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High Temperature, Triaxial Accelerometer with TEDS Option


The Type 8766A accelerometer uses Kistler’s PiezoStar shear element design which provides wide operating frequency range and extremely low sensitivity to temperature changes. The IEPE sensor combines PiezoStar crystals and integral hybrid microelectronics to achieve very low sensitivity variation over the operating temperature range, compared to other sensing element designs. The Kistler shear element technology also ensures high immunity to base strain errors. The accelerometer uses a welded titanium construction for low mass and an industry standard 4-pin connector for reliable measurements and long-term stability especially at higher operating temperatures. The Type 8766A provides high measurement resolution with over 94 dB of dynamic range.

  • PiezoStar sensing element

  • M5 option for high temperature: –54 … 165 °C

  • T option for TEDS

  • Hermetic, titanium construction

  • Frequency response 1 … 5 KHz (5 %) in each axis

  • Very low temperature sensitivity

  • Low base strain sensitivity

  • 50 % lower mass and volume of the Type 8795

  • Conforming to CE

Target applications include product qualification/acceptance testing and aviation/-automotive NVH and structural analysis such as automotive under the hood testing as well as subsystem vibration testing for aerospace applications. The hermetic sealing permits operation in harsh, dirty or wet environments. The 8766A has three 6-32UNC-2B threaded holes for flexible stud mounting on a test object, fully utilizing each mounting side of the cube design. In addition, the three threaded holes provide reliable mounting for calibration of each orthogonal axis.





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Triaxial Accelerometer 8766A





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