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Multisensor Data Fusion, S&T Spesial Issue

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Multisensor Data and Information Processing

(Special Issue, August 2005)




Table of Contents











Multisensor Data and Information Processing


Last May from the 16th to the 27th in Albena, Bulgaria was held the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) entitled Multisensor Data and Information Processing for Rapid and Robust Situation and Threat Assessment. This ASI brought together 72 people from 13 European and North American countries to discuss through a series of 48 lectures the use of information fusion in the context of defence against terrorism, which is a NATO priority research topic ...


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Eric Lefebvre,

Kiril Alexiev

NATO ASI Co-Directors






Formal Presentation of Fuzzy Systems with Multiple Sensor Inputs

Alexander GEGOV, Dimitrios MAKETAS


The paper addresses the problems of complexity in fuzzy rule based systems with multiple sensor inputs. The number of fuzzy rules in this case is an exponential function of the number of inputs. Some of the existing methods for rule base reductions are reviewed and their drawbacks summarized. As an alternative, a novel methodology for complexity management in fuzzy systems is presented which is based on formal presentation techniques such as integer tables. A Matlab example is shown illustrating the presentation of a fuzzy rule base with an integer table. Finally, some future research directions are outlined within the framework of the proposed methodology.


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Track-Before Detect Methods in Tracking Low-Observable Targets: A Survey



In detection and target tracking applications, low-observable targets are defined as those that deliver measurements for which the sensor responses have a value of SNR lower than 10 dB. Tracking of low-observable targets is best performed employing the approaches known as track-before-detect (TBD). The proper TBD approaches combine signal processing and tracking so that detection and track confirmation occur simultaneously. The thresholding process, in which the observations are produced, is avoided so as to preserve the weak signal information in the raw sensor data. Although a variety of TBD methods have been presented and discussed in the literature, no comprehensive and comparative study of those is yet available. This paper delivers such a discussion with the goal of facilitating proper selection of methods in the context of concrete applications.


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Hough Radar Detectors in Conditions of Intensive Pulse Jamming



We study in the present paper the radar, which can be considered as a part of a multi-sensor data fusion system. To improve the quality of the detection process, a detailed statistical analysis is performed and several detection algorithms are presented. These algorithms can be divided into two groups conventional and ones using Hough transform. The benefits in the average detection threshold gained by Hough transform application are expressed as signal-to-noise ratio. The aim of this paper is to present and summarize the results described in other contributions and to consider some new ones. We assume that the target echo signal fluctuates according to Swerling models (Swerling I, II, III), the randomly arriving impulse interference is with a Poisson distribution of the probability for appearance and the amplitudes are with a Rayleigh distribution. The profits (losses) are determined as a statistical estimation by means of the probability characteristics of both types of detectors, obtained in Matlab. The achieved results show that Hough transform is very effective in conditions of intensive pulse jamming.


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Error Estimation in Target Height Finding Using VHF Radars and a Three-Antenna System

Positioned one Above the Other in a Radar Network

Chr. Kabakchiev, I. Garvanov, V. Kyovtorov, P. Daskalov


A combined algorithm for automatic target detection and height estimation, based on amplitude comparison using multipath lobes of three sensors positioned one above the other, and a three-positioned in a plane method, is proposed in this paper. A method for three-positioned radar system base estimation, allowing target height measurement with height probability of detection, is developed and applied. The measurement accuracies, achieved with two approaches for target height estimation with identical statistical and power detection parameters, are compared. The suggested approach can be successfully applied in different sensor system solutions.


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Estimation of Snowcover Extent in Carpathian Mountains Using Fusioned GIS

and Remote Sensing Information



The alpine snowcover in the mid-latitudes is important in risk management, climatic and hydrologic context. An accurate mapping of snowcover and estimation of snow characteristics requires snow to be distinguished from other surface cover and from clouds. In order to become useful, the information about snow characteristics, have to be available for large areas and to be provided on regular bases for various types of users. MODIS sensors together with GIS data can provide this kind of information but their joint use require a long-time validation. This validation was carried out fusioning meteorological data together with satellite observation and GIS information.


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Book's cover

Title: Mathematical Techniques in Multisensor Data Fusion

Authors: David L. Hall, Sonya A. H. McMullen

Publisher: Artech House Publishers

Hardcove: 466 pages

Pubdate: 1 March 2004

ISBN: 1580533353

More details ...

Sensor and Data Fusion book's cover

Title: Sensor and Data Fusion: A Tool for Information Assessment and Decision Making

Author: Lawrence A. Klein

Publisher: SPIE

Hardcove: 342 pages

Pubdate: July 2004

ISBN: 0819454354

More details ...


Book's cover

Title: Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion

Authors: David L. Hall, James Llinas

Publisher: CRC Press

Hardcover: 568 pages

Pubdate: 20 June 2001

ISBN: 0849323797

More details ...

CD-ROM' s cover

Title: Lectures in Multisensor Data Fusion and Target Tracking

Author: Dr. David Hall

Publisher: Artech House Publishers, CD-ROM edition


Pubdate: March 2001

ISBN: 1580531407

More details ...


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