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Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter



Prairieville, LA - K-TEK announced the new MT2000 Wave Guide Model C9P81 designed specifically for measuring level in saturated steam applications. The MT2000 uses guided wave radar to make measurements, which means no moving parts and, therefore, virtually no maintenance. A waveguide directs the microwave pulses, eliminating the beam divergence problems common to conventional non-contact radar transmitters. The new C9P81 Waveguide is designed specifically for saturated steam applications, such as those found in power generation plants and industrial heat processes. The C9P81 Waveguide features an alumina ceramic insulator that allows accurate and reliable measurements up to 2000 psi (138 bar) at 635F (335C).


The MT2000 family of level transmitters is the only one in the industry to provide built-in linearization functions. This allows users to minimize the unmeasurable or "dead" zones that can occur at the end of probes. While competitive products assume standard dead zones, all MT2000 incorporate a linearization table.


The MT2000 probes can be customized for retrofitting into existing stilling wells and displacer chambers, from 2 - 20 feet. Output is via 4-20 MA, HART, or Honeywell DDE. Results are displayed locally with a built-in, scrolling LCD panel that offers measurements in a field-selectable choice of feet, inches, millimeters, centimeters, meters, or percent.




Kevin Hambrice,

Director of Marketing, K-TEK,

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E-mail: khambrice@ktekcorp.com


MT2000 wave guide level transmitter


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