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New Heavy-Truck Measuring Wheel System



At the beginning of 2007, just a few months after the market launch, Kistler delivered its first RoaDyn Type S6HT heavy-load measuring wheels to customers. First a servohydraulic test stand for trucks was equipped with test stand measuring hubs, then the first measuring wheels of this type were put into operation on armored military vehicles. Both systems are working to the full satisfaction of our customers. As these systems are based on the proven technology of the RoaDyn S6xy product family and the System 2000 electronics platform, a wide variety of well-known, tried and tested components can be used. There is considerable demand for measuring wheels. We have already received orders from companies in various truck development fields, including suppliers of axles, transmission systems, wheels and tires, as well as manufacturers of commercial and off highway vehicles.


As a rotating 6-component measuring system for wheel and tire test that can be used like a measuring hub, the new RoaDyn S6HT TT (Tire Testing) completes the Kistler range of truck wheel-measuring systems. It is designed for measuring forces and moments on tires for trucks and other heavy goods vehicles. A modified outer part with an adapter flange and different bolt patterns allows standard wheels to be mounted. As with RoaDyn S6HT measuring systems in operation on vehicles and durability test stands, the TT version offers a measuring range of up to 220 kN in the radial direction and 100 kN in the axial direction. The measuring ranges for torques are: Mx, Mz: max. 40 kNm and My: max. 60 kNm. The new system is a high-performance test stand facility which can also be retrofitted on existing test stands at low cost. Its modular design allows for alternating test stand and on-road use.






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RoaDyn Type S6HT

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