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MEMS-based Digital Sensor for Inertial

Navigation System



The IMT6000, manufactured by IMEGO of Sweden, is the first ultra light INS device able to track motion for 10 seconds with positional accuracy, in x,y,z coordinates, of a few centimeters and angular accuracy surpassing 0.3°. The IMT6000 can track velocity during 20 seconds of motion to within 0.01 m/s.


The system consists of a 60 gram IMU sensor head that collects, digitizes, stores and transmits all sensory data. A stand-by laptop receives the digital information via a BlueTooth link and computes all requested motion parameters, including positions and angles for all degrees of freedom. The complete motion event is captured and can be replayed in minute detail, with resolutions of several hundred samples per second.


The digital IMU sensor head builds on commercial micro machined gyros and accelerometers that are boosted with noise removal algorithms to reach noise levels of 0.005°/sÖHz and 60µg/ÖHz, throughout the generous measuring ranges of ± 3600°/s and ± 50g. Another important parameter for motion tracking is the bias stability of the sensors. The IMT6000 is capable of stabilities down to 10°/hr and 100 µg. All sensors are sampled at 2.7kHz and filtered in several stages to finally display information with 200 Hz resolution.



Dan Larsson,

Imego AB, Arvid Hedvalls backe 4

411 33 Göteborg, Sweden

E-mail: dan.larsson@imego.com


MEMS-based Digital Sensor







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