Coupled System by Distributed Model Frequency Analysis Method,

by Ahmadali Tahmasebi-Moradi, Fatemeh Abdolkarimzadeh and Ghader Rezazadeh, pp. 92-107


Generic Compact Model of Double-Gate MOSFETs Applicable to Different Operation Modes and Channels,

by Xingye Zhou, Jian Zhang, Lining Zhang, Chenyue Ma, Xing Zhang, Jin He and Mansun Chan, pp. 108-115


The Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Nematic Liquid Crystals based Chemical and Biological Sensors with Electroplated Microstructures,

by Jun Namkung and Robert G. Lindquist, pp.116-123


Analytic Calculation of Forces and Torques on a Silicon Die under Fluidic Self-alignment,

by R. C. Woods, pp.124-134


Silicon Die Self-alignment on a Wafer: Stable and Unstable Modes,

by Jean Berthier, Kenneth Brakke, François Grossi, Loïc Sanchez, Léa DI Cioccio, pp.135-150


A Method to Improve the SGADER Process and Fabricate Ultra-thick Proof Mass Inertial Sensors under the Same DRIE Technique,

by Haifeng Dong, Jianli Li, pp.151-159


Design of Novel Paper-based Inkjet Printed Rounded Corner Bowtie Antenna for RFID Applications,

by Yasar Amin, Julius Hållstedt, Hannu Tenhunen, Li-Rong Zheng, pp.160-167





Vol. 116, Issue 5, May 2010


Research Articles


Composite Cavity Fiber Laser for Sensor Applications

Asrul Izam Azmi, Ian Leung, Paul Childs and Gang-Ding Peng, pp.1-12


Design, Development and Testing of a Semi Cylindrical Capacitive Sensor for Liquid Level Measurement

Sagarika Pal, Rasmiprava Barik, pp.13-20


Humidity Sensitivity of MgCr2O4-TiO2-LiO2 Ceramics Sensor Prepared by Sol-Gel Routes

H. Y. He, pp.21-27


Effect on Ethanol Gas Sensing Performance of Cu Addition to TiO2 Thick Films

C. G. Dighavkar, A. V. Patil, S. J. Patil and R. Y. Borse, pp.28-37


Feasibility of Passive Gas Sensor Based on Whispering Gallery Modes and its RADAR Interrogation: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations

Hamida Hallil, Franck Chebila, Philippe Menini and Hervé Aubert, pp.38-48


Simulation-Driven Development and Optimization of a High-Performance Six-Dimensional Wrist Force/Torque Sensor

Qiaokang Liang, Dan Zhang, Quanjun Song and Yunjian Ge, pp.49-60


Kalman Smoothing and Wavelet Analysis for Inertial Data of Human Movement Disorder Motion

Wesley Teskey, Mohamed Elhabiby and Naser El-Sheimy, pp.61-75


Two-Phase Flow Regime Identification by Ultrasonic Computerized Tomography

Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Jaysuman Pusppanathan, pp.76-82


Approximations in Calculating Stray Capacitance of Printed Spiral Inductors

R. C. Woods, pp.83-88


Harmonic Response of Magneto-electro-elastic Sensors Bonded to Cylindrical Shells

B. Biju, N. Ganesan and K. Shankar, pp.89-103


Ultra High Voltage Surge Waveforms Measurement Using an Optical Transducer

Francisco G. Peña-Lecona, J. Muñoz-Maciel, G. Gómez-Rosas, Francisco J. Casillas-Rodríguez,

M. Mora-González, Víctor M. Durán-Ramírez and C. Castillo-Quevedo, pp.104-111


Transverse Micro-structuring of Photonic Crystal Fibers for Industrial Sensors and Side Viewing Probes for Optical Coherence Tomography Applications

Sanjay Kher, Manoj Kumar Saxena, Smita Chaube, Amit Keskar, Subhashish Tiwari, S. M. Oak, pp.112-121


Stability of High Temperature Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers at High Temperatures

Y. A. Abdelaziz and F. M. Megahed, pp.122-130


Angle-tip Fiber Probe as Humidity Sensor

Pabitra Nath, pp. 131-138





Vol. 117, Issue 6, June 2010


Research Articles


A Holistic Approach to Automated Synthesis of Mixed-technology Digital MEMS Sensors Part 1: Layout Synthesis of MEMS Component with Distributed Mechanical Dynamics,

