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Servo Inclinometers Measure Tilts with a High Resolution


Manufacturers of industrial machines and  vehicles often need to measure a tilt in order to control the machine attitude relative to ground.

DS Europe, in order to satisfy this need, proposes series ES261 servo inclinometers.


Series ES260 can measure tilts with high resolution, high repeatability and can withstand high shocks because of Its exclusive “optical sensor” measuring system.


Series ES260 measures the tilt with a pendulum sensing element that has a pivot on one end and the other end swivels, because of earth gravity acceleration, inside an optical barrier thence with a feedback system It is practically still therefore strongly reducing the movements and the related errors with also a good shock survivability.


Series ES261 has a single measuring axis and the following measuring ranges: from 0 to ±5,75-14,5-30-45-90°, output signal is 0 a ±5V with bandwidth up to 55 Hz and IP65 environment protection.


Typical applications are: industrial vehicle attitude control, anti-tilting apparatus on vehicles or for driver’s cabin attitude control (i.e. forklifts, timber machines, agriculture machines, aerial platforms etc.), radar platforms, drilling systems, monument and building control (dams, bridges, tunnels etc.), geophysical applications, boat and submarines, military applications, electro-medical machines etc.





Dott. Dario Piardi

DS Europe S.r.L.

Milano Via F. Russoli 6

Tel 0039 02 8910142, fax 0039 02 89124848

E-mail: dseurope@dseurope.com

Servo Inclinometers




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