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Detecting Unit of Gamma Radiation for Automated Systems of Radiation Monitoring



Lviv, UA - The series BDBG-09 Detecting Unit of Gamma Radiation from EcoTest, a leading manufacturer of radiation measurement instruments and control devices, can be used both within informational indicator panels and automated systems of radiation monitoring to measure of ambient equivalent dose rate of gamma radiation.


The BDBG-09 series features measuring ranges from 0.1µSv/h to 10 Sv/h or  from 0.1 μSv/h to 100.0 Sv/h (on request); energy range of gamma radiation 0.05 ... 3.00 MeV; integration time 2...420 s. Data exchange between the detecting unit and the system of data indication is performed via the RS-485 interface. Average service term of the detecting unit – not less than 10 years.


The complete set includes:

  • BDBG-09 detecting unit of gamma radiation

  • corbel used for device fixation on the vertical surface

  • cable with joints (of required length on demand)

  • technological set for testing of the detecting unit, including

             - serial port adapter with power supply unit for PC connection
             - technological cables (2 pcs.)
             - technological software disk (1 pc.)

  • technical description & operating manual (one copy per one consignment of the detecting units)

  • logbook

  • packing case

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Detecting Unit of Gamma Radiation





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