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Non-contact Displacement Sensor Combines Multiple High-gain Output with Easy Calibration and Synchronization



MIDDLETOWN, CT – Kaman’s KD-2306 is a non-contact linear displacement measuring instrument based on proven balanced bridge eddy current technology. The KD-2306 is easy to use, makes high precision static and dynamic measurements, and supports ambient, moderate temperature, and cryogenic rated sensors. Applications range from lab work to production and process automation. The DIN rail mount packaging makes the system ideal for integration into OEM equipment and industrial control applications.


The KD-2306 can sense both ferrous and non-ferrous metal targets. The RoHS-compliant, CE-marked system includes the electronics, sensor and interconnecting cable. Standard sensing ranges are from 0.02” to 2.4”, with 0.01 % FS resolution or better, and non-linearity as little as 0.25 % FS. Over 30 sensors models are available including single and dual coil, shielded and unshielded designs.


Terminal I/O connections are provided to connect 15-30 VDC input power, optional 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, +/-5 VDC, 4-20 mA output, and synchronization cables for multiple channel operation.


Kaman designed in flexibility and ease-of-use, resulting in both coarse and fine calibration potentiometers, user synchronization without accessing the internals, and multiple output options including single ended and differential analog DC voltage, and 4-20 mA.


A variety of standard options are available to fit the needs of the application including extended length sensor cables, non-standard range/target calibration, temperature compensated calibration, and in-line cable splice. As always, Kaman welcomes customized sensor requirements for KD-2306 applications.


After 50 years of solving difficult non-contact analytical and industrial sensing applications, Kaman Precision Products / Measuring, an operating unit of Kaman Aerospace, continues to lead the industry in eddy current technology for displacement sensing. Further information regarding Kaman and the KD-2306 is available at 800-552-6267 or at www.kamansensors.com





Dan Spohn

Kaman Aerospace Corp.

Kaman Precision Products / Measuring

Tel.: 719/635-6957

Fax: 719/634-8093

E-mail: dan.spohn@kaman.com

KD-2306 displacement measuring instrument

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