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Do you know how many people read your article in a journal ? Even if it was published in a high-cited journal there is no any guarantee that it was read. But in case of publication in a popular online journal with appropriate service for authors and readers you can know precisely how many people read your article per month, per year or since its date of publication in the journal.


Since May 2006 Sensors & Transducers Journal has started to supply such kind of statistics. Now you are able to see most downloaded articles per month. I hope this services will be very useful for our present authors, our promising authors, and, of course, for our readers.


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25 Top List of Most Downloaded Articles in October 2006

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and Year


Number of Downloads

1. Folder Thermocouples vs. RTDs and Thermistors Jerry Gaffney 72/10 October 2006 729-730 139 -
2. Folder OGC® Sensor Web Enablement Standards George Percivall 71/9 September 2006 698-706 75 -
3. Folder Investigation of Glucose Non-Invasive Measurement Based on NIR Laser Yingna Zheng, Nabil Gindy 72/10 October 2006 769-785 59 -
4. Folder

Status of the MEMS industry in 2006

Eloy J.C. 66/4 April 2006 521-525 59 Down arrow

Potentiometric Fingerprint Profiling of Eurycoma longifolia Extracts (Tongkat Ali) Using Multichannel Artificial Lipid-Polymer Membrane Sensor

Ismail Zhari, Ahmad Mohd Noor, Oon – Sim Chew, Shafiqual Islam A.K.M. 52/2 February 2005 300-309 59 Up arrow
6. Folder World Sensors and MEMS Markets: Analysis and Trends Yurish S.Y., Kirianaki N.V., Myshkin I.L.


December 2005 456-461 59 Down arrow
7. Folder Optical Tomography: Infrared Tomography Sensor Configuration Using 4 Parallel Beam Projections R. Abdul Rahim, Pang J.F, Chank K. S., M.H.F. Rahiman


October 2006 761-768 59 -
8. Folder Modeling of an Aged Porous Silicon Humidity Sensor Using ANN Technique T. Islam, H. Saha


October 2006 731-739 57 -
9. Folder

Practical Circuits and Interface Techniques for MEMS Accelerometers with Quasi-Digital Output

Yurish S.Y. 58/8 August 2005 352-359 54 Up arrow

Optimized Design of Microresonators Using Genetic Algorithm

G.Uma, A. Girija, M. Umapathy 72/10 October 2006 740-753 51 -
11.Folder Intelligent Opto Sensors’ Interfacing Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter Yurish S.Y. 56/6 June 2005 326-334 50 Up arrow
12.Folder Microcontroller Based Dielectric Constant Measurement A. Rajendran, P. Neelamegam 41/3 March 2004 181-190 48 Down arrow
13.Folder Digital Humidity Sensors and Data Logger Design Based on Modern Frequency-to-Digital Converter Yurish S.Y 59/9 September 2005 419-425 48 Down arrow
14.Folder MEMS Capacitive Thermal Sensor Sensitivity Investigation Using Full Factorial Design Method G. Rezazadeh, S. Kouravand, M. Mehrban 72/10 October 2006 754-760 48 -
15.Folder Choosing an Ultrasonic Sensor for Ultrasonography Trots I., Nowicki A. Jerzy Litniewski J. 36/10 October 2003 8-15 40 Down arrow
16.Folder High Precision, Wide Speed Range Rotation Sensing with UFDC-1 Kirianaki N.V., Yurish S.Y. 59/9 September 2005 426-431 40 Up arrow
17.Folder Electronics for LabView Based Piezoresistive Microcantilever Sensor System Timothy L. Porter, William Delinger 68/6 June 2006 568-574 33 Down arrow
18.Folder The Wireless Notification System for the Hearing Impaired Andrew Foo Thai Hin, Elmy Johana Mohamad 69/7 July 2006 606-614 33 Up arrow

Modern MEMS Technologies and Advanced Signal Processing: How to Obtain More Benefits in Smart Sensors Systems ?

Yurish S.Y. 36/10 October 2003 I-III 33 Down arrow

Intelligent Digital Pressure Sensors and Transducers Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1)

Yurish S.Y. 60/10 October 2005 432-438 31 Down arrow

Data Acquisition Systems for Quasi-Digital Temperature Sensors Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter 

Yurish S.Y 57/7 July 2005 341-351 31 Up arrow
22.Folder Novel Magnetic Field Meter Based on Giant Magneto-impedance (GMI) Effect Nesteruk K., Kuźmiński M., Lachowicz H.K. 65/3 March 2006 515-520 35 Down arrow
23.Folder Pull-In Voltage of Fixed-Fixed End Type MEMS Switches with Variative Electrostatic Area Hamed Sadeghian, Ghader Rezazadeh, Ehsan Malekpour, Ayla Shafipour 66/4 April 2006 526-533 28 Down arrow
24.Folder Make Your Own Plug-and-Play Load Cell System and Eliminate Costly User Errors Raymond B 71/9 September 2006 686-691 28 -

Selection of the Most Efficient Sensors for Methanol Detectionin in Fake Alcohol

Xiaobo Z., Jiewen Z. 46/8 August 2004 285-295 26 Down arrow



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