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Radio Telemetry Input-Output Module


Celsum Technologies Ltd. now offers the TIO Radio Telemetry Input-Output Module, a flexible instrument which may be configured by users to suit their applications. The radio telemetry system uses highly reliable, two-way, digital, licence-free communication and is available in two options, one operating at 868MHz for the European market, and one at 915MHz for the USA and Canada. The instruments are effective over radii up to 300 metres.


The TIO Input-Output Module comprises a base unit with four slots into which can be fitted a selection of plug-in function cards. The function cards available allow a choice of:

  • 8 channels of Digital Inputs with voltage free contacts or 24V signal

  • 8 channels of Digital Outputs with open collector or voltage-free relay contacts

  • 1 channel of Analogue Output 0.1V to 10VDC or 4 - 20mA at 15 bit resolution

  • 1 channel of Analogue Input 0 - 10V or 4 - 20mA, with a choice of 10 bit or 16 bit resolution

The TIO may operate in tandem with other modules in the Radio Telemetry range, for example by using a digital or analogue input signal to switch on another module. The system incorporates Monitoring Watch functions with a watchdog timer allowing repeat auto-resets, impending power fail detection and shutdown, and low power detection.


The TIO module transmits and receives data giving full error detection and security, data encryption for complete safety, and calibration and configuration via radio telemetry. The TIO is housed in a high-quality ABS glanded case which is sealed to IP65/NEMA4 standards.


The TIO, powered from an 18-24V power supply, operates in conjunction with the TCM module, which converts the radio telemetry signals into serial data which can be read by a PC or PLC system.


Said Roy Carter, Celsum Technologies' Managing Director, "The TIO module is a very welcome addition to the Radio Telemetry range. Adding analogue and digital IO to the strain gauge conditioning radio telemetry units already available greatly expands the range of applications of the RT system, for example by allowing the monitoring of limit switches and alarm contacts, hopper levels, pressure and load transmitters, positional information and so on."

TIO Radio Telemetry Input-Output Module



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