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Air Velocity and Temperature Measurements in HVAC Installations


Portable air velocity and temperature measurements in HVAC installations, ventilation ducts and clean rooms can be done easily with the new VELOPORT handheld series from E+E Elektronik. VELOPORT series are ideal for checking the operation of HVAC systems and of stationary air velocity and temperature measuring devices.


Based on an E+E hot film anemometer sensing element, VELOPORT 20 provides high accuracy even for air speed lower than 0.5m/s (100ft/min). Due to very small diameter (6mm = 0.2) of the stainless steel sensing probe VELOPORT 20 can be employed for measurements at narrow locations.


Two sensing probes are available for the ranges 02m/s (0400ft/min) and 020m/s (04000ft/min) respectively. They measure also the air temperature in the range 050C (32122F). The sensing probes are pluggable and quickly interchangeable, calibration data is stored in each probe.


The large, illuminated display and the innovative one-hand-thumbwheel stand for high operation comfort, while the robust housing is appropriate for employment in tough industrial environment. The VELOPORT 20 is the logical addition to the HUMIPORT (humidity / temperature measurement) and the THERMOPORT (temperature measurement) handheld series from E+E Elektronik.




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