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Digital Pressure Gauge Offers Easy-To-Read, Accurate Pressure Measurement in Corrosive Media


Mount Olive, NJ, American Sensor Technologies introduces a new media isolated, high-quality digital pressure gauge designed for use with any gas, liquid or solid media that is compatible with 17-4 PH stainless steel.


Incorporating a solid one-piece, 17-4PH high-strength stainless steel sensing element that is free of welds, internal O-rings and fluid-filled cavities, the AccuGauge Media Isolated Digital Pressure Gauge is ideal for applications that require high proof and burst pressures. Built for robust use, the transducer is packaged in a rugged NEMA 4, IP65 polycarbonate body. In addition, the AccuGauge utilizes AST’s patented Krystal Bond™ Technology that further enhances its performance with long-term stability, high output and no zero shifts.


Offering user-friendly operations, the AccuGauge features four front-panel buttons that control operations. The AccuGauge can measure pressure in psi, bar, kg/cm2, inches Hg, inches H2O and ATM, making it ideal for all pressure measurement types. The gauge is also vacuum-calibrated for pressure ranges under 500 PSI. A min/max feature allows the user to track minimum and maximum pressure readings on the digital gauge with a push of a button.  The AccuGauge Zero/Tare button offers the ability to quickly reset the zero of the gauge.


A large four-digit LCD display accurately displays measurement, eliminating the guesswork related to analog dial gauges. A backlit display provides improved visibility in dark and marginally lit areas.  Units operate from a 9V long-life alkaline battery that offers a typical life of 4,000 operating hours. A four-bar battery indicator on the unit display indicates a “LOW BAT” warning before the battery is fully discharged. The AccuGauge also has an automatic power-off feature to offer continuous use of the gauge before changing the battery.  As an added safety feature, the display on the gauge will flash when the pressure reaches 110% of the rated pressure.


The AccuGauge Media Isolated Pressure Gauge offers pressure measurement accuracy of < +0.5% of Full Scale, BFSL (including Non-linearity, Hysteresis, and Non-repeatability) over operating temperature ranges of -10º to 70ºC (-10º to 160ºF).


Digital Pressure Gauge





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