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Vol. 84, Issue 10, October 2007, pp.1580-1589




Programmable Solution for Solving Non-linearity Characteristics of Smart Sensor Applications


S. Khan, *I. Adam, Zahirul Alam, *K. F. Mohd Suhut and *N. Yusof

International Islamic University, Malaysia, PO Box 10, Kuala Lumpur 50728

* University Kuala Lumpur- British Malaysia Institute, Malaysia

E-mail: sheroz@iiu.edu.my, ismail_adam@yahoo.com, kamal@bmi.edu.my, nhayati@bmi.edu.my



Received: 13 April 2007   /Accepted: 23 October 2007   /Published: 30 October 2007


Abstract: This paper presents a simple but programmable technique to solve the problem of non-linear characteristics of sensors used in more sensitive applications. The nonlinearity of the output response becomes a very sensitive issue in cases where a proportional increase in the physical quantity fails to bring about a proportional increase in the signal measured. The nonlinearity is addressed by using the interpolation method on the characteristics of a given sensor, approximating it to a set of tangent lines, the tangent points of which are recognized in the code of the processor by IF-THEN code. The method suggested here eliminates the use of external circuits for interfacing, and eases the programming burden on the processor at the cost of proportionally reduced memory requirements. The mathematically worked out results are compared with the simulation and experimental results for an IR sensor selected for the purpose and used for level measurement. This work will be of paramount importance and significance in applications where the controlled signal is required to follow the input signal precisely particularly in sensitive robotic applications.


Keywords: Nonlinearity, Interpolation, Smart Sensors


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