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Special Issue, October 2007, pp. 131-139




A Semi-Analytical Model for Calculating Touch-Point Pressure and Pull-in Voltage

for Clamped Diaphragms with Residual Stress


Anurekha SHARMA and P. J. GEORGE

Department of Electronic Science

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra-136119, India

Tel.: +91-1744-238023

E-mail : anu67s@gmail.com



Received: 17 September 2007   /Accepted: 19 September 2007   /Published: 8 October 2007


Abstract: A closed form model for evaluating touch point pressure and pull-in voltage of clamped square diaphragm with residual stress is proposed. Square diaphragms are used in numerous applications. The design parameters for all these structures are pull-in voltage and/or touchpoint pressure. The materials employed for fabricating diaphragms for these structures are p+ doped silicon, polysilicon, silicon nitride, polyimide etc. All these materials have residual stress, which influences the behavior of the transducer. In addition to this, a capacitive transducer may or may not employ an intervening layer of dielectric on the fixed electrode. Closed form expressions for evaluating touch-point pressure and pull-in voltage have been derived for such a structure by means of semi-analytical model. The method proposed is less complex and less time consuming in comparison with FEM tools.


Keywords: MEMS, Residual stress, Diaphragm, Pull-in, Touch-point pressure


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