Sensors & Transducers

Vol. 261, Issue 2, July 2023, pp. 10-14

Anti-Lock Braking System Control using Backstepping Method Based Fuzzy Logic

* Najlae Jennan and El Mehdi Mellouli

Laboratory of Engineering, Systems and Applications, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, National School of Applied Sciences, Fez, Morocco

Tel.: 0610035443


Received: 14 April 2023 Accepted: 16 July 2023 Published: 26 June 2023

Abstract: The Anti-Lock Braking system (ABS) is one of most important safety systems of vehicles which must be controlled effectively. In this paper, we are concerned on controlling an Anti-Lock Braking system of an autonomous vehicle using a nonlinear Backstepping control method based on Takagi Sugeno (T-S) Fuzzy Logic method, employing Lyapunov approach to study the system stability. In the first step, we apply the Backstepping control method to the system in order to control it by studying its stability using Lyapunov approach. The second step consists on adding the Fuzzy Logic technique for the aim to optimize the objective function that can provide a desired level of stability to the Anti-Lock Braking system. The simulation of results found shows the accuracy of our proposed control strategy.

Keywords: Anti-lock braking system, Backstepping control, Nonlinear system, T-S fuzzy logic.