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Torque Sensors and Load Cells an Overview of their Design and Application



Farmington Hills, MI, USA – Kenneth Watkins, Application Engineer from PCB Load & Torque, Inc., has recently released the following technical papers:


Torque Sensors – An Overview of their Design and Application reviews the basic technology of the strain gage torque sensors including structure designs, typical applications for reaction and rotary sensors and installation discussions. This paper includes an application questionnaire to help the reader determine the advantages of each type.


Load Cells – An Overview of their Design and Application reviews the basic technology of the strain gage load cell including design, model classifications, and performance specifications.  This paper includes typical application examples and a questionnaire to help determine specific requirements.


Specific topics discussed in both of Mr. Watkins’ papers include:


  • Principle of Operation

  • Wiring standards

  • Axis definition

  • Design





Jennifer Beal,

Marketing Coordinator

PCB Load & Torque, Inc.,

Tel.: 716-684-0001

E-mail: prospects@pcb.com

PCB Load & Toque, Inc. is a manufacturer of load cells and torque transducers located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA, and is supported with a dedicated technical sales group. RS Technologies, a division of PCB Load & Torque Inc., designs and manufactures fastener technology test systems and threaded fastener torque/angle/tension systems.  All products are ideal for use in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Power Generation, and numerous other test and measurement applications.  From ready-to-ship stock products, to custom-made specials, PCB® proudly stands behind all products with services customers value most, including our 24-hour customer support, strategic global distribution network, and industry-exclusive Lifetime Warranty Plus. For more information about PCB Load & Torque, Inc. visit www.pcbloadtorque.com



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