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Model Order Reduction Software for MEMS-based Devices and Sensors



mor4ansys is a tool to perform model reduction for finite element models developed in ANSYS. The source code for mor4ansys is distributed under the GPL license.


The goal of our tool is to employ the recent mathematical model reduction algorithms for the linear finite elements models. In our experience for thermal and structural mechanics problems, the transient and harmonic response of the FE models up to a dimension of 300 000 can be well approximated by a reduced model of a dimension of less than 30.


The model reduction time is comparable with the ANSYS stationary solve. As result, model reduction can be used as fast solver for transient and harmonic simulation.




[1] E. B. Rudnyi, J. G. Korvink, Review: Automatic Model Reduction for Transient Simulation of MEMS-based Devices, Sensors Update v. 11, p. 3-33, 2002


[2] T. Bechtold, J. Hildenbrand, J. Woellenstein and J. G. Korvink, Model Order Reduction of 3D Electro-Thermal Model for a Novel Micromachined Hotplate Gas Sensor. Proceedings of 5th International conference on thermal and mechanical simulation and experiments in microelectronics and microsystems, EUROSIME2004 May 10-12, 2004, Brussels, Belgium, p. 263-267.


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Evgenii Rudnyi

Simulation of Microsystems

Institut for Mikrosystem technology, IMTEK

Freiburg University

Georges-Koehler-Allee, Geb. 103

D-79110 Freiburg, Germany

Tel. (+49 761) 203 7383, fax (+49 761) 203 7437




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