Chenxu Zhao and Tom J. Kazmierski, pp.1-15


A Holistic Approach to Automated Synthesis of Mixed-technology Digital MEMS Sensors Part 2: Synthesis of a MEMS System with Associated Control Loop,

Chenxu Zhao and Tom J. Kazmierski, pp.16-28


Realization of a Solid-Propellant based Microthruster Using Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics,

Jaya Thakur, Rudra Pratap, Yannick Fournier, Thomas Maeder, Peter Ryser, pp.29-40


A Numerical Approach to Investigate of Pull-In Phenomenon of Circular Micro Plate Subjected to Nonlinear Electrostatic Pressure,

Farzad Choobdar Rahim, pp.41-49


Surface Electromyographic Sensor for Human Motion Estimation Based on Arm Wrestling Robot,

Zhen Gao and Dan Zhang, pp.50-61


Study of Microstructural Parameters of Screen Printed ZnO Thick Film Sensors,

A. V. Patil, C. G. Dighavkar, S. K. Sonawane, U. P. Shinde, S. J. Patil and R. Y. Borse, pp.62-70


Development of Analytical Results for the Fluidic Self-alignment Torque on a Silicon Die,

R. C. Woods, pp.71-77


Metrology of Temperature Transducer based on Raman Effect,

Bogdan Stadnyk, Sviatoslav Yatsyshyn, Oleh Seheda, pp.78-84


Compensation of a Primary Transducer Resistance Alteration by Changing the Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics of a Noise-Thermometer Input Circle,

Bogdan Stadnyk, Ihor Mykytyn, pp.85-91


Effect of Different Post Deposition Annealing Treatments on Properties of Zinc Oxide Thin Films,

Arti Arora, Anil Arora, P. J. George, V. K. Dwivedi, Vinay Gupta, pp.92-98


Development of Ultrasonic Transmission-Mode Tomography for Water-Particles Flow,

Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, pp.99-105


Influence of Temperature on Current-Voltage Characteristics and Noise of Hydrogen Sensors,

Z. H. Mkhitaryan, V. M. Aroutiounian, A. A. Durgaryan, pp.106-111


Thermo-oxidation in Arauco and Arbequina Extra-virgin Olive Oil. Changes in Odour using and Electronic Nose and SPME-GC-FID,

Valeria Messina, Andrea Biolatto, Adriana Descalzo, Ana Sancho, Noemí E. Walsöe de Reca, pp.112-119


Effect of SiO2 Overlayer on WO3 Sensitivity to Ammonia,

Vibha Srivastava and Kiran Jain, pp.120-128





Vol. 118, Issue 7, July 2010


Research Articles


Wireless Remote Monitoring System for Cultural Heritage

Allan Huynh, Jingcheng Zhang, Qin-Zhong Ye and Shaofang Gong, pp.1-12


Design of the Remote Climate Control System for Cultural Buildings Utilizing ZigBee Technology

Jingcheng Zhang, Allan Hyunh, Qinzhong Ye, Shaofang Gong, pp.13-27


Modeling Energy & Reliability of a CNT based WSN on an HPC Setup

Rohit Pathak, Satyadhar Joshi, pp.28-45


Evaluation of the Pressure in the Sacrum of a Person on an Automobile Seat Exposed to a Sinusoidal Vibration with ZigBee Network

Alexandre Balbinot and Leonardo Moro, pp.46-58


Energy Level Performance and Optimum Packet Size in Wireless Sensor Networks in Presence of Rayleigh Fading

Arnab Nandi and Sumit Kundu, pp.59-72


Energy Level Performance of Packet Delivery Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks in Shadowed Channel

Arnab Nandi and Sumit Kundu, pp.73-86


Performance Analysis of CDMA Wireless Sensor Networks in Shadowed Environment

U. Datta, C. Kundu, S. Kundu, pp.87-100


Survey is based on Synchronized and Asynchronized Approach of MAC Protocols in WSN

Soni Chaurasia, Siddhartha Chauhan, pp.101-109


ZigBee Radio with External Power Amplifier and Low-Noise Amplifier

Allan Huynh, Jingcheng Zhang, Qin-Zhong Ye and Shaofang Gong, pp.110-121


Improvement in the Sensitivity of PbO Doped Tin Oxide Thick Film Gas Sensor by RF and Microwave Oxygen Plasma Treatment

