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Automotive, Industrial Infrared (IR) Thermometer for Remote Temperature Sensing



The automotive, motor-sport, industrial infrared (IR) thermometer from Solid State Racing LLC. performs signal conditioning, linearization and ambient temperature compensation. The modules are built around an automotive qualified sensor interface, which uses high performance chopper stabilized amplifiers, providing excellent noise performance. The sensing element is an automotive qualified discrete IR thermopile sensor.


The automotive plastic casing is formed using automotive qualified processing to give a highly temperature stable module. The modules are delivered factory calibrated. The output signal is 8bit analog voltage output based on 10bit internal process. All output signals are linear with the applied temperature. The module features a flexible polyamide substrate, making the sensor highly robust for motor-racing, automotive and industrial applications.


The modules have been used successfully by several racing teams in the 2003 season. Industrial, Automotive and Racing applications supported.



Brian Rogove,

Solid State Racing LLC

P.O.Box 164, Royal Oak

48068, USA

Tel: 248-346-3080

Fax: 313-368-7172

E-mail: bgr@solidstateracing.com


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