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New Microphone Preamplifier Supports TEDS



Provo, UT -Larson Davis announces the PRM905 1/2" Microphone Preamplifier with a LEMa Connector and TEDS Support. This is an ideal preamplifier for acoustic engineers using the latest generation of analyzers which support "Smart Transducer Interface" IEEE P1451.4 with TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) such as the Larson Davis Digital Sensing System (DSS), the LMS Pimento and the Brtiel & Kjrer PULSE. The PRM905 has a 7-pin LEMa connector and can be used with both prepolarized and externally polarized microphones. It is characterized by a wide frequency range and a low noise floor. Its low output impedance and high output current permit it to drive very long microphone extension cables.


For more information, contact the Acoustic Test Products division of Larson Davis, Inc., toll free at 888-258-3222 (U.S. and Canada) or 801:-375-0177; fax at 801 375-0182, e-mail: info@larsondavis.com; or visit the Larson Davis web site at www.larsondavis.com





John Carey,

Marketing Manager, 

Acoustic Test Products,

Larson Davis, Inc.

1681 West 820 North

Provo, UT 84601

Tel: (888) 258-3222

E-mail: jcarey@larsondavis.com

Microphone preamplifier PR905

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