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T2SR Time and Temperature Scanning Rheometer



The T2SR is a compact instrument with disposable probes and sample containers designed originally to determine the viscoelastic characteristics of materials such as epoxy resins as they cure. The instrument works by detecting the changes in amplitude and phase of a vertically-oscillating probe as a function of the rheology of the test specimen. The unit may be operated at fixed frequency and temperature (ideal for a quick, simple QA test), or rheological changes as a function of frequency or temperature may be explored.


The T2SR operates at frequencies from 0.5 Hz to 5 Hz, at temperatures to 400C, and with specimen volumes from approximately 4 ml upwards. There is no upper limit on the volume of the test sample, provided that the system is calibrated under similar conditions, which makes the instrument highly useful in measuring the viscosities of materials containing, for example, high proportions of filler. The range of viscosities measured with the standard configuration is from 10 Pa.s to 10,000 Pa.s, although this range may be modified by altering geometries. The system detects changes in the elastic as well as the viscous properties of the specimen, allowing the calculation of dynamic viscoelastic parameters.




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T2SR Rheometer

T2SR Time and Temperature Scanning Rheometer



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