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New SCHMIDT® Flow-Sensor SS 20.500 for Dusty Environments


SCHMIDT Technology presents for the first time the new flow sensor SS 20.500 for application in chemical processes on the international exhibition ACHEMA in Frankfurt. The measurement of flow velocity in dusty environments results in particular sensor requirements. Dirt tolerant design and easy cleaning are of high importance to guarantee measuring accuracy and reproducibility.


Unwanted accumulation of dust and contamination on the sensor tip can be avoided by an opti-mized aerodynamic flow. Therefore, the sensor dumb-bell tip was developed and the patented system has been proved in many applications.


Due to its extreme wide flow angle of 360° axial and 90° radial direction, the sensor is easy to po-sition in the air flow and the wide measuring range of 0.06 up to 35 m/s offers many applications like flow measuring in dust exhaustions, control of supply and exhaust air or drying processes. In order to meet the requirements of explosion protection for gas and dust, the sensor can be de-livered in an ATEX version on demand. SCHMIDT Technology offers this sensor at a very low price of more less than one thousand Euro. As an option, the sensor tip can be protected by a special coating and makes the sensor resistant against salt acid, acetone or sulphuric acid. A plug-in connector makes the sensor easy to install and also quick to replace.


The new auto U/I function identifies the load resistance and selects the right output signal voltage or current independently. Information about the current flow velocity and the sensor status are displayed directly by four LEDs on the sensor electronic housing.


Technical data: Immersion sensor with integrated transducer. Application area: free flowing and conducted air in tubes of 25 up to 6000 mm. Environment: (dusty) air, nitrogen, argon and other gases. Measuring range: 0…1/2.5/10/20/35 m/s. Pressure: 10 bar max. Supply voltage: 24 VDC / approx. 100 mA. Output: 0…10V, 4…20mA linear with independent detection and selection. Dis-play: 4 status-LEDs.





SCHMIDT Technology GmbH,

Feldbergstr. 1,

78112 St. Georgen,

Tel.: +49/7724/899177,


E-mail: info@schmidttechnology.de

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