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Hazardous Area Vibration Sensors



Germantown, MD –– Wilcoxon Research, a leading supplier of quality vibration sensors and sensor networks, manufactures a full range of sensors rated for operation in hazardous areas. A wide array of intrinsically safe and explosion proof products ensures that Wilcoxon has the right sensor for virtually every machinery health monitoring application.


Obtaining the Intrinsic Safety (IS) certification means that sensors can be used where flammable or explosive materials are present without causing electrical sparks or “hot spots” strong enough to cause ignition of gases or dusts in the air. Explosion proof devices are designed with an enclosure which can withstand an internal explosion and prevent ignition of the surrounding atmosphere. Standards for IS and explosion proof certification are established by the NFPA in the U.S., the CSA in Canada, and CENELEC in the European Union, and Wilcoxon has sensors which meet the standards of all three agencies.


Safety and insurance issues have resulted in an increase in applications in which IS and explosion proof sensors are required or desired. Hazardous area uses include oil and gas applications; chemical, paint, and plastic plants; pharmaceutical manufacturing; steel processing; mining; food and beverage processing; tire and rubber plants; and aircraft and ship board monitoring.


To cover the multitude of applications, Wilcoxon has developed an extensive line of hazardous area sensors. IS vibration sensors measure acceleration or velocity at ranges that monitor low frequency and general purpose uses. Wilcoxon’s popular 4-20 mA line of loop powered vibration sensors is available with IS and explosion proof ratings. Dynamic and 4-20 mA output sensors can be ordered with a side connector for measurements in locations with a low profile. Top-exit and side-connector sensors with an integral cable can also be ordered. An IS accelerometer and charge amplifier system measures vibrations in very high temperature applications, up to 500o F (260o C). Wilcoxon released the first dual output (dynamic vibration data and temperature) vibration sensor to receive the IS certification, allowing users to measure vibration and temperature using one hazardous-area rated sensor.









Courtney Schlapo,

Marketing Communications

Wilcoxon Research

Tel.: 281 213 8238

E-mail: cschlapo@wilcoxon.com



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