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Extended Testing of Landing Flap Gearbox with CoMo Torque Evaluation System


Aircraft flaps take the form of extendable extensions on the trailing edges of the wings. During the approach they allow the lift necessary to make it possible to reduce flying speed for landing. Liebherr-Aerospace also manufactures flight control, actuation, hydraulic and a variety of other systems for use in business jets, feeder aircraft, wide-bodied civil aircraft, helicopters and military aircraft.


Special gearboxes with differential output drives are used in flap actuation components. To enable them to meet stringent service life and wear requirements these gearboxes have to be tested on a special stand, with drive and load machines applying specific load profiles to simulate realistic flap movements.


To enable reliability assessment the input torque is measured as a function of speed with a Kistler sensor Type 4503A. Incorporation of the speed measuring system into the sensor allows a compact, clearly arranged configuration of the drive train in the test bay.


The CoMo Torque Type 4700A evaluation unit can be used to display the characteristic measurands provided by the bay. It supplies the torque measuring sensor with power and receives from this sensor its measurands of torque and speed. The mechanical power is calculated and displayed by the evaluation unit.


All of the measured and calculated quantities are provided by the CoMo Torque (which converts speed into a tachometer signal) as analog voltages, which are passed on to the measurement acquisition system based on a PC.


Options include scaling of the input torque and output of the mechanical power as an analog signal. The test bay operator can define all of the parameters of the evaluation unit onsite or by remote control via a serial interface.





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