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Handheld Sound Level Meter/Analyzer

for Environmental Noise Analysis


March 15, 2006, Provo, UT, USA - Larson Davis, a PCB Group Company, has introduced the Model 831, a Class 1 handheld sound level meter with exceedance-based logging analysis (ELA) for community noise assessment.


Model 831 features a small, lightweight ergonomic design; real-time 1/1 and 1/3 octave spectra, and comes standard with a 120 dB dynamic range. Ten customizable markers are provided to annotate time history data. The sound level meter also has audio and voice recording with replay, supported by up to 2 GB of on-board memory and optional USB 2.0 data stick.


For unattended noise monitoring, its event-based logging routines process data on-board to provide time/date, duration, average and max/min sound levels, frequency spectra, time history records of selected sound levels and even digital sound recordings for each event. The routines are specifically designed to save the user time in downloading and post-processing massive amounts of unprocessed sampled data.


For optimal digital communication, the Model 831 provides a USB 2.0 port to communicate with a PC for instrument control and downloading data. In addition, using native support for TCP/IP and built-in USB host port, the 831 can interface directly with GPRS and Ethernet devices for simple Internet connectivity. The unit features one-hand operation, and has an easy-to-read backlit display, whether in direct sunlight or in a dark factory environment. Plus, when used with a PC, the USB cable provides instrument power and recharges batteries, much like an MP3 player.


A full line of accessories is available including software, sound level calibrators, outdoor microphones systems with electrostatic actuators, weatherproof enclosures for short and long-term monitoring and a variety of tripods and tilt-down poles. All Larson Davis products are accompanied by full technical support and our guarantee of total customer satisfaction. For more information, please contact Larson Davis toll-free at 888-258-3131, email sales@larsondavis.com, or visit www.larsondavis.com.


Sound Level meter 831





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