 J. K. Srivastava, Preeti Pandey, V. N. Mishra and R. Dwivedi, pp.122-130


Design of Control and Interlocking System for a Typical Radar Transmitter

Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, Nagabhushana Katte, Manikumar C., Rajendra Prasad T., pp.131-135


Towards Improving the Geolocation Estimates Using Light Tags

Prajas John, Adrine Antony Correya, Jaison Peter, Supriya M. H. and P. R. Saseendran Pillai, 136-143


Attitude Modeling Using Kalman Filter Approach for Improving the Geometric Accuracy of Cartosat-1 Data Products

Nita H. Shah, B. Islam, pp.144-155


Design and Development of an Automatic Level Crossing Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network in West Central Railway Zone

Alka Dubey, Ashish Verma, pp. 156-163





Vol. 119, Issue 8, August 2010


Research Articles


Fully Decoupled Compliant Parallel Mechanism: a New Solution for the Design of Multidimensional Accelerometer

by Zhen Gao and Dan Zhang, pp.1-13


Optical Temperature Probe Based on the Fluorescence Decay Time of Tris-(dibenzoylmethane) mono (5-amino-1,10-phenanthroline)-europium(III)

by Hung T. Lam, Leah Tolosa, Govind Rao, pp.14-21


Applications of InAs Hall Effect Sensors

by H. Bourbaba, C. Benachaiba , S. Kadri , A. Saidane, pp.22-29


A Simple Model for Complex Fabrication of MEMS Based Pressure Sensor: A Challenging Approach

by Himani Sharma, P. A. Alvi and J. Akhtar, pp.30-45


Acoustic Temperature Transducer

by Tariq M. Younes, Mohammad A. K. Alia, Shebel Al-Sabbah, pp.46-57


Theoretical Performance of GaAs Solar Cell, with Band Gap Gradient Layer on the Back Region

by Hassane Benslimane, Hemmani Abderahman, and Helmaoui Abderrachid, pp.58-64


Design of Simple Instrumentation System for the Quality Analysis of Milk (Casein Analysis)

by V. G. Sangam, M. Sandesh., S. Krishna., S. Mahadevanna, pp.65-71


Development of a Portable Water Quality Analyzer

by Germán Comina, Martin Nissfolk, José Luís Solís, pp.72-81


A Modified Technique of Active Power Measurement for Industrial Frequency Applications

by Satish Chandra Bera and Dhritinandan Kole, pp.82-90


New Organic Solvent Free Three-Component Waterproof Epoxy-Polyamine Systems

by C. M. Lacnjevac, S. Zlatković, S. Cakić, J. Stamenković, M. B. Rajkovic, G. Nikolić and S. Jelic, pp.91-103


Measurement Equation is to be Extensively Used: What One May Expect from Dynamic Measurements

by Kristina Abramchuk, George Abramchuk, pp.104-116


Preparation and study the Electrical, Structural and Gas Sensing Properties of ZnO Thick Film Resistor

by M. K. Deore, V. B. Gaikwad, N. K. Pawar, S. D. Shinde, D. D. Kajale, G. H. Jain, pp.117-128


Amperometric Glucose Biosensor Based on Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase in Polyethylenemine and Poly (carbamolylsuphonate) Polymer Matrix

by U. B. Trivedi, D. Lakshminarayana, I. L. Kothari, N. G. Patel, H. N. Kapse, P. B. Patel, C. J. Panchal, pp.129-141


Development of Bio-analyzer for the Determination of Urinary Chloride

by R. Vasumathi, P. Neelamegam, pp.142-150


Identification and Speed Control of PMDC Motor Using Time Moments

by Prasanta Sarkar, Sagarika Pal, Swadhin Sambit Das, pp.151-161


Parameter Estimation and Speed Control of PMDC Servo Motor Using Method of Time Moments

by Prasanta Sarkar, Sagarika Pal, Swadhin Sambit Das, pp.162-173


Determination of the Region of Stabilizing Controller Parameters of Polytopic Polynomials

by I. Thirunavukkarasu, V. I. George, Mukund Kumar Menon, S. Shanmuga Priya, pp.174-181


Identification of Natural Ventilation Parameters in a Greenhouse with Continuous Roof Vents, Using a PSO and GAs

by Abdelhafid Hasni, Belkacem Draoui, Mahieddine Latfaoui and Thierry Boulard, pp.182-192


Dynamic Modeling of Step Climbing Wheeled Robot

by Srijan Bhattacharya, Neeta Sahay, Sagarika Pal, Subrata Chattopadhyay, pp.193-206


