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New Features for SensorProbe Devices


AKCP, announced a major firmware upgrade for all sensorProbe™ devices. Major new features and improvements are in this free upgrade.


The web interface for both DC Voltage Sensor and 4-20mA Converter has been improved, providing easy configuration of sensors and effective result interpretation.


Users may choose to display either an absolute, or a percentage value, for all numbers on the sensor detail page. The unit of monitoring environment is also customizable, offering flexibility to users integrating external sensors (i.e.: "Lbs" when integrating a custom pressure sensor with a DC Voltage Sensor). When all numbers (readings and threshold settings) are displayed and entered in a decimal point format, monitoring and controlling accuracy is increased.


After upgrading, the sensorProbe can authenticate to SMTP servers. The sensorProbe includes the capability to send e-mail alerts when the environment changes beyond your specified limits. With many SMTP servers requiring an authentication, most e-mail clients support this feature. AKCP has also included a configuration option that enables the sensorProbe to login to such servers before sending out an e-mail.


In this upgrade, AKCP has also added features relating to system date and time. The sensorProbe's battery backed clock facilitates accurate timestamps in both alerts and system log messages.


The sensorProbe can synchronize date and time with any Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, assuring accurate record keeping. The synchronization can be done manually or periodically, at a time preset on the sensorProbe. Furthermore, the sensorProbe can automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time. Since the AKCP sensorProbe is installed around the world, this automatic adjustment will always keep the system time correct.


AKCP has enhanced their Sensor Controlled Relay feature for sophisticated applications, though configuration remains straightforward. Users can tie multiple sensors to the same Power Relay Board. This enhancement provides an individual configuration for each sensor. Users can flexibly control a relay, discretely responding to various environmental alerts. An option to override the automatic response feature is also provided. The relay can be turned on or off manually just by clicking on the web interface.

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