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Vol. 17, Special Issue, December 2012, pp. 186-198


Selected papers from the 4th International Conference on Intelligent & Advanced Systems (ICIAS' 2012),

12-14 June 2012, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur




Trapezoidal Electrodes Array for Electret-Based Electrostatic Energy Harvester

Mohamad Radzi AHMAD and Mohd Haris MD KHIR

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Bandar Seri Iskandar, 31750 Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia

E-mail: mohamad.radzi.ahmad@gmail.com, harisk@petronas.com.my



Received: 29 September 2012   /Accepted: 29 October 2012   /Published: 18 December 2012

Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems


Abstract: Electrode structure design plays a significant role in the development of an energy harvester device. In this paper, a design and modeling of a new electrode structure of an electrets-based electrostatic energy harvester is introduced. A Trapezoidal shape electrodes structure, interleaving with one another couples with a rectangular electrets structure stacked on top of the electrodes, are modeled and analyzed thoroughly using the standard analysis tool and later simulated with a Finite Element Analysis tool (FEA), the CoventorWare. Two types of FEA analysis are conducted, the mechanical and electrostatic analyses. Results of the theoretical analysis indicate that the average output power of the trapezoidal electrodes energy harvester is approximately 1 mW in response to the input vibrations of 20 Hz and 1 g acceleration. Further mechanical and electrostatic analyses conducted on the model with FEA show that the trapezoidal electrodes structure resonates at the frequency of 113 Hz and induces 1895 pC of charge from 450 VDC electrets surface potential. Parameters obtain from these analyses will be used as a reference for physical device fabrication using a standard 0.35 m CMOS-MEMS process technology, hence a proactive optimization approach taken towards device fabrication.


Keywords: Electrets, MEMS energy harvester, Trapezoidal electrode, Finite element analysis



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