ECG Signal Denoising and QRS Complex Detection by Wavelet Transform Based Thresholding

    by Swati Banerjee, Dr. Madhuchhanda Mitra, pp.207-214


Admittance, Conductance, Reactance and Susceptance of New Natural Fabric Grewia Tilifolia

by V. V. Ramana C. H., Jayaramudu J., Jeevan Prasad Reddy D., Madhusudhana Rao K. and Varadarajulu A., pp.215-222


Role of Catecholamine in Tumor Angiogenesis Linked to Capacitance Relaxation Phenomenon

by Guangyue Shi, Guanjie Sui, Jianxia Jiang, T. K. Basak, pp.223-229





Vol. 120, Issue 9, September 2010


Research Articles


Design of a Modular Signal Conditioning Circuit for Biopotential Sensors,

by Winncy Y. Du, Winston Jose, Jake Askeland, pp.1-12


MEMS Accelerometers Sensors: an Application in Virtual Reality,

by Daniel Corrêa, Douglas Santos, Leonardo Contini, Alexandre Balbinot, pp.13-26


Contactless Quality Monitoring Sensor Based on Electrical Conductivity Measurements,

by Armin Satz, W. Granig, D. Tumpold and F. Reininger, pp.27-37


Gas Sensing Properties of Pure and Cr Activated WO3 Thick Film Resistors,

by V. B. Gaikwad, R. L. Patil, M. K. Deore, R. M. Chaudhari, P. D. Hire, S. D. Shinde, G. H. Jain, pp.38-52


Ellipsometric Immunosensor for Detection of Amyloid Precursor Protein with a View of Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostics,

by Alexei Nabok, Mohd Kamarulzaki Mustafa, David Parkinson, Anna Tsargorodskaya, pp.53-61


Optical Tomography System: Charge-coupled Device Linear Image Sensors,

by M. Idroas, R. Abdul Rahim, M. H. Fazalul Rahiman, R. G. Green, M. N. Ibrahim, pp.62-69


Spray Pyrolyzed Polycrystalline Tin Oxide Thin Film as Hydrogen Sensor,

by Ganesh E. Patil, D. D. Kajale, D. N. Chavan, N.K. Pawar, V. B. Gaikwad, G. H. Jain, pp.70-79


Research of a Novel Three-dimensional Force Flexible Tactile Sensor Based on Conductive Rubber,

by Fei Xu, Yunjian Ge, pp.80-91


Induction Magnetometers – Design Peculiarities,

by Valeriy Korepanov, Vira Pronenko, pp.92-106


Noise Feature Analysis in Pulse Temperature Modulated MOS Gas Sensors,

by Nimisha Dutta and Manabendra Bhuyan, pp.107-108


Drowsy Driver Detection via Steering Wheel,

by Herlina Abdul Rahim, Zulkifli Yusop and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, pp.119-133


Microwave Detection of Soil Moisture Using C-Band Rectangular Waveguide,

by Jayesh Pabari, Shrutisingh Yadav and Rajani Singh, pp.134-141


Performance Characterization of a Long-Stroke Direct-Drive Electromagnetic Linear Actuator,

by Mohammad I. Kilani, pp.142-151


Sensitivity Enhancement of Biochemical Sensors Based on Er+3 Doped Microsphere Coupled to an External Mirror,

by Alireza Bahrampour, Azam Gholampour Azhir, Razie Taghiabadi, Kazem Rahimi Yazdi, pp.152-161


Design and Development of Embedded Based System for the Measurement of Dielectric Constant Spectroscopy for Liquids,

by V. V. Ramana C. H., Narsinga Rao S., Ashok Kumar M., Jayaramudu J., Kathalingam A., Sudhakar S., Mi-Ra Kim, Yeon-Sik Chae and Jin-Koo Rhee, pp.162-170


Implementation of Distributed Measurement Process on Clinical Blood Analyzer,

by P. Neelamegam, S. Kumaravel, K. Murugananthan, pp.171-181





Vol. 121, Issue 10, October 2010


Book Review


Computational Sensor Network: Book Review,

by Sergey Y. Yurish, pp.I-II



Research Articles


ANN Modeling of a Chemical Humidity Sensing Mechanism,

by Souhil Kouda, Zohir Dibi, Fayçal Meddour, Abdelghani Dendouga and Samir Barra, pp.1-9


