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Multi-function Power Monitor



Sensing and instrumentation specialist Vydas International Marketing are pleased to announce the latest addition to their range of multifunction power monitors for the measurement of system electrical parameters in energy management markets.


The NEMO 96 HD provides a very cost effective solution which will satisfy many customer energy metering requirements. Instruments are microprocessor based, programmable, networkable and features include plug in output modules for complete application flexibility.


The Nemo 96 HD manufactured by IME, is housed in a flush mounting enclosure of DIN size 96 x 96mm, and will measure and display single and three phase voltage, current, power (kw, kVA, kVar), frequency, power factor and energy (kWh, kVarh), maximum demand (kW), peak demand and much more.


The base unit has 4 active slots and available plug in output modules include RS485, RS232 and Profibus communications, also pulse, alarms, analogue and neutral current.


Current inputs must be supplied from dedicated current transformers (CT's) and CT ranges are selectable from buttons on the instrument front panel.


The Nemo 96 HD RS485 serial communications module utilises JBUS/MODBUS protocol.







Cliff Wyatt


Swan House Passfield Business Centre

Lynchborough Road Passfield Hants,

GU30 7SB, UK

Tel.: 44 (0)1428 751822

E-mail: cliff@vydas.co.uk

Multi-function power monitor




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