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EcotestCARD Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter



Sparing-Vist Center, Lviv, UA has introduced new miniaturized credit card sized personal radiation dosimeter DKG-21 that measures gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose (Sv) and rate (Sv/h). It can be used at atomic power engineering sites, physics laboratories, Health Care organizations, as well as an electronic dosimeter for automated systems of personal dosimetry control ASPDC-21, and as an autonomous device.


Model DKG-21 has built-in microcontroller and energy compensated Geiger-Muller counter to produce measurements and accumulate results in non-volatile memory . The dosimeter size is only 86х54х9 (mm), weight - 0.08 kg. The speed of data exchange through infrared port is 38 400 bit/s.


Features and performances:

  • Autonomous usage or usage within the automated system of personal dosimetry control

  • Dose accumulation history storage into non-volatile memory

  • Infrared port

  • Programming gamma radiation EDR and ED threshold level by PC as well as manually

  • Light and audio alert of excessive programmed threshold level of gamma radiation EDR and ED.

  • Automatic setting off of the digital indicator if the present gamma background is lower than the preset threshold level with its instant setting on at pressing any of the control keys or at the gamma background higher than the preset threshold level.

  • Periodic self testing (batteries, detector).

  • Gamma radiation equivalent dose rate HP(10), Sv/h,  0.11 000 000; 15%

  • Gamma radiation equivalent dose HP(10), 0.0019999 mSv; 15%

  • Energy range of registered gamma radiation and energy response, MeV 0.056.0; (0.051.25; 25%)

  • Recording discreteness of dose accumulation history into non volatile memory, minutes 530

  • Operating temperature range, C -10+50

EcoTestCARD Personal Dosimeter

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Pelishok Iryna,

Head of Sales Department,

Sparing-Vist Center,

33 Volodymyra Velykoho St.,

Lviv, 79026, Ukraine

Tel.: (380-322) 64-24-23, 297-11-15, 64-77-93

Fax: (380-322) 64-89-85

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