Design of Artificial Neural Network-Based pH Estimator,

by Shebel A. Alsabbah, Maazouz A. Salahat and Mohammad K. Abuzalata, pp.10-17


Improved RBF Neural Network Based Soft Sensor: Application to the Optimal Robust Calibration of a Six Degrees of Freedom Parallel Kinematics Manipulator,

by Dan Zhang and Zhen Gao, pp.18-28


Real Time Interfacing of a Transducer with a Non-Linear Process using Simulated Annealing,

by S. M. Giriraj Kumar, K. Ramkumar, Bodla Rakesh, Sanjay Sarma O. V. and Deepak Jayaraj, pp.29-41


Visible and Near Infrared (VIS-NIR) Spectroscopy: Measurement and Prediction of Soluble Solid Content of Apple,

by Herlina Abdul Rahim, Kim Seng Chia and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, pp.42-49


Control System Design for Cylindrical Tank Process Using Neural Model Predictive Control Technique,

by M. Sridevi, P. Madhavasarma, S. Sundaram, pp.50-55


Application of Genetic Algorithm for Tuning of a PID Controller for a Real Time Industrial Process,

by S. M. Giri Rajkumar, Atal. A. Kumar, N. Anantharaman, pp.56-67


Modeling and Control of Multivariable Process Using Intelligent Techniques,

by Subathra Balasubramanian, Radhakrishnan T. K., pp.68-76


Limitations of Feedback, Feedforward and IMC Controller for a First Order Non-Linear Process with Dead Time,

by Maruthai Suresh and Ranganathan Rani Hemamalini, pp.77-93


Embedded Based DC Motor Speed Control System,

by Chandrasekhar T., Nagabhushan Raju K., V. V. Ramana C. H., Nagabhushana KATTE and Mani Kumar C., pp.94-105


Real Time Implementation of a DC Motor Speed Control by Fuzzy Logic Controller and PI Controller Using FPGA,

by G. Sakthivel, T. S. Anandhi, S. P. Natarajan, pp.106-120


IDC Based Battery-free Wireless Pressure Sensor,

by Jose G. Villalobos, Zhen Xu, and Yi Jia, pp.121-132


Energy Efficient MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks,

by Pekka Koskela, Mikko Valta and Tapio Frantti, pp.133-143





Vol. 122, Issue 11, November 2010


Research Articles


New Theoretical Results for High Diffusive Nanosensors Based on ZnO Oxides

by Paolo Di Sia, pp.1-8


Morphological and Relative Humidity Sensing Properties of Pure ZnO Nanomaterial

by N. K. Pandey, Karunesh Tiwari, pp.9-19


Humidity Sensing Behaviour of Nanocrystalline α-PbO Synthesized by Alcohol Thermal Process

by Sk. Khadeer Pasha, L. John Kennedy, J. Judith Vijaya, K. Chidambaram, pp.20-27


Electrochemical Detection of Mn(II) and Cd(II) Mediated by Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanotubes/Li+ Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

by Muhammed M. Radhi, Wee T. Tan, Mohamad Z. AbRahman and Anuar Kassim, pp.28-35


Engineering of Highly Susceptible Paramagnetic Nanostructures of Gd2S3:Eu3+: Potentially an Efficient Material for Room Temperature Gas Sensing Applications

by Ranu K. Dutta, Prashant K. Sharma and Avinash C. Pandey, pp.36-45


Synthesis and Physical Properties of Nanocomposites (SnO2)x(In2O3)1-x (x = 0 – 1) for Gas Sensors and Optoelectronics

by Stanislav Rembeza, Pavel Voronov, Ekaterina Rembeza, pp.46-54


Structural, Electrical Properties of Nanocrystalline Co Doped- LaxCe1-XO2 for Gas Sensing Applications

by A. B. Bodade, Minaz Alvi, N. N. Gedam, H. G. Wankhade and G. N. Chaudhari, pp.55-65


Studies of CNT and Polymer Based Gas Sensor

by Monika Joshi and R. P Singh, pp.66-71


Excess Noises in (Bio-)Chemical Nanoscale Sensors

by Ferdinand Gasparyan, pp.72-84


Catechol Biosensor Based on Gold Nanoparticle Modified Tetrabutylammoniumtetrafluoroborate Doped Polythiophene Films

by Suman Singh, S. Praveen Kumar, D. V. S. Jain, M. L. Singla, pp.85-101


Electromechanical TiO2 Nanogenerators

by Valerio Dallacasa, Filippo Dallacasa, pp.102-112


Lead Oxide- PbO Humidity Sensor

by Sk. KhadeerPasha, K. Chidambaram, L. John Kennedy, J. JudithVijaya, pp.113-119


