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Miniature Differential Pressure Sensors


Celsum Technologies Ltd now offers the NE74 Series Miniature Differential Pressure Sensors. These are available with pressure ranges from 150 millibars (2 psi) through to 100 bars (1,500 psi) have a 10-times full-scale over-range capability, and will operate at line pressures up to 400 bars (5,800 psi) in differential mode. They can be supplied in both True Differential and Absolute versions, and calibrated in bars or psi. The standard version is manifold mounting, with a wide range of optional threaded connectors.


The NE74 pressure sensor uses Variable Reluctance Technology and consists in essence of a diaphragm of magnetic material that is centrally disposed between two fixed coils, the coils being potted in a high temperature resin and sealed via a welded stainless steel shim. This completely isolates the coil from the pressure medium. The diaphragm is machined from a solid, forged section and electron-beam welded to the end pieces. This construction results in an extremely rugged assembly with superb environmental characteristics and excellent reliability figures (100,000 hours MTBF).


On application of a differential pressure, the diaphragm is deflected, resulting in an increase in the inductance of one coil and a corresponding decrease in the other. This is detected by simple external AC conditioning electronics. The NE74 transducers weigh only 100 g, are virtually insensitive to shock and vibration, and employ an all-welded 17-4PH stainless steel construction.


Typical applications include differential pressure measurement in down-hole installations and depth measurement in high temperature and high vibration environments.



Roy E Carter MSC CEng FIMMM, Director

Celsum Technologies Ltd

Willow House

17 Braemar Close, Mountsorrel

Leicester LE12 7ES UK

E-mail: roy@celsum.com

Standard Pressure Sensors NE74

Standard NE74 Capsule


Special "Slimline" version of the NE74

Special "Slimline" version of the NE74

Differential Pressure Sensor



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