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Inclinometer Systems Combine Force Balance Technology with a Convenient Digital Display


Inclinometer systems from Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. include a temperature compensated force balance inclinometer in conjunction with a power module and convenient digital display. The DIS-7001 and DIS-7012 systems combine the superior force balance technology with a readout module that supplies linearization, eliminating the need for conversion from the inclinometer sine output to degrees. Both systems are available with optional analog output via a BNC connector and a choice of input power and cable configurations. An optional carrying case offers enhanced portability.


Due to their inherent sensitivity to gravity, force balance inclinometer systems are excellent instruments for measuring angles of inclination. The DIS-7001 and DIS-7012 are useful in applications such as platform leveling, pipeline leveling, gunsight control, borehole mapping and other low level seismic measurement applications.


Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. is ISO9001:2000 with Design & AS9100 Revision B certified. For more information call 1-800-813-8471; Fax: 610-872-3882; e-mail: sales@columbiaresearchlab.com














Monica Bailey

Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc.

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Inclinometer Systems



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