Ammonia Gas Sensing Properties of Nanocrystalline Zn1-xCuxFe2O4 Doped with Noble Metal

by S. V. Jagtap, A. V. Kadu, N. N. Gedam and G. N. Chaudhari, pp.120-127


LPG and NH3 Sensing Properties of SnO2 Thick Film Resistors Prepared by Screen Printing Technique

by A. S. Garde, pp.128-142


Effect of Ni Doping on Gas Sensing Performance of ZnO Thick Film Resistor

by M. K. Deore, V. B. Gaikwad, R. L. Patil, N. K. Pawar, S. D. Shinde, G. H. Jain, pp.143-157


Fabrication and Analysis of Tapered Tip Silicon Microneedles for MEMS based Drug Delivery System

by Muhammad Waseem Ashraf, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Nitin Afzulpurkar, Asim Nisar, pp. 158-173





Design and Development of an Automatic Level Crossing Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network in West Central Railway Zone

by Alka Dubey, Ashish Verma, Vol. 118, Issue 7, July 2010, pp. 156-163





Vol. 123, Issue 12, December 2010


Research Articles


Development of Electromechanical Architectures for AC Voltage Metrology

by Alexandre Bounouh, François Blard, Henri Camon, Denis Belieres. pp.1-15


Design of Piezoelectric PZT Cantilever for Actuator Application

by Abhay B. Joshi, Dhananjay Bodas and S. A. Gangal, pp.16-24


Investigation Effect of Residual Stress On Pull-In Voltage of Circular Micro Plate Subjected to Nonlinear Electrostatic Force

by  Farzad Choobdar Rahim, pp.25-34


Numerical Analysis of Thin Film Junctionless pH-ISFET Sensor

by Fayçal Djeffal, Mohammed Meguellati, Nedhal Abdelmalek and Toufik Bendib, pp.35-40


Investigation of Squeeze Film Effect on Dynamic Characteristics of Electrically Actuated Fully Clamped Micro-Beam

by Ali Asghar Keyvani Janbahan, Ahmad Ghanbari, Jafar Keyghobadi, pp.41-51


Novel Method for Static Dielectric Constant Measurement of Liquids

by Anil Tidar, S. P. Kamble, S. S. Patil, B. R. Sharma, P. W. Khirade and S. C. Mehrotra, pp.52-59


Development of (Aluminium) U Tube Type Vibration Based Electromechanical Mass Flow Sensor

by Pravin P. Patil, Satish C. Sharma, S. C. Jain, pp.60-68


Accuracy and Metrological Reliability Enhancing of Thermoelectric Transducers

by Bogdan Stadnyk, Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Bogdan Yatsyshyn, pp.69-75


Mathematical Models of Methodical Error for Noise Thermometers

by Bogdan Stadnyk, Ihor Mykytyn, pp.76-83


Electrical Pressure Transducers Based on Graphene Oxide Polysiloxane Composites

by Antonio Peluso, Mariano Palomba, Gianfranco Carotenuto, Francesca Nicolais, pp.84-90


Humidity Sensing Characteristics of Bi2O3- added TiO2 Composites

by Vedhakkani Jeseentharani, John Pragasam, Arunachalam Dayalan, Karachalacheruvu, Seetharamaiah Nagaraja, Boniface Jeyaraj, pp.91-99


Photoconductive Phenomenon Observed from ZnS Layer Deposition for a Potential of IR Sensor Applications

by Hariyadi Soetedjo and Gunawan S Prabowo, pp.100-105


Fourier Analysis of Normal ECG Signal to Find its Maximum Harmonic Content by Signal Reconstruction

by Satish Chandra Bera, Rajan Sarkar, pp.106-117


Design and Optimization of Revolute Flexure Joints for Compliant Parallel Mechanisms

by Qiaokang Liang, Dan Zhang, Quanjun Song and Yunjian Ge, pp.118-127






Vol. 9, Special Issue, December 2010


Research Articles

Modern Sensing Technologies - III
by Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay, Aime Lay-Ekuakille, Anton Fuchs, pp.I-III


Composition and Detection Rate of a Symmetry Axis Localization Algorithm for Digital Images
by Norbert Eidenberger, Daniel C. H. Schleicher and Bernhard G. Zagar, pp.1-10


