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Programmable Miniature Strain Gage Amplifiers



Ann Arbor, MI – RAETECH has introduced programmable instrumentation amplifiers for unlimited applications in the automotive, transportation, aerospace, robotic, and bio-med industries. RAETECH’s amplifiers meet the increasing need for a small, precision strain gage amplifier that provides temperature compensation while surviving heat, shock and vibration. Programming is done through the power and signal leads, no additional wiring is needed.


Proven reliable in harsh motorsports environments, the RAETECH amplifiers are ideally suited for high performance applications. RAETECH rates the amplifier from -40°C to +125 °C and has tested it from -55 °C to +165 °C with full functionality. The amplifiers provide precision 5 V bridge excitation, output 0.1-4.9 V, and accept 8-36 VDC power. The amplifier itself is smaller and lighter than a nickel; it measures 18 mm x 9.7 mm x 4.4 mm, weighs only 1.5 grams and is environmentally protected.


The RAETECH amplifier is available as a bondable module or in-line assembly. Gain and offset are PC programmable and adjustable as requirements change.  Gain and offset thermal compensation can be controlled via on-board or remote temperature sensing. This functionality eliminates the additional complexity and failure rate associated with compensation resistors.  RAETECH’s software is user-friendly with interfaces to accommodate both novice and expert users. The USB-powered programming module is available separately.


Pricing of RAETECH’s strain gage amplifiers ranges from $300-$400 USD and includes a calibration based on customer specs. The programming module and software suite is available for $500 USD. Products are in stock for immediate shipping.







Jim Hartung

Tel.: (734)665-2215

E-mail: jhartung@raetech.com


Strain Gage Amplifier





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