Formulation and Characterization of Cu Doped ZnO Thick Films as LPG Gas Sensor

A. V. Patil, C. G. Dighavkar, S. K. Sonawane, S. J. Patil and R. Y. Borse, pp.11-20


Characterization of Microbubble Contrast Agents for Echographic Imaging through Time-Scheduled Size Distribution Measurements

by Francesco Conversano, Roberto Franchini and Sergio Casciaro, pp.21-27


Production and Characterisation of Multifunctional Textile for Masonry Retrofitting and Health Monitoring

by Angela Coricciati, Paolo Corvaglia, Alessandro Largo, Michele Arturo Caponero, Giovanni Fardin, pp.28-38


Al-doped TiO2 Thick Film Resistors as H2S Gas Sensor

by Chandrakant Dighavkar, Arun Patil, Sunil Patil and Ratan Borse, pp.39-47


Ultrasound Signal Analysis Applied to Determine the Optimal Contrast Dose for Echographic Examinations

by Roberto Franchini, Francesco Conversano, Antonio Greco, Raffaella Verrienti, Sergio Casciaro, pp.48-55


Extended Phase Accordance Method: A Real-time and Accurate Technique for Estimating Position and Velocity of Moving Objects using Ultrasonic Communication

by Tomohiko Sato, Shigeki Nakamura, Masanori Sugimoto and Hiromichi Hashizume, pp.56-70


Magneto-inductive Sensors for Metallic Ropes in Lift Application

by Aldo Canova, Francesco Ficili and Daniel Rossi, pp.71-81


Studies on Gas Sensing Performance of Pure and Surface Chrominated Indium Oxide Thick Film Resistors

by D. N. Chavan, V. B. Gaikwad, S. D. Shinde, D. D. Kajale, G. E. Patil, G. H. Jain, pp.82-95


Effect of Annealing Temperature on Gas Sensing Performance of SnO2 Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis

by G. E. Patil, D. D. Kajale, S. D. Shinde, R. H. Bari, D. N. Chavan, V. B. Gaikwad, G. H. Jain, pp.96-108


Measurement Using Conductive Polymeric Fibers in a Wearable Sensor Platform

by Ram Manoj Sarda, Thomas Donnely, Mansour Taherinahzahdi and Michael Haji-Sheikh, pp.109-117


Three Dimensional Measurement of Aquatic Organisms Using a Single Video Camera

by Kikuhito Kawasue, Satoshi Nagatomo and Yuichiro Oya, pp.118-126


Pain Sensing System for Animals

by Ibrahim Al-Bahadly, Subhas Mukhopadhyay and Khalil Alkhumaisi, pp.127-150


Experimental Assessment of a Pneumatic Level-sensing Method for Closed Tanks Applied to Water and Wooden Pellets

by Gert Holler, Rudolf Brunnader, Bernhard Schweighofer, Hannes Wegleiter, pp.151-160


Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured ZnO Thick Film Gas Sensors Prepared by Screen Printing Method

by R. Y. Borse and V. T. Salunke, pp.161-170


Sensitivity Limits of a Magnetometer with an Air-core Pickup Coil

by Kunihisa Tashiro, Shin-ichiro Inoue and Hiroyuki Wakiwaka, pp.171-181


A Survey on Unobtrusive Measurements of the Cardiovascular Function and their Practical Implementation in Wheelchairs

by Eduardo Pinheiro, Octavian Postolache, Pedro Girão, pp.182-199


Multi-Sensor SLAM Approach for Robot Navigation

by Sid Ahmed Berrabah, Yvan Baudoin, Hichem Sahli, pp.200-213


ZigBee Test Harness: An Innovative Tool for ZigBee Node Testing

by Andrea Ranalli, Claudio Borean, pp.214-222


Effect of Firing Temperature on the Composition and Structural Parameters of Screen Printed ZrO2 Thick Film Sensors

by S. J. Patil, A. V. Patil, C. G. Dighavkar, R. Y. Borse, pp.223-232


Wide-band Induction Magnetometers Stability

by Vira Pronenko and Yevhen Vasiliev, pp.233-239


Experimental Performance Measurements of Home Photovoltaic Plants: A Case Study

by C. Calò, C. Chiffi, G. D’Aniello, A. Lay-Ekuakille, P. Vergallo, A. Trotta, pp